Catherine Marlow Murder: Where is Matthew Fagan Now?

The HLN series “Vengeance The Killer Coworkers: Overtime Overkill’ tells the tragic story of Catherine Marlow, who was killed in her south London office in January 2007. She was adamant about going to work on a Saturday, and her tenacity led to her tragic death. If you’re fascinated by the story and want to know more details, including the identity and the current location of the culprit, We’re here to help. This is everything you should be aware of!

How Did Catherine Marlow Die?

Catherine “Cathy” Marlow was the youngest of three kids of Bernie and former Claire Marlow in New Zealand. A sweet and gentle person, she was adventurous, wild, and the center of attention at every celebration. From chasing butterflies around the garden to saving the fish in the kitchen sink, Cathy loved to be empathetic, active, and amazing. After her parents moved into Hawke’s Bay, Cathy, Cath, and Catherine Mouse began their studies at Taradale High School. She could get an accounting job with a firm and study part-time at The Eastern Institute of Technology.

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At the age of 20, she relocated to London to live in Southwest London and worked at an industry research firm called Research Now in 2007. After two weeks of vacation across Egypt and in the Middle East, she was scheduled to return to her workplace in the middle of January 2007. However, her body was discovered in the showers of her office, tied and strangled by her scarf on January 13 in, 2007. Being a bit irritable for being behind in her schedule, Cathy had gone to her office in the early morning on January 13, at about 9:15 am.

Around 1:30 pm at night, she spoke with her roommate Rachel Warren about going on lunch but was not there for the rendezvous. The concerned Rachel reached one of her colleagues, Simon Edwards, regarding her location. The call came in around when the office staff began searching for her and found her body inside one of the toilets in the office cubicles. Police were immediately alerted and arrived on the scene to find the walls and floor covered with blood. The autopsy report of her body revealed the cause of death as a result of asphyxiation. The body was completely covered, and the autopsy report did not detect any signs of sexual abuse.

Who Killed Catherine Marlow?

The police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department began to take forensic evidence at the scene. They were also able to collect DNA samples from under her fingernails. All evidence pieces were taken to the forensic laboratory to be analyzed. The police were not required to search for the culprit for a long time as the results of the forensic tests showed an identity match, namely an individual known as Matthew Fagan. His DNA was found in the national database after his arrest for drinking and intoxication in November.

Matthew was a former employee with Research Now, working in the firm between April 2005 and April 2006. He was dismissed from his job on the ground of incompetence. He has since worked for a removal business. He also carried off burglaries to make some extra money. He was in a lot of debt and had also declared bankruptcy. Matthew thought that his old employment office could be a good spot to conduct the crime of burglary. He has been there with two others on the day of January 13, 2007.

However, an old colleague Cathy came in to see the suspects. Matthew didn’t abort the crime. But instead, he tied her up with a scarf and then took her to the bathroom. Matthew was spotted on office surveillance footage and left the office with a full backpack. After being charged by police, he admitted to taking 6 Dell notebooks out of the workplace. However, he flatly denied the murder of Cathy. Police also discovered marks on Matthew’s neck. Matthew claimed it was caused when he was a victim of mob violence in mid-January 2007.

The police detained Daniel Martin Kennedy for stealing the credit card belonging to Cathy and a 26-year-old charged with murdering the woman who was 28 years old. They also detained a friend of Cathy’s, who was 28 when she discovered her body of Cathy but was later released. Matthew was detained and accused of the murder of the New Zealand ex-pat in the final week of January 2007.

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Where is Matthew Fagan Today?

Matthew Fagan was tried at London’s Central Criminal Court, or Old Bailey, in May 2007, when he claimed Cathy was alive as of the day he left her. But the jury could not believe his story and the 33-year-old American was found guilty on September 7, 2007. The judge sentenced him to at least 26 years of prison on January 9, 2009. Matthew remains serving his sentence at one of the correctional institutions located in London, England. At the time of his 2022 sentence the year he will be in his 40s, and has served fifteen years in prison and has ten more years to serve before he is eligible to be paroled.

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