Chris Gardner’s Son Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner, Wiki, Worth

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner is the son of well-known American Motivational and business public speaker Chris Gardner and his wife, Jackie Medina.

Born on January 29th the year 1981. Christopher Jr. had an uneasy childhood. We’ll discuss the subject later in the article. However, he is the chief executive officer of a fitness firm known as pursuFIT, as he’s posted in the profile of his LinkedIn profile. Find the most relevant details regarding Jarrett Medina Gardner in this article.

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Who is Chris Gardner’s Son, Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner?

When Christopher Jr. was born, his mom, Jackie Medina, left his father due to a few problems. Then, Junior Chris started living with his father.

Gardner was in an economic crisis at the time. He accepted the challenge of bringing his son up. And they lived for one year without having a house to call their own. Gardner improved his finances slowly and returned to Jackie once more. They had one child, Jacintha, in 1985.

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner is 40 years old. He also graduated in psychology from Johnson C. Smith University. He has had a great career as the director of a fitness business.

He has mentioned on several occasions that he did not feel homeless. He recalls that they would move from one place to another. His father was with him at all times, regardless of the situation.

The man appears to be in a relationship at present. There isn’t much information regarding the relationship between him and his wife.

The CEO of a Fitness Company, Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner, along with his famous grandfather, Chris Gardner.

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Christopher Jr. Net Worth.

There is no information on how much money Christopher Jr. is worth. Christopher Jr. But, he may make a good amount as the director of a fitness business. His dad’s wealth is around $60 million. However, his net worth has not yet adjusted.

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Biological Mother of Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner.

Many people mistake Christopher Jr. for being the child of Chris Gardner and Sherry Dyson since the couple were both married. Christopher Jr. was born when Gardner, as well as Dyson, were still together. However, the truth is a little different.

Her biological mom of, Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner, is the partner of Chris Gardner, Jackie Medina. Gardner was intimate with a dental student when the couple was tied to Dyson. The relationship and other disagreements between Gardner and Dyson caused their separation.

But Gardner and Medina never married, but they had two children together: Christopher and Jacintha.

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