Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Release Date: Is It Coming In 2023?

Bob’s Burgers is a sitcom that follows Bob’s family that owns the lax burger restaurant. The family he lives with is his partner’s wife, two girls and an infant son. The show is an account of the family’s life as an ordinary life and trying to make a living as their children are able to make it worthwhile and entertaining to do so. It’s a great show to watch with your family and has been rated high. Common Sense Media gave it 3/5. IMDb awarded it an 8.2/10, and the viewers gave it a 4.7 out of five. It was described as a show that has sameness in its own style of humour and dedication to its characters. These are the real secret of its success.

Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Release Date

Season 14 in the Bob’s Burgers series has not yet been revealed since season 13 is currently being aired and is an animated sitcom, so it might get another season later or sooner.

The initial season of the show began airing on January 9 2011. The current season, the 13th season, began airing on September 2022. The season is likely to continue until May 2023, just like the previous seasons before this launch.

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Based on the past history of new seasons being released for the show, I’d predict that season 14 of Bob’s Burgers will probably begin airing in the second part of September 2023 or at the beginning of October 2023. It will end at the end of the second portion of May or the beginning of June, taking its release date.

Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Cast

As it’s an animated series that is based on the same family, a change in the characters does not appear to be very likely.

The voice actors who portray Bob’s Burgers characters include:

H. Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher), Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher), Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher), John Roberts (Linda Belcher), Larry Murphy (Teddy), Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher), David Herman (Mr Frond), Jay Johnston (Jimmy Pesto Sr.), Andy Kindler (Mort), Sarah Silverman (Ollie), Megan Mullally (Gayle), Gary Cole (Sergeant Bosco), Ken Jeong (Dr Yap), Jerry Minor (Officer Julia), Bobby Tisdale, Kevin Kline, Laura Silverman, Brian Huskey, Katie Crown, Wendi McLendon-Convey, Jessica Lowe, Kaitlin Olson, Billy Eichner, Jon Daly, Tim Meadows, Fred Stoller, Thomas Middleditch, Beth Dover, Peter Serafinowicz, Toby Huss, Damon Wayans Jr., and Ashley Nicole Black.

Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Story

The storyline to be discussed for season 14 of Bob’s Burgers likely won’t be much different from previous seasons. It’s likely to follow the same storyline it is well-known for.

Bob’s Burgers is an American Television series that shows viewers the day-to-day life that takes place in the Belcher family that owns the lax burger restaurant. The show tries to expose the problems they have to face, their everyday routine, and ultimately, their entire life in a hilarious manner. It shows how there are moments when they have to fight to keep everything together, but by the end of the event or day, they are all able to see how they were able to make it work. It’s nothing more than an ordinary family trying to make ends meet by sharing affection and love bursting with laughter and sarcasm.

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The show is loved by viewers of all ages regardless of whether it is an animated show because it has an underlying storyline that appeals to viewers with diverse views in various ways. The series could be considered mature since it showcases diverse perspectives of the Belcher family’s lives. If you are somebody who likes to enjoy watching entertainment-related stuff with your family during your leisure time, then this series is highly suggested.

Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Trailer

There’s been no public announcement about the release of Bob’s Burger’s 14th season; therefore, there’s been no trailer for the season. You can, however, view this trailer from the initial thirteen seasons of the series on Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, or YouTube.

Where To Watch Bob’s Burgers Season 14 Online?

If there were to be an extra season (14th season) for this series, it would likely be released through Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN+ following the same format as the previous season’s release.

If you have not seen the show’s first two seasons and enjoy sitcoms and entertainment, this show is highly recommended. You can watch it in a trance through Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

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