Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now

Buckwild, an American reality TV series, aired on MTV between January 3, 2013, and February 7, 2013. Buckwild follows nine young adults living in Charleston, West Virginia, and Sissonville, as they create their own ways of living in rural America.

MTV announced that the series was being renewed for a 12-episode season on November 18, 2011. But no one know about Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now?

It was originally scheduled to debut in 2012 but was delayed. MTV was silent for more than a year about the series until November 29, 2012.

Then, MTV announced that it would launch the series on January 3, 2013. It will have two half-hour episodes back-to-back each week and a total of twelve episodes.

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Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now

Shain Gandee

Shain Gandee was a beloved cast member during his time on “Buckwild.” He was also a part of the show’s second season. Things took a bad turn just before Easter 2013 when Shain, his uncle, and a friend disappeared without a trace. After their truck’s tailpipe got stuck in the mud during mudding, the search for the reality star went on for days. He was officially declared dead on April 1, 2013.

Shae Bradley

Shae Bradley, also known as “Spicy Southern Belle,” became a certified nurse after her experience on “Buckwild.” She is well-known in her field. She currently resides in Boca Raton and has worked as a nurse at Vanderbilt University’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit from 2016 to 2020. It’s great to see Shae enjoy life with her loved ones and family, especially since she is so active on social media.

Anna Davis

Despite Anna Davis being a popular guest on the show, she decided to leave the network after it was canceled. She now prefers to stay out of the public eye. Because she prefers to keep some aspects of her life secret, her current occupation and whereabouts remain unknown. She seems to be happy with her family and in a healthy relationship. Anna often shares bits of her life via social media. We are thrilled to see Anna thrive and wish her happiness in the years to come.

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Joey Mulcahy

Fans were attracted to Joey Mulcahy’s participation in ‘Buckwild. His relationship with Shae Bradley, his co-star on ‘Buckwild,’ drew much attention and was the subject of many rumors. Joey, on the other side, has been quiet and lives in complete privacy. Joey’s current location is unknown as there have been no reports of him recently, and he hasn’t been active on social media.

Ashley Whitt

Ashley Whitt gained a large fan base during her time on “Buckwild” because of her outgoing personality and determination to live her life in her own way. After her stint on the show, Ashley went back to work as a receptionist in a Marriot hotel in Charleston. Rumors also suggested that she was in a relationship. However, she is now single and raising her daughter Lillian.

Cara Parrish

Cara Parrish rose to new heights after her appearance on “Buckwild” and has since established a successful marketing career. She is currently an International Marketing Consultant at The Hedy Society, Williamsburg, Virginia. Prior to that, she worked in marketing for well-known brands like Harley-Davidson, Crowdfire, and Social Media Week. She says she has been involved in the creation of over 40 companies and started five. Cara is happy in her personal life as she is in a loving relationship with Samuel Katz.

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Tyler Boulet

Tyler Boulet, a sexy man who appeared on ‘Buckwild,’ gained a reputation for being a good guy. Tyler Boulet, on the contrary, is now hidden from the public eye and has disappeared from the scene after Buckwild ended. Tyler is currently working in a car dealership and seems to be enjoying the best days of his life with his family and friends. His current location is not known.

Katie Saria

After her stint on “Buckwild,” Katie Saria has had a successful career. She is now an Executive Assistant at BMF Media. She was also a Stand Up To Cancer group member and worked as a Herbalife marketing coordinator. Currently residing in New York City, Katie seems happy with her life.

Salwa Amin

Salwa Amin was a victim of legal problems after her stint on Buckwild. She was sentenced to rehab in 2013 for felony drug possession and intent to give birth. After her release from prison, Salwa Amin seemed to be returning to her life. In November 2017, she announced her pregnancy via social media.

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Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now? – FAQs

1. What happened to Buckwild’s cast?

Due to carbon monoxide poisoning, Shaine (Candy), and Gandee’s tragic death in April 2013 caused by accidental drowning, the series lasted only one season.

2. Buckwild was Cancelled

Shain Gandee (far left), star of MTV’s Buckwild, and the rest of its cast. MTV canceled its reality TV program in West Virginia, where Gandee died, a week later.

3. What was the average salary of Buckwild’s cast?

According to multiple sources, each episode cost between $1,000 and $4,000 in season one, plus a $5,000 bonus.

4. Did Buckwild write the script?

They taped with their bright floodlights at all hours of day and night. Many scenes were also staged or reshot. Melissa said, “All this was coerced and scripted or whatever.

5. Shane Buckwild: What’s the story?

Shain Gandee, MTV’s Buckwild star. Police confirmed that Buckwild star Shain Gadee was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

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