Charles Billis Murder

Charles Billings, his wife Christine, and a single-car accident in Claremont, Virginia in September 2009 sent them both to the hospital. Charles was unable to make it, but Christine did. Although initially authorities believed it was an accident, an audio recording about a year later changed their minds. Investigation Discovery’s “American Monster: the Last Broadcast” focuses on the process by which the police came to believe the crash was deliberate. Let’s learn more about what happened, shall we?

Charles Billis: How did he die?

Charles G. “Charlie” Billis was a Greek citizen who later moved to the United States. He had been married to Christine Billis about 17 years at the time of the incident. The couple lived in Brownington, Vermont with their daughter Cathryn and Corrina (Chrissy’s previous wife). Charles was well-known in the community hosting local TV shows. According to the show, Charles was legally blind and received disability checks from government.

Charlie and Chrissy left their local studio on September 22nd 2009 at around 3:30 pm after the taping. After spotting a car crash into a large Claremont pine tree, passersby called 911. Both Billis and the Billis were both in the vehicle. Charlie was not wearing a seatbelt, even though Chrissy was. They were both rushed to hospital but Charlie, 57, was not wearing a seat belt and suffered broken legs.

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Charles Billis was killed by who?

Authorities noted that it was clear and hadn’t rained on that day so conditions were dry. The vehicle crashed into the tree, which was the closest to the roadway. Chrissy was able to survive the accident with only minor injuries, according to police. According to the program, she said that she took anti-depressants as well as sleeping pills and anti-depressants.

The police thought Chrissy could not see due to taking medication, which led to the car accident.

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