14 Best Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix

Legends fade away, but their legacy endures. Our collection of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix will help you connect with the legacy of a legend who passed away too early but left a vast legacy of his Work.

He was first introduced to the world under the name Lee Jun-fan. Bruce Lee was born to a Cantonese mother from San Francisco in 1940. As a teen, He was involved in many local gangs and learned some kung fu to improve his self-defense.

If it wasn’t due for Bruce Lee and his movies in the 1970s, then the existence of Martial arts films as a separate category would be highly doubtful. The creator of Jeet Kune Do, a mixed martial arts philosophy, Bruce Lee, became an iconic figure among Chinese and Americans. He defied the stereotype image of the weak Chinese male. He re-established a fresh portrayal of the Chinese man in the forthcoming American films.

The tragic death of Bruce Lee shocked his fans to their heart. He collapsed while recording for his film Enter The Dragon (1973) and was declared dead in the hospital. When news broke of his passing had shocked the entire world in a state of grief and put his Work in the spotlight in the event that he was not able to.

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The 4 Top Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix for some action-packed entertainment

Before being swooned over by films such as John Wick and Captain America, Bruce Lee had invaded the world of action. He was able to establish himself as a model for action-oriented films that were to release in the near future.

The actor was also a producer, screenwriter, martial arts instructor, and teacher. The most famous martial artist Bruce Lee successfully bridged the gap between the West and the East.

The following list of the best Bruce Lee movies on Netflix promises you a thrilling experience from the master of action himself.

#1 The Big Boss (1971)

The film stars Bruce Lee in his first leading part in the movie industry. The Big Boss (1972) is a Hong Kong action drama movie.

The Big Boss introduces Cheng ( Bruce Lee), a city kid who has vowed not to take the path of violence. Cheng begins working with his cousin at an ice manufacturing facility, and then strange events happen in his vicinity. When a family member becomes familiar with the company’s management, they are missing. The strange disappearance doesn’t go over well with him, so he decides to take the issue to his own.

In a convincing and captivating performance, Lee surpasses the other co-actors, establishing his value in his debut film. “The Big Boss, on our list of the top Bruce Lee films available that are available on Netflix, can be highly recommended.

Director: Lo Wei, Wu Chia Hsiang

Duration 1h 39 minutes

IMBd Rating: 6.9/10

#2 Game Of Death 2 (1981)

The film stars Bruce Lee, Tae-Jeong Kim, Tae-Jeong Kim, and Bruce Lee. Jeong Lee H. Wang. Lead roles, Game of Death 2 (1981) follows on from the legacy of its earlier version, Game Of Death (1978).

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Game of Death 2 begins as an investigative film. As a detective investigates the death of his friend, an acclaimed martial artist Billy dies in mysterious circumstances. His brother Bobby takes on the investigation of both murders and, in the end, winds being in Japan. He meets the owner of the Castle of Death, who as well, is brutally murdered by a gang of Gang members. Bobby now Bobby has to find a way to get into the unknown Fan Yu temple and face up against his most feared foe.

Action-packed scenes are a highlight of the final scene, Game of Death 2 in the list below on our list Bruce Lee movies deliver some serious rivalry in the thrilling world.

Director: See-Yuen Ng, Sammo Kam- Bo Hung

Duration 1h 36 min

IMBd Score: 5.2/10

3 Of Fury (1972) Of Fury (1972)

Internationally named Internationally titled The Chinese Connection(1972), Fist of Fury(1972) is an action thriller written by Lo Wei.

Of Fury Of Furyopens with Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) returning to Shanghai to be with his fiancée in a tale of revenge and revenge. He learns about the death of the fiance’s Sifu, Huo Yuanjia (master of martial arts) was a victim of death.

At the funeral, some members of the Japanese dojo gang assault all the students; however, Chen defends himself. After some research, the student discovers the teacher had been taken poisoned by the same group that disrupted his funeral. So, he decides to retaliate against the foreign invaders trying to take over his country and his people.

Taking on the controversial issues concerning Japanese colonialism, Fist Of Fury is on our list of Bruce Lee’s films available that are available on Netflix and promises to provide the thrill of a lifetime.

Director: Lo Wei

Duration 1hr 48 mins

IMBd Evaluation: 7.3/10

4 The Dragon (1973) The Dragon (1973)

Considered to be the greatest film about martial arts ever made, The film is regarded as ‘the greatest martial arts movie of all time’ “Enter The Dragon(1973) was written and directed by Robert Clause.

The film stars Bruce Lee, John Saxon with John Saxon, Bruce Lee, John Saxon, and Bruce Lee. Jim Kelly, the lead of entering The Dragon, opens as an investigator tries to blend in with the crowds during a tournament of fighting. The investigator is hired to search out for an exchange of opium that goes through the tournament. Two friends also take part in the tournament and compete against one another for various motives.

Selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry, Enter The Dragon was classified as “culturally historical, historically, and artistically relevant”, according to the Library of Congress. The film was Bruce Lee’s last film that he completed before his tragic death at 32. “Enter the Dragon is included on the list of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix because of its unending legacy and action-packed action.

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Director Robert Clouse

 Duration 1h 42 minIMBd Evaluation: 7.6/10

Ten movies Like Bruce Lee Movies On Netflix | Four Options: Not enough!

If you are a fan of Bruce Lee’s exciting movements and moves, then here are a few movies to be looking forward to :

Movie Director Duration IMBd rating

  • Ip Man (2008) Wilson Yip 1h 48 minutes 8/10
  • 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) Liu Chia Liang 1h 55 min 1h 55 7.7/10
  • Drunken Master Yuen Woo-Ping 1h 51 minutes 7.5/10
  • Shadow (2018) Zhang Yimou 1h 45 minutes 7/10
  • The return from the 36th Chamber (1978) Liu Chia Liang 1h 39 minutes 6.9/10
  • Ali (2001) Michael Munn 2h 37 minutes 6.7/10
  • and Bone and Bone (2009) Ben Ramsey 1h 33 minutes 6.7/10
  • The Paper Tigers (2021) Bao Tran 1h 48 minutes 6.4/10
  • The Best of The Best (1989) Bob Radler 1h 37 min 1h 37 6.4/10
  • Mulan (2021) Niki Karo 1h 55 minutes 5.2/10

Final Words

While he left the world far too soon, Bruce Lee is still in the hearts of his admirers with his unending legacy and Work. The list of Bruce Lee movies on Netflix will surely make you nostalgic.

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