List Of Best Cinderella Movies On Netflix

It’s true that I really loved the newly released Cinderella available on Amazon Prime, and I do not care about what people say. I thought it was awe-inspiring and had some great music moments, and it distracted me from the reality of my life and the world. So, you can say whatever you want about the movie and all of the enjoyable songs from the present and more. However, it did have me thinking about numerous other Cinderella films. Do you know that this fairytale’s first adaptations date to the early 1900s?

That’s a lot of Cinderella. Today I’m here to offer you some options to see a different version of the story of the little girl wearing the glass slipper. There are some very authentic adaptations and some which are contemporary. No matter what you like, here are a few of my favorites available to stream, from the most popular films on Amazon Prime to some on Disney+ and beyond.

Cinderella (2015)

In this live-action version by Disney, Cinderella stars Lily James as the main character, who is locked up at home until she has the opportunity to be a part of an event and escape from the constant dependence on her stepmother and step-sisters.

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Let me be real and say that I love this Cinderella quite much better than the previous one. I’m aware that Amazon’s Cinderella cast is filled with stars and this version includes added more. What do you mean by Richard Madden from Game of Thrones and the coming Eternals? The famous Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother? The Queen of all weird, Helena Bonham Carter? Everybody is amazing. And don’t think about the stunning gown in this film. I’m dreaming about how gorgeous this dress is.

A Cinderella Story (2004)

In the contemporary world, we take a look at the classic A Cinderella Story. The film stars Hilary Duff, this version of the story centers around two pen pals from the internet who are planning to meet up in person for the very first time during their school’s Halloween celebration.

There’s something so beautiful about this film. It doesn’t contain any of the magical elements or the other elements included in a movie similar to Cinderella; however, it’s enjoyable to watch as it’s more authentic. It’s about two students at high school who love each other but cannot find a way to be together; however, the end of the story is satisfying, and everyone is happy ever happily ever contemporary setting. The relationship between Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray is amazing.

Ella Enchanted (2004)

The Disney film Ella Enchanted follows a young woman, Ella, who is cursed at birth with the “gift” of obedience, which requires her to follow any order given to her regardless of what. Later on, Ella is left with the help of her family and friends to discover ways to eliminate the curse that has ruled her life.

The thing I like the greatest about Ella Enchanted it that it’s an honest film about trying to be you, and not trying to force its message onto your ear. Ella is a remarkable woman with lots of perseverance and ultimately discovers ways to be her own person instead of relying on others for help. In her first big roles, Anne Hathaway is equally amazing as usual, and that last scene from “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a joy to watch every time.

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Cinderella (1997)

The version that we have here, Cinderella, is actually an adaptation of The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, telling the same story of Cinderella being under the control of her wicked step-mother and step-sisters until one day her Fairy Godmother turns up to offer her the most unforgettable evening of her existence. It transforms her forever.

What is it that makes the current rendition of Cinderella the best are the actors? I’ll be honest the cast here is better than all the other casts on this page. While I admire everyone’s talents, There’s so much talent there that I cannot include them all in one article. Brandy plays Cinderella, Whoopi Goldberg is the Queen, and even her own music legend, Whitney Houston, is the Fairy Godmother. It’s an incredible cast with an incredible soundtrack making it an amazing rendition of the show that you can enjoy.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

The film Ever After A Cinderella Story removes the magic of the story and places it in the Renaissance period of France, in which Cinderella is trying to figure out how to escape her existence at her home.

At first look, you’d probably think that this is the least adapted of the many on this list. It’s not magic, it’s not set in a modern setting, but in the Renaissance seems to be much to say about it. It’s not true, however, since this is one of the most effective adaptations available here. Drew Barrymore is perfect as Cinderella and instead of relying on magic, she comes up with a method for her to get herself back. I’m not going to reveal too much, but I really enjoyed this film, more than I anticipated.

Into The Woods (2014)

In this version of the musical Into the Woods follows several traditional fairytales that reach their happy endings. However, it asks the question: what happens next after the happily-ever-after? What happens when the happily ever afters don’t happen?

Although this isn’t a complete Cinderella story, the Cinderella aspect is vital for Into the Woods. Anna Kendrick’s sing-song voice was among the most appropriate choices for a character like Cinderella. There are many new twists on the classic character, like her Prince Charming as played in the role of Chris Pine, and honestly, it’s refreshing to see a change from the usual tale.

The Princess Diaries (2001)

The film version of the book with the same title, The Princess Diaries, follows Mia Thermopolis, a shy teenager from America who discovers that she is the successor to the throne of a European kingdom, which completely alters her life.

A modernized version to Cinderella, The Princess Diaries isn’t the typical Cinderella story. There’s no magic, there’s no Prince Charming or even the blue dress of a princess or masked people – but the thing that is what makes The Princess Diaries such a fantastic movie is The Princess Diaries cast and the characters, particularly Anne Hathaway’s character Mia. The character is a random one without any royal training and is forced into a new world without knowing how to proceed, something that Cinderella touched on, particularly in its direct-to-video sequels. This is another fantastic modernized version and is worthy of all the praise it’s been given.

Additionally, it features Julie Andrews, and she’s always a success. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole 20 years since the song was first launched – keep me from growing up.

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Cinderella (1950)

The timeless Disney animated feature, Cinderella, tells the timeless tale of a young girl who lives at the bottom of her stepmother’s home. She is allowed to live her life when her fairy godmother arrives to assist her in the magic of her hand by bringing the princess to an event, where she gets to meet Prince Charming.

You’re probably in love with it. She’s basically one of the characters of Disney. Most people have seen the classic animated film of a loved character. If you’ve seen a Disney princess movie that comes immediately after Cinderella will be a credit to her. Although Snow White might have been the first Disney princess, Cinderella became mega-popular, and today, we have an array of fantastic Disney animated films with amazing characters. Cinderella is a true icon, and for a good reason.

Cinderfella (1960)

In this hilarious film adaptation, Cinderfella recounts the life of Fella, who is a young boy whose father has passed away, and he is left to live with his wicked stepmother and the two boys she has. He now gets the assistance of his fairy godfather, who allows him to go to the ball to meet the princess Charming and finally find his own happy ever after.

Cinderfella basically asks, “what if almost everyone was gender-swapped in Cinderella?” This is exactly the scenario that takes place. There’s nothing revolutionary in this classic movie from the early 1960s. It’s the same story that you’ve come to be familiar with and love. It’s not without its originality. Additionally, the film is hilarious, and you’ll laugh often.

Another Cinderella Story (2008)

A sequel A Cinderella Story, Another Cinderella Story, follows Mary Santiago, a high school student who hopes to be a professional dancer. She is introduced to Joey Parker, a famous pop and famous celebrity who is returning to school in his last year of high school. They develop a romantic relationship that alters their lives for the better.

What I love most about this film is that they don’t take too long trying to figure out romantic tensions in the tale. Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley’s characters seem quick to connect; however, what is fun is the group of people in their midst who would like to help or even sabotage them or any other thing in between. Jane Lynch is hysterical as the evil stepmother, and the rest of the cast are rocking the part. Dance sequences in the film are hilarious and the dance sequences are also fantastic.

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