City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

The Starz series ‘ City on a Hill is a captivating drama series set in the 90s in Boston. The plot mostly centers around two males – Jackie Rawr (Kavin Bacon) and DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge). In the case of the former, a retiring FBI Agent, then the second is an assistant district attorney.

In episode 7 of season 3, entitled ‘Boston Bridges Falling Down, ‘ Jackie finds the man responsible for his murder. Sinclair discovers the criminal investigation and decides to take the appropriate steps. Siobhan wins a huge victory that is much needed, while Chris can deal with his teen son, who is rebellious. Here’s everything you should learn about the end of “City on a Hill season 3, episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The show starts with Jen having a sex session with Doyle. Jackie is in the hospital, so Doyle does not know she’s not at home. Jen and Jackie’s relationship has become a battle of resentment and compromise. Since Jen is usually the one to concession, she’s only resentful about the relationship. Jen starts a relationship with Doyle since he’s the first to see Jen as an individual over an extended period.

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In the meantime, Siobhan continues to deal with her traumas that keep coming back as she tries to ensure what is best for her client Hernando Mendoza and his entire family. She seeks Ward’s aid, and he goes to meet with an untrusted government official. The Irish mafia, integrally associated with The Big Dig, tries to confront Siobhan. However, she is unwilling to compromise until she can secure a nine-million-dollar payment for her victim.

When she discovers there is a half-brother, Jen employs a private detective and reports back just a few days later. The name of her half-brother is Joe, as is her father. The P.I. confirms that Joe Jr. is currently in a psychiatric hospital in Vermont. The P.I. also informs her that Jen’s half-brother suffers from severe bipolar disorder.

Since his wife left their relationship, Chris struggles with his solitude. The DA’s office now employs Chris, but this hasn’t resolved the marital problems. His son is angry at him for refusing to leave the police force, making Chris, his estranged wife, weep. When he learns the truth, Ward speaks to Chris, his son, to make him realize his father’s remarkable person.

The case Ward and Jackie are trying to put against Sinclair encounters another hurdle when the sole victim of Sinclair, who is alive and residing in Boston, refuses to give evidence. Chris participates in the investigation and attempts to talk to the people at the Dryden household. He discovers that they’re incredibly dedicated to Sinclair. Ward knows that the police officer who attacked Sinclair’s victim could not be an actual police officer. The victim is a Russian Immigrant and likely didn’t know that she wasn’t talking to a regular police officer but rather the FBI agent. This is a more probable scenario since Dryden was the Regional Director for the FBI. This will allow Jackie to discover who was sent to menace the girl.

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Jackie collects evidence by placing the video camera inside Sinclair’s workplace and recording footage of Sinclair talking about the agents mentioned earlier. He then quits his job as the security agent of the Drydens. Jackie attempts to persuade Letitia to leave Sinclair. However, she first attempts to convince him to marry her and then confronts Sinclair with threats. The episode concludes when Ward discovers Sinclair in the office of Guy Dan.

City on a Hill Ending: Who Hired the Assassins to Kill Jackie?

It turns out that Jackie was correct regarding who was the one to follow him. They were Italians, however, not due to the reasons Jackie believed they were. The majority of mafia members are in jail. Their children are a lot of anger toward Jackie. But, ultimately, they didn’t pursue Jackie on their own.

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Through his FBI connections, Jackie discovers that Doyle hired assassins to go after Doyle. Doyle is later detained at the hands of the FBI. Jen does not believe what Jackie informs her of Doyle having ordered a hit on Doyle or that he’s part of the IRA. Jen then visits Doyle. The encounter has a feeling of permanence like they’re seeing each other for the final time. Doyle says to Jen, likely at the end of the day, to say goodbye to Jackie an end.

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