Bruce Brown Murder Mystery | Where is Ed Holzinger Now?

In August of 2016, shootings that rang out from the quiet neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, shocked everyone. This resulted in an untimely death for Bruce Brown, a well-known community citizen.

Investigation Discovery’s “Fear Thy Neighbor: Blood on the Lawn is a documentary that focuses on the growing tensions with Bruce as well as his neighbors, which resulted in the death of Bruce Brown in a bloody, fatal fight. If you think about what happened in this incident and what happened, we’ve covered it.

How Did Bruce Brown Die?

Bruce and Hannah moved from Minneapolis to Texas approximately five years before the incident. In the early years, they lived with Cecelia Bruce’s stepdaughter. Bruce worked at a steel production plant when Hannah was a stay-at-home mother. Bruce, 47, always put his priorities first. Their family loved hunting, fishing, and grilling at the back of his home.

However, Bruce’s life ended shortly after a barbecue on the 9th of August. Around 8:30 pm, numerous 911 calls from people in the neighborhood led police to the area where Bruce and his parents resided. Bruce was discovered on the street suffering two wounds from gunshots in his chest. The weapon was a handgun 9mm. Despite efforts to rescue him, Bruce was pronounced dead in the same spot.

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Who Killed Bruce Brown?

Bruce Brown’s neighbor was Edward Holzinger, a bachelor who started as an organization’s gateman. Ed had a close relationship and was a good friend to Bruce and Hannah. He and Bruce were often seen hanging out with a drink after work. Additionally, they also shared tools, and one of them caused a dispute that resulted in the death of. In one instance, Bruce borrowed Ed’s lawnmower and returned it.

But Ed then accused Bruce of causing damage to the lawnmowers, leading to a heated argument. According to the story of the episode, it was also about the same time Ed was forced to take early retirement, which led to his downward spiral. Although Bruce did not believe he was accountable for the damage and he was willing to buy the new model in exchange for the previous one. However, Ed did not agree, leading to the dispute persisting.

The next few days, the tension intensified between them, and Ed was accused of making insensitive remarks about Hannah and Cecelia. According to the report, Ed also repeatedly walked up to Bruce’s house, tried to provoke a confrontation, and drank during the incident. On the 9th of August, 2016, Bruce was in the backyard grilling in the company of his loved ones when the issue returned to the forefront.

According to the show, Ed and Bruce began to fight before Bruce began to ignore Bruce. At one point, Bruce ridiculed and asked if Ed wanted to eat a hamburger. In reply, Ed said, “Come over and find out.” Despite his family’s pleas not to go, Bruce walked over to Ed’s home, and a couple of moments later, the family could hear shots. Ed hit Bruce two times in his chest. Also, Bruce’s niece was trying to stop the bleeding Ed reported that he stated, “He deserved it. He accused me of being a pedophile. I know I’m headed for prison, but I don’t mind.”

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Where is Ed Holzinger Today?

Ed confessed to being in front of his home when he shot Bruce. Afterward, he set the gun on a table inside the house and waited for the police. Ed’s roommate later told police that she saw him with an assault weapon earlier. He said he was the possibility of waiting for Bruce and stated that he’d shoot Bruce should he come across. In January of 2017, when he was at the age of 61, Ed pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. In the end, Ed was sentenced to two years in prison, which is nearly 22 years. Prison records show that Ed remains in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Faribault, Rice County. The first time he will be eligible to be released is in 2031.

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