15 Best Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Video

With Amazon controlling nearly every aspect of the lives we lead, on certain days, it feels as if we’re living in dismal Pottersville in the film It’s a Wonderful Life. This also means that Bezosville is home to many of the top titles in the Christmas film catalog… such as It’s a Wonderful Life and numerous other must-sees for the season. Sigh. (Wait until we announce to you: they have a great selection of comedy and classics on the air.)

When you browse through the app, you’ll see plenty of holiday films to keep you entertained throughout the season, including past classics and the latest comedy (yes, Elf is on the list!). We’ve eliminated the nonsense and narrowed the list to the top 18. Try to keep the love-thy-neighbor-love that was the hallmark of George Bailey alive this Christmas by keeping your shopping for local and small companies.

1. Scrooged

We’re not sure if you are aware of an online movie in the world of streaming called Scrooged, in which Bill Murray goes on A Christmas Carol-like adventure. We do know that whatever the case, you’ll want more Bill Murray antics for your festive celebrations.

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2. Krampus

If you’re feeling Scroogey and tired from all of the mistletoes, Christmas lights, and festive cheer, why not try the holiday-themed horror flick? Krampus could make you shiver on Christmas Eve, But at the very least, you’ll have the ability to claim that you changed it up this year.

3. Illumination presents Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch.

Jim Carrey’s live-action”How the Grinch Stole” Christmas is the next item on our list. We’re begging you not to sleep on Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the classic meanie, in which Illumination’s animated saga is worth the admission price.

4. The Grinch Stole Christmas

The creation of a live-action version of the cult cartoon Dr. Seuss Christmas tale requires a lot. (Also, the huge budget for prosthetics.) Yet Ron Howard’s 1999 How the Grinch Stole Christmas almost stole the thunder of the original film from 1977. With a stunning performance from Jim Carrey as the Grinch, This comedy is guaranteed to fill the entire family with laughter.

5. The Night Before

This is the perfect film to watch while wrapping gifts after your children have gone to sleep. Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt appear in the role of Isaac, Chris, and Ethan, three best friends who spend Christmas Eve celebrating together for a long time. But, when they realize that the imminent arrival of Isaac’s baby could mean that this year will be their last year to continue this tradition, three are determined to make this year memorable. Based on the list, lots of R-rated Christmas humor is guaranteed.

6. Office Christmas Party

Presently, comedy stars include Kate McKinnon, T.J. Miller, Jennifer Anniston, and Jason Bateman. The workplace comedy follows a struggling Regional manager who, after being informed that his office will soon be shut down, is forced to make the decision to buy a Hail Mary pass to impress the client, who is wealthy, by throwing a spectacular Christmas celebration.

7. The Family Stone

In the event that your loved ones are smokier than the usual Hallmark group and you’re not sure what to do, The Family Stone is the perfect annual reminding you that you’re never all alone. This starred-studded family drama is about The Stone family members as they prepare their children for a tense Christmas break. With their high-maintenance spouses on the scene, secret cancer diagnoses popping up, and a lot of drama, the Stones are reminded that there’s no such thing as a home during the holiday season.

8. This is the Best Man Holiday

With a cast that includes stars like Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, and Sanaa Lathan, The Best Man Holiday is a holiday sequel to the popular dramedy The Best Man. It follows a group of college buddies as they get together to celebrate the holidays. The film examines how easily reunions and reminiscing could result in reliving best-loved personal stories.

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9. The Polar Express

If you’re skeptical about Santa as well as motion capture animations, The Polar Express’s stunningly realistic images will convince you to believe in them. If you’re one of them is obviously your choice. (See Unsettling cartoon, Tom Hanks.) This retelling of the iconic children’s book tells the story of one boy’s Christmas Eve journey on a train that took him up to the North Pole.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas

What was originally a quirky Tim Burton stop-motion film has been transformed into a classic Christmas film. It’s not just the tale about Jack Skellington, crossing over from Halloween Town to Christmas Town stunning and touching one, but it’s a perfect film to watch when you transition from Halloween Town to the spooky season to festive.

11. Elf

Like Jim Carrey so perfectly demonstrated in How the Grinch Stole Christmas Comedy heavyweights and Christmas films are like Santa’s milk and Christmas cookies. In some way, Will Ferrell’s wit and wit in the role of Buddy the Elf never fade away from its charming charm, even when we sing along to “Santa! I’m his friend!” A perfect commonplace to make kids and adults laugh, no one can resist the joy of watching a man dressed wearing an elf costume make the swoop on an elevator.

12. Home Alone

Nothing can provide a heartwarming hijinx more than the work of legendary John Hughes. Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, a young boy who believes the wish of his family’s disappearance has been fulfilled and is left home on Christmas. After being left behind during the holiday with his family, Kevin also becomes the unintentionally sole protector of the estate of his family against two burglars.

13. “National Lampoon’s” Christmas Vacation

A different John Hughes Christmas comedy, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as Clark and Ellen Griswold of the Griswold family. If you’ve not heard about the Griswold family, they’re said with the most haphazard Christmas ever.

14. It’s Christmas at Miracle Lake

Many Christmas films begin tragically sad; however, this one elevates it to a new level. A boy is returned to the pond where the ice hockey team played with his deceased friend ( the pond is now a hockey rink! ). However, the pond magically turns into a hockey arena when he returns to stay for the evening. What a morbidly sweet.

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15. This is a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is the ultimate holiday classic. The story follows George Bailey and his tough period of financial success. The sometimes dark classic is about finding the right thing, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Additionally, you will find out what happens every time the bell sounds.

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