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The date and the start date for the time when will the next Steam Halloween Sale 2022, Scream Fest, will begin coming up. The Resident Evil series is confirmed as a part of the games list, and it’s already available for sale.

The month of October is always a wonderful month for those who enjoy horror. It’s because there are the usual All Hallow’s Eve celebrations in-game, and Halloween is the Halloween event in Overwatch 2 on edge.

We’re eagerly awaiting the aforementioned All Hallow’s Eve in-game celebrations. However, we’re also waiting for some amazing bargains on horror games.


The start and date for the date and time at which Scream Fest 2022’s next Steam Halloween Sale 2022, Scream Fest, will begin at 10:00 PT at 13:00 ET as well as 18:00 BST on October 25.

This is courtesy of the countdown offered through SteamDB. It’s going to run until November 1, which means it’s only going to be in place for a week.

Apart from All Halloween, the data also revealed the annual Autumn discounts for November 22, and the list of Christmas sales will be available on December 22.


Games confirmed to be part of Steam Halloween Sale 2022, Scream Fest. The game list includes those from the Resident Evil series.

There’s a pack called Resident Evil Halloween pack available at PS41.43 (discounted by PS116.96), which includes the following features:

  • RE BioHazard
  • RE2 Remake
  • RE3 Remake
  • RE Village
  • RE ReVerse

The above games are available for purchase in a single purchase at a discounted price. As we mentioned, the games are in sale and will remain until November 1.

Apart from Resident Evil, there are a lot of games that we believe will be part of the show and we would like to play. A lot of them appear simple, like the fantastic Evil Dead The Game and MadisonEvil Dead is an enjoyable 4v1 multiplayer game, and Madison can be described as an eerie nightmare that we gave a seven-point rating in our Review.

The Mortuary Assistant is among the top horror games to launch during the year. It is most likely to be added even though the price at the moment on Steam cost of PS19.49 is reasonable. Martha Is dead is an additional game that ought to be included and is a thrilling experience, with a particularly creepy gameplay sequence that’s restricted by Sony can play on PlayStation.

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel is another excellent horror game released in June. Scorn will be available for GamePass on the 14th, which means an extremely small discount off PS31.99 might be possible.

In addition to the games that will be released this year, sales for fantastic titles like Visageand, particularly inscription, would be welcomed since more gamers should get to play them.

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