10 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

Whatever your holiday sentiments, everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Holiday movies are filled with friendship and love themes, making them so special during the coldest season of the year. 

Christmas movies are filled with themes of love and friendship, making them ideal for families. Streaming services such as Netflix make it easy to get a dose. We’ve collected the top holiday movies on Netflix so that you can spend more of your time enjoying eggnog and less scrolling through your list.

1. Christmas in Murray

Do you long for the snowy nights spent in warm bars in NYC? This Christmas comedy features Bill Murray hosting a special at The Carlyle. But inclement weather keeps his guests away. He decides to continue the show regardless. There are also cameos by Miley Cyrus and George Clooney and a bunch of great songs that will keep you singing the whole night.

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2. Holidate

Emma Roberts plays a single woman who teams up with a handsome stranger in order to be each other’s platonic saviors at holiday events. Although they get along well and are both handsome, things can quickly get messy. That’s part of the fun.

3. A Christmas Prince

This was the biggest holiday hit in 2019, and it was no surprise. It’s a hilariously cheesy plot, which naturally led to a sequel in November 2020. The story: A journalist is sent to report about the country of Aldovia’s controversial prince. She’s mistakenly identified as the tutor of the young princess. This film is set in a beautiful snowy landscape with bright decor. You will be tempted to book your flight to this idyllic (but fictional) destination.

4. Holiday in the Wild

Kristin decides to travel alone to Africa after her abrupt divorce. This was to be her second honeymoon. Derek, her pilot/tour guide, takes her on a detour in order to save a baby elephant. She finds herself more attracted to Derek’s rugged and tumble life.

5. Christmas Inheritance

As Ellen Langford, an heiress is sent incognito into her father’s small town to deliver a Christmas letter to him, a heartwarming love story unfolds. Grab someone you care about and snuggle up with them for a story that will make your cynical tendencies melt away for a while.

6. 48 Christmas Wishes

This film is for those who long for a trip to the snowy wonderland. Two elves must visit a small town to find everyone’s Christmas wishes.

7. The Princess Switch

Let Netflixage the classic Parent Trap plot. For a twist, you can add some royalty. There will be plenty of Christmas cheer. This holiday romance will appeal to fans of good-natured holiday movies. After all, who could resist two Vanessa Huss(es?)?

8. Let It, Snow

Netflix began making holiday films to satisfy every niche of the holiday movie market. Let it Snow is their offering for teens, although certain elements, such as John Cusak’s appearance, will appeal to all generations.

9. The Holiday Calendar

Abby, a struggling photographer who works a non-stop job, longs to travel the world like Josh, her childhood friend. Abby is given a family advent calendar by her grandfather, which she initially ignores. The calendar’s magical abilities to predict the future and maybe even romance are revealed when the clock strikes midnight on December 1.

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10. A Bad Moms Christmas

The sequel to the smash hit movie Bad Moms shows the hilarious chaos that ensues as the original moms (Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell) have to deal with their eccentric mothers (Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines) during the holidays. This movie is a must-see because of its stellar cast.

This comedy stars Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Grammer, and John Cleese. It is about a wealthy family who has their holiday thrown into chaos by the return of their long-lost father.

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