12 Best Christmas Movies On Vudu

Christmas is just around the corner and you must be looking for some good family movies to watch with your friends. Well, here are some selected Christmas movies on Vudu that you can stream with your family on a cosy winter evening.

Check out the list below and pick the best one!!!

1. You Can Count On Me, 2000

Written and directed by Academy-Award-winning Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester by the Sea, Gangs of New York), you can certainly count on the qualities of this subtle, beautiful, and moving drama about two siblings growing apart and reuniting later in life.

An Academy-Award-nominated Laura Linney plays Sammy, a single mother in a small town who is extremely protective of her 8-year-old son. Sammy is confronted with contradictory emotions when Terry, her troubled younger brother (played by Mark Ruffalo), visits her. His appearance threatens to endanger her life.

You Can Count On Me is a straight, thoughtful, and beautifully crafted exploration of unconditional love in celluloid. It’s like The Skeleton Twins, but with a lot more hope.

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2. Paddington 2, 2017,

The sequel to 2014’s Paddington 2 proves that children’s entertainment is an art as any other type of cinema. It shows a greater love for storytelling and community than other adult-oriented films. Although it may seem innocent and cute, Paddington 2 uses its beautiful visual effects and intricate production design as a platform for a complex story about discrimination and staying true to yourself. And, most importantly, the prison-industrial system. This movie is a throwback to an era of family movies, offering much more to young children and truly moving moments for parents and children.

3. The Triplets from Belleville, 2003

This 2003 French animated comedy film was directed and written by Sylvain Chomet. It is the film that introduced Chomet to an international audience. However, the triplets’ visual style is unlike any other you have ever seen. The characters focus on beauty and imperfections, but the animation avoids the naturalist hyperrealism or cutesiness of many animated movies. It’s still very detailed. It tells the story of an orphan boy who enjoys listening to the lively jazz of The Triplets of Belleville and grows up to be a Tour de France racer. He is kidnapped and taken hostage by the French mafia. He is saved by the jazz trio he loved as a child and other musicians. This film is not recommended for casual movie watching, but it is an original, hand-drawn animation that is both incredibly funny and surreal.

4. Mud, 2012, 2013

You thought Dallas Buyers Club or Interstellar was the best Mathew McConaughey had done? Wait until you see this movie! Mud, a story of love, loss, and personal growth, was created by Jeff Nichols. It is set in the American South. Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) meet the mysterious Mud (played by McConaughey), who is on the run for murder. The children are initially scared of Mud’s mysterious character, but eventually, they want to protect him and help him. The film is ultimately a story about love. It tells the story of a very human problem through the eyes and experiences of children. Mud is unsettling, beautiful, and scary all at once.

5. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, 2021-2022

The charming, poignant, and inexplicably quotable Marcel the Shell with Shoes On has a lot to offer. The documentary follows Dean, a documentaryarian who takes Marcel the talking shell as his subject. Marcel and his grandma Connie take care of an empty house and run a charmingly complex system that relies on electric mixers and tennis balls.

Even though he is small, Marcel makes important observations about life and the world. This often moves Dean (and this writer) to tears. The film is simple and has a great message. It teaches us that participation in life is more important than observing it. This movie has a very charming talking shell at its heart.

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6. Children of Heaven 1997

Third-grader Ali lost the sole pair of shoes that Zahra, his sister, owns. The siblings agreed to share Ali’s sneakers for school after Ali was forced to give up the shoes. Zahra wears the worn-out, unfitting shoes in the morning and hands them over to Ali in the afternoon to help her get to school on time. While the siblings wait for things at home to improve before they tell their parents, the siblings persevere and find every silver lining, no matter how small, by popping soap bubbles and taking in the sights of the city.

Children of Heaven is not snarky nor pretentious in this way. The movie presents the harsh realities of Tehran’s poor without depriving them of hope or agency. It also gives the film the right amount of self-awareness and feel-good to make it a classic. This masterful balance and many awe-inspiring shots and lines make Children of Heaven the first Iranian film to win Best Foreign Language Feature at the Oscars.

7. 2008, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Although you’ve likely seen and heard enough Holocaust films that you expect a pattern, it is possible to forget all of that by going to The Boy in Striped Pajamas. Bruno, the son, and commandant of WWII Nazi Germany form an unlikely friendship in his father’s concentration camp with a Jewish boy his age. This film tells the story of World War II through Bruno’s eyes. While you may not understand why it is so well-received in the first scenes, its second half is a compelling and moving tale that will make you want to recommend it to anyone who needs it.

8. Our Little Sister, 2016,

Hirokazu Koreeda can do no wrong. Shoplifters director Hirokazu Koreeda is an expert at dissecting complicated family dynamics through a few events. Three close sisters, who live at their grandmother’s house, learn that their father has died in Our Little Sister. They travel to the mountains for their father’s funeral, where they meet their half-sister Suzu. Suzu is invited by the sisters to join their bond and live with them.

The movie is almost drama-free and a true-to-the-form slice of life. Koreeda doesn’t care about the plot. The sisters are his only focus. His sole focus is on making this family bigger and seeing past the grief. He also wants to see how close-knit sister groups that grew up together can make space for a new member.

9. Kiki’s Delivery Service 1989

Hayao Miyazaki has no problem with the fantastical. Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle conjure up worlds full of spirits, demons, monsters, witches, imaginary warfare, and extraordinary heroes. Kiki’s Delivery Service is where the magic lies.

Kiki, the teenage protagonist, leaves her home to start a new life as a witch. Kiki arrives in Koriko, an idyllic seaside resort, with her only friend Jiji and her broom. Kiki meets Osono, a gentle bakery owner, and begins a delivery service as part of her training.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of Miyazaki’s less well-known films. But it’s a lovely reminder that believing in yourself is a magical act that takes courage and one that all of us should do.

10. Whisper of the heart, 1995

Studio Ghibli has produced a moving and remarkable animated films like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke. YoshifumiKondou’s Whisper of the Heart is one of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved movies. It finds magic in every day. Shizuku, a young girl who dreams of becoming a writer, is the only thing that holds her back. She meets a boy and his grandfather in an antique shop. They are the perfect push she needs to see her inner artist’s potential.

Whisper of The Heart is for you if you’ve ever wanted to make something greater than yourself, whether it be a story, song, poem, painting, or work of art.

11. 2009, The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells is a Franco-Gaelic animated movie that was nominated for an Academy Award. It is set in 8th-century Ireland and draws inspiration from old illuminated manuscripts as well as Gaelic folk art. It tells the story of Ireland’s Viking invasion and the creation of The Book of Kells, a national treasure. The film’s world is populated with fairies, giants, magic, and mystery.

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12. 2018: Hearts Beat Loud

This movie is a sweet, heartwarming feel-good movie that stars Nick Offerman as a father who must deal with his daughter’s departure from college and the financial difficulties of his record shop. Kiersey Clemons plays the role of the daughter. You might remember her from Easy. Ted Danson is also great in the role. This movie is relatable and touching and is one of the most beloved “indie” movies in recent years.

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