Chelsea Cobo: Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive

Paramount+’s “Never Seen Again” follows the disappearance in May 2016 of Chelsea Cobo (22 years old), a single mother in Brooklyn, New York. Rose Cobo, Rose’s mother, was determined to find her. Rose had also spent almost all of her time looking for her. Rose also had to raise her grandson. We have all the information you need to find out more about Chelsea and the case. Let’s get started, shall we?

Chelsea Cobo: What happened?

Chelsea Michelle Cobo was conceived in Brooklyn, New York, on November 8, 1993. After her parents became unable to care for her, her parents started living with Rose Cobo’s paternal aunt. Rose adopted her when she was seven years old. When Chelsea gave birth to Christopher on July 11, 2015, she was 21.

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The young mother began to party a lot in October 2016. Rose said that Chelsea probably suffered from post-partum depression. After hearing about the death of her biological mother, she fell into a deep depression. Rose, an alarmed Rose, admitted Chelsea to Coney Island Hospital. Chelsea was released from the hospital in April 2016, and everything went as normal for the next ten days.

She went out with her friends to meet up at a place she’d told her family about on April 21, 2016. Rose threatened to file a missing case against her after she didn’t return home in five days. Rose examined Chelsea’s photo on April 24 and found bruises on her right side. Rose was shocked to learn from her daughter that she had been “drugged and stolen” the night before. She rushed Rose to Maimonides Hospital, where Oxy was found in her system.

Chelsea was taken to the psychiatric ward and stayed there for one week. She was released on May 3. She allegedly went to get her hair cut and ran a few errands the next day. Her mother picked her up but was reportedly still high from her drug use. Chelsea claimed that she was high on the drug she had taken recently. Rose later discovered that her daughter had lied to her and went to see an “Anthony,” who used to visit Sabrine at the Coney Island Hospital.

Anthony was a dealer in drugs and allegedly gave some to Chelsea. Rose took her daughter, Chelsea, to Lutheran Hospital on May 6, 2016, for detox. Rose was concerned when Chelsea vanished from the hospital and managed to contact her on May 7 at 11:35 pm. After a lengthy conversation with Chelsea, she claimed that she was out with Anthony and would return home after eating sushi and ice cream. Rose spoke with her daughter for the last time.

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Rose received a call from her alleged boyfriend stating that he had dropped Chelsea off just a few blocks away from her home. Later that night, Rose received a voicemail from her supposed boyfriend stating that he had dropped Chelsea off a few blocks away. Police found two surveillance videos of her. One was on May 7, 2016, around 1:40 am, when she was seen being dropped off by a taxi near the now-closed La Floridita Restaurant & Club.

Another video showed a woman who looked like Chelsea, according to police, leaving an apartment on 51st Street in Sunset Park belonging to the family friend of the man with whom she was allegedly taking drugs that night. Rose denied that Chelsea was the woman in the footage. Rose believed the police. Chelsea’s case was reopened several times over the years by various NYPD departments, including the Missing Persons and Sex-Trafficking Departments.

Is Chelsea Cobo still alive or dead?

Rose was determined to end the mystery and confront the owner of the house where Chelsea was allegedly using drugs before her disappearance in January 2019. His shocking confession stated that Chelsea had died of an overdose. He also said that his roommate had asked him to dispose of the body wrapped in a blanket. Rose claimed that she gave a recording of her confession to the NYPD.

Rose was informed in March 2019 that Chelsea’s case was being considered a homicide investigation. It was also reportedly announced that the 66th Precinct would be handling the case with the help of the NYPD Homicide Squad. Rose does not know the name of the department that is investigating Chelsea’s case. Rose continues to hand out flyers and maintains a Facebook memorial page in hopes of finding her daughter.

Roe also has two private detectives and routinely calls police to check escort lists. Roe is also working on an app to help missing persons find their way home. She stated, “Hey pumpkin! If you’re watching this, I love your. Come home. I will always be looking for you. This is why I created this app. I will always be there for you when I go. To find you and all the other people out there. You are my best friend.”

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