Blowzee Shark Tank Update | Where is Blowzee Now?

‘Shark Tank season 13 episode 13 featured Mark Apelt attempting to find an investor from the Sharks to develop his business, Blowzee. The risk of spit falling onto the cake when blowing candles for birthdays has been a problem for us since time immemorial. Blowzee strives to address this problem by introducing an innovative design that lets people blow out candles with no anxiety of spitting. Let’s dive into the specifics of the product and follow its development, will we?

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Blowzee Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Incredibly, Mark Apelt isn’t the only owner of Blowzee and the company is run by a second partner who is at the back of the scene. A loving father to his son, Mark, a Richmond resident and University of Virginia graduate, was able to accompany Jake, his child Jake at various birthday celebrations. The parties all continued the tradition of the birthday boy blowing out candles on the cake, one particular party was a complete shock to Mark and parents who witnessed the spit flutter out of the child’s mouth before landing on the cake’s frosting.

As a person who is very strict with sanitation, the situation had Mark thinking and, as a result after the party he gathered his parents and shared his concerns. While most of them agreed with his viewpoint, Mark soon realized that there were no products that could solve the issue of blowing manually candles. Mark thought of a concept to create a prototype, but was able to conclude that as cake for birthdays are often the sole food item that is subject to this process, such products would not perform well in terms of sales.

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After the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world to the streets, Mark found himself confined to his house with plenty of free time to himself. In addition, the disease has influenced people to be more about their hygiene, and a better alternative to blowing candles seemed an excellent idea. Therefore, Mark and another Richmond father came up with a plan and developed the concept of Blowzee. However, the route to the product’s finalization was long and tiring because Mark and his team were forced to look through a variety of concepts and prototypes before settling on something that was functional.

A Blowzee is designed exactly like the shape of a tube. It has an air-flow fan at one side and a hole for blowing through on the opposite. If a person blows into this device, it is triggered by an internal sensor that causes the fan to spin creating a blowout of the candle. But, all the polluted air is directed back to the user and the cake is free of spillage. While Blowzees are powered by lithium batteries and can’t be washed in dishwashers but they can be cleaned and reused without risk of getting infected.

Where is Blowzee Where is Blowzee Now?

When Mark Apelt and his silent partner were able to perfect the concept of Blowzee the product, they uploaded it to the freelance network, Upworks. They were surprised when An engineer located in Michigan was impressed by the concept and redesigned into a functional product. The co-founders also realized that they’d have to make Blowzees in China because there was no other country with the sensor they desired. When the final product hit markets, Mark was taken aback by the response when hundreds of people decided to use the device for their birthday celebrations.

Furthermore it was reported that in addition, the New York Post also featured the product, which attracted even more attention to the product. The co-founders soon discovered that they needed to boost their production in order to keep up with demand. In addition, the rising popularity of the product resulted in it being included on publications and shows like ‘The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon,’ ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning Show,’ NPR’s morning edition and The Daily Mail.

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Each Blowzee includes batteries and sets the price at $11.99. Though Blowzee will charge $1.99 to ship the product, that cost is waived if you purchase more than 4 products. To broaden their client base, Mark tied up with some bakeries in Richmond that now carry the product. For those who prefer shopping online Blowzee’s innovative product is available on their website or on the retailer on the internet Amazon. Amazon. Additionally the fact that Mark is now looking to get Blowzee in the stores of major retailers The product is likely to be a huge growth in the coming years.

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