Cast Of Am I Unreasonable | Where Am I Being Unreasonable Filmed?

The cast of Am I Being Unreasonable is being promoted as a comedic thriller, an unorthodox genre, and the cast of Am I Being Unreasonable? has attracted a lot of fans’ interest. Keep reading to the close if you’re interested in knowing how to get more information about Cast in Am I Being Unreasonable.

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Am I Being Unreasonable Exaggerated?

Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli are featured in the comedy-thriller Am I Being Unreasonable, which was written by both. They are best known for their roles as Kerry Mucklowe in This Country and for co-creating and co-writing along with the twin brother Charlie Cooper; Daisy May Cooper is an actor and writer who has been awarded an award called a BAFTA award. She has received numerous awards for her comedy show writing and acting. She most recently appeared in her role on the BBC comedy The Witchfinder.

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Am I Being Unreasonable, Cast?

  • Daisy May Cooper
  • Selin Hizli
  • David Fynn
  • Dustin Demri-Burns
  • Daisy May Cooper 

The character Kerry Mucklowe, which she played on The BBC Three sitcom This Country, was what made Daisy May Cooper famous. Since then, she’s been on the show as Taskmaster and appeared on The Witchfinder, Avenue 5, and The Personal History of David Copperfield. Nic is an unhappy wife and mother who’s stuck in a relationship that isn’t loving and is grieving over the loss of her child that she cannot talk about with anyone. She loves her son Ollie; however, her life changes when she makes contact with Jen, an acquaintance.

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Where Am I being Unreasonable Filmed?

Am I Being Unreasonable, a new dark comedy thriller? It will premiere on BBC One on September 23, following last year’s filming in The Bottle Yard Studios. A six-episode BBC TV series billed as a “twisted comedy thriller.” The title “Am I being unreasonable” was derived directly from Mumsnet and other forums where people asked that question before talking over their spouses, family members, or other mothers, as well as other topics.

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Am I Being Unreasonable Plot

According to the BBC, the six-episode show shows Nic (Daisy May Cooper), who is “grieving the loss of a love she is unable to be open about with anyone else while trapped in a shaky marriage.” Her only hope is for her daughter Ollie (Lenny Rush) to help her get through the day. When Jen (Selin Hizli) relocates to the region, her life is brimming with happiness.

Through the person who is sympathetic to her, the secret of her life begins to be revealed. As the two moms battle the stress of motherhood, marital tension, Oh, and dead cats, We witness women’s friendship at its worst and most thrilling! Ollie also forms an emotional bond with Jen’s child Harry.

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