List Of Christian Movies On Tubi

As many of my readers are aware, We always manage to find the less used. This week, we took the side streets to Tubi to watch Tubi’s Christian Films. Everybody else has provided Netflix lists. We think that the viewers deserve more choices. (Click on the picture to watch how the movie is presented.)

Jesus of Nazareth – Award-winning director Franco Zeffirelli and an all-star ensemble team up to present an enthralling adaption of the Gospels in 1977’s Jesus Of Nazareth. With Jesus’s Nativity through the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, Jesus’s life Jesus is told with astonishing intensity, gravitas, and passion.

An encounter with Jesus the Messiah is a contemporary, inspiring story about Jesus. It tells the story of three missions that are rooted in the Bible. The story is based on account of Blind Bartimaeus (called “Bart” in the film) as well as the woman with blood issues and Jesus his interactions with Barabbas. The film is focused on the healing power and transformative impact of Jesus.

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The film In His Steps shows the consequences of when a homeless person disrupts the life of The First Church of Raymond, it will never be the same for the depressed congregation. Inspiring by the words of the homeless man, the pastor, Henry Maxwell, Rachel Winslow, Virginia Page, Alex Powers, and Jasper Chase are thrust into the journey of figuring out the meaning of life in the world beyond “Christianity as usual.” 99 minutes2013

Saint Peter was a hesitant but passionate leader, from the death of Jesus to his own. The first half of the film dramatizes what is known as the Bible’s “Acts”: early fear and the rebirth of Pentecost, Saul’s conversion, his decision to baptism the pagans, and the Apostle’s dispersal. In the second part, the aging Peter is sent to Rome to be with Paul and arrives on the day of Paul’s arrest.

2. Greatest is based upon incredible true stories in the stunning Golden, Colorado backdrop. A pastor, a drunk who is homeless, and a police officer have to find a way to unite an abandoned community and stop a wealthy and pompous real estate developer from shutting down a low-income trailer park. This film is inspirational about caring for your neighbor’s forgiveness, redemption, as well as the strength of community.

Seven Deadly Words is a film that tells of Egypt Valley Church being out of money and in contact with the community. Pastor Evan Bennett sets out to make things better. However, there’s an issue… one family isn’t keen on change and is ready to do anything to stop him. What will they do to protect the Status status quo?

Steps of Faith Do you think you would do said to the world that you had been hearing God’s voice while your friends and family ridiculed you? Faith is a strong city girl who is striving to find her way within the global community, is shocked by her family when she moves to the countryside and works on an agricultural farm. God speaks to us, but we’re often not paying attention to Him.

A Box of Faith is about an orphaned 16-year-old Dior who believes in her old writer’s box left by her mother will grant her everything she needs to live on her own through a spiritual connection to God. Foster care worker Ward has taken it upon herself to locate the youth who is evading her, however, wherever she goes, Dior is always a step ahead. Dove is certified (all ages).

Take care of Christians is a docu-drama that follows four college students who travel to Europe to break from their daily religion and gain a radically new perspective about living a life that is centered around Jesus. “Sometimes you get “church-ed” in. The same routines listening to the same sermons, and doing the same things. The problem I see is that Christians constantly talk about changing, and I’m not sure we’re ready to make it.”

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God’s Compass is a film that tells the story of Suzanne Walker. In the evening of her retirement, she’s confronted by a series of unexpected problems that transform into blessings. Faithful to God as the ultimate North of the universe, she invests an indecent boy called Eli. Then she discovers a magical connection that takes both her parents and family to recovery and a renewed faith. 103 min|2016

The story is based on the book Job, Trust tells the story of Daniel Rainwater, an everyday man whose life is slipping apart. His marriage to Sarah is deteriorating when the job he was working at is terminated and believes that things can’t be any worse, and it is. Afraid of God and unable to find a solution quickly, Daniel must learn to believe in God and again before he is able to lose it all to God’s glory. For Sarah As tensions within the marriage grow as she loses the love she has for her husband. How can this all come to an end? 92 min|2018

Miracle of the Cards Miracle of the Cards is an adaptation of the true tale about Marion Shergold and her son, Craig, an eight-year-old English boy suffering from a brain tumor. Many circumstances led to the conclusion for Marion the fact that God was helping her find an answer to Craig as well as that get well cards he received could keep Craig alive. Thus, she began a global campaign to smash the Guinness record of receiving the highest number of get-well cards.

The grace of God is the story of the detective Bill Broadly who lost faith in God some time ago. The police are called in to investigate missing the congregation’s plate for collection. When he inquires about the various Church members, the rumor mills circulate as more congregation members learn of the theft. An unintentional confession from one of the church members revives Broadly’s thoughts about God and helps him realize that there is truly Rebirth and redemption in faith and trust.

“Where Love Found Me is a film that is based on real incidents of a young filmmaker exploring the slums to capture the plight of criminals. Hudson bonds with a group of street kids living in the slum. In their microcosm, Hudson takes these street kids to a world full of fun moments and near misses. He doesn’t anticipate how fast he’ll fall in love with the children on the other side of his camera.

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“Until Forever,” The Michael Boyum Story is a compelling, authentic story of a young man’s courageous battle against leukemia and his faith journey. Based on the real-life story of Michael Boyum and Michelle Boyum, “Until Forever” is an enchanting, honest, authentic, and deeply moving film that clearly conveys the faith that we can be part of Jesus Christ.

You can view free faith-based films and TV shows on the internet at the website Tubi.

Have you had a chance to see one of these? What are your top picks?

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