Chase Hurdle: Found or Missing? Is He Dead or Alive?

Paramount+’s “Never Seen Again” focuses on Chase Hurdle, an 18-year-old from Bismarck (North Dakota), who disappeared in the first week of November 2021. Police spent a lot of time searching for the missing teenager, but now they are pondering whether he took his own life. To bring closure to the family, they also asked for help from the public to find Chase. Here’s the latest information about Chase’s disappearance.

What happened to Chase Hurdle

Chase Hurdle, 18, lived in Bismarck with his siblings. Chase Hurdle was a Bismarck High School student. He was an avid soccer player, a member of the choir and loved visiting parks. Chase was last seen leaving his school around 9 am on November 2, 2021. The family filed a missing person report with the police after he failed to return home from school on that day.

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Darius Hurdle, Chase’s father, flew from Minnesota to Bismarck to join the search. Chase, the youngest of seven siblings, suffered from amnesia in the past. He was recently depressed because of some reason. These were both troubling signs, but Darius said that Chase was seeking support from his school and the community. According to reports, Chase had lost his records before police found him in July. He was returned to his family and identified as Chase. Although his amnesia caused him to lose his memory, his family said that it was only a temporary event.

Investigators began knocking on doors of all businesses and schools in the area to gather information about the missing teenager. They also collected surveillance footage from cameras that were set up by businesses. Chase’s family had also printed hundreds of missing songs and flyers that they scattered around the city parks in the hope of finding leads.

Police located surveillance footage at Chase’s school and attempted to track his route. Investigators said that multiple witnesses reported seeing Chase in the area of West Rosser Avenue and West Main Street. According to video footage and witness testimony, Chase was seen walking from the school toward the Memorial Bridge. His cell phone tower data confirmed the route, and police report that the Bank of North Dakota was where he might have been last seen alive.

Chase notified Darius that he had been admitted to the University of North Dakota just one week after his son disappeared. He stated, “That reassures me, that in our prayers you have hope for the future, and that we are looking forward to the future.” Darius also offered a $5,000 to $10,000 reward for any information about his son.

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Is Chase Hurdle dead or alive?

After Chase failed to return home for over a month, police began to seriously consider the possibility that he would take his own life. The police received reports that Chase had been seen jumping from the Memorial Bridge on the day of his disappearance. Although Chase’s initial description did not match Chase’s, Chase’s parents denied that the suspect was actually suicidal.

The police asked the public for help in reporting any bodies or other items they saw floating in the Missouri River in May 2022. A spokesperson for the police department stated that there was a major fishing tournament in the Missouri River this weekend. It kind of marks when a lot of people are out there, so the greater awareness we have, the better. A family who just needs closure.

A spokesperson added, “What we are asking is that people call 911 to let us know that there’s something in the river that could be related to the individual who jumped off the bridge”. Then we can send the dive and rescue teams to help us find that evidence or person.

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