Call of the Night Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

In the 9th episode of “Yofukashi No Uta’, also known as ‘ Call of the Night,’ Kou meets Seri and decides to sing with her after deciding that she may need emotional assistance. Though initially hesitant to share her thoughts, Seri later tells Kou that her fame often leads her to trouble and that she must kill those who pursue her.

However, behind her stoic appearance, she’s living the life that a normal vampire lives and needs a companion. Everything you need to know about the end of “Call of the Night episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Call of the Night Episode 9 Recap

In her solitary position, looking at the endless stream of texts from friends on her mobile, Seri appears completely dejected. Therefore, when she notices Kou walking along her street, she turns to him, most likely to embrace Kou. But, Nazuna sees this as an act of aggression and halts her tracks, kicking her face. They are involved in a brief physical confrontation, following which Seri claims that she was not trying to cause harm to Kou in any way.

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Nazuna says she felt justified in her decision after what happened the moment she met Kou on the first occasion. When Seri is walking away and is greeted by Kou, who flies towards her, with Nazuna absent from the vicinity. Kou is asking Seri whether something is troublesome for her lately and invites her to talk about her issues with vampires in case she’s comfortable with the idea. It appears that Seri is having some problems in her head. She shifts the subject by asking him to sing with her.

In the karaoke, Seri finds out that Kou isn’t aware of new trends in music and nothing about the top songs. Kou, instead, sings a 30-year-old song that Seri discovers she likes. Then, someone (who is later revealed as Akiyama) is knocking at the door. Seri was acquainted with Akiyama for a while but has been absent from him recently.

Seri informs Kou that those who are like him are difficult to manage and that it’s better to rid them of their presence. However, when she decides to take down Akiyama, Kou intervenes, and both of them flee away. They find themselves in a dark alley, but Seri can locate them afterward. If Kou refuses to move away from her, Seri tells him then Kou will go to the grave now.

Call of the Night Episode 9 Ending: What Does Seri Truly Want? What’s Bothering Her Lately?

If she attempts to attack Kou, Nazuna springs into action instantly and can hold her down before she can cause harm to Kou. It is revealed that Nazuna was watching her and Kou throughout the night because she was concerned about their health of Kou. Even though she has promised not to murder Kou right now, Nazuna does not let her go, as it’s obvious that she plans to murder Akiyama when she’s released. When lying on the ground, Seri finally admits she’s tired of living the normal vampire life.

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Seri simply wants to enjoy a normal relationship with a human without trying to trick her into making him fall to her. But she’s comfortable with her normal ways that she is often unaware that she has manipulated people around her, and this is precisely what happened to Akiyama and Akiyama’s case. She seems extremely irritated by the lack of a trusted friend to trust and share her innermost thoughts with.

Why Does Seri Turn Akiyama Into Her Offspring After Trying to Kill Him?

Once she’s opened up about her feelings, Seri appears to have accepted her feelings and doesn’t appear to pose a threat to Kou and Akiyama. Therefore, when Seri wants Nazuna for her to leave, Nazuna accepts her. Because she believes there is nothing she can do at this point, Seri advises Akiyama to ignore her and pretend they never had a relationship.

At this moment, Kou has had enough of Seri’s insanity, so he decides to go after her. Kou argues that it’s not Akiyama’s problem to manage but hers. Kou recognizes that Seri would like to be Akiyama’s ally, and he’s hoping to get things going somehow. In the meantime, Akiyama has been observing everything happening from a distance. So, when Seri finally speaks directly to him, she requests that she turn into her offspring.

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Seri is shocked and asks him if he has any idea of the implications of his choices. Akiyama says that he’s glad to be free to be her friend. Therefore, Seri turns him into a vampire, as Nazuna and Kou observe. They all go to karaoke for an evening together. To sum it up, Seri turns Akiyama into her offspring to save their bond after he agrees to be one.

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