Blood Oath 2022 Release Date Confirmed!

There are two types of Bourbon. There is bourbon whisky, and then there is Blood Oath which Lux Row Distillers releases in very limited quantities every year.

Blood Oath was launched in 2015 as John Rempe’s signature brand by Lux Row’s Master Distiller. Since the inception of Blood Oath, it has been a highly sought-after feature among bourbon collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Each Blood Oath release comes sealed in a custom natural cork and packaged in a wooden box with fire-branding. Each bourbon bottle comes with Rempe’s signature, origin story, creation date, Blood Oath seal and Rempe’s signature.

Rempe views each Pact as a creative venture that allows him to explore and experiment with Bourbon’s unique qualities. Each release is a new Pact that Rempe elevates to make his best Bourbon.

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What makes Pact No. 8 Special?

Pact No. Eight combines three extra-aged, rubbed bourbons (aged 11, 8 and 14 years) with one of the ryed Bourbons finishing in French Calvados Casks. This resulted in a balanced bourbon that has complex flavors of ripe apples and juicy pear.

The limited release of 17,000 bottles is possible. It will be bottled at 98.6 proof and retails at $119 per bottle.

Why French Calvados Casks?

Calvados, an apple and pear brandy, can only be made in Normandy. Calvados is a fruity spirit with hints of pear and baking spices. It also has notes of sweet pastries and baking spices. Casks give the wine a subtle apple aroma and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, creating a complex sweetness that is not possible to describe.

How can you manage demand?

Retailers are clamoring for more cases. And now that our bourbons can be purchased in Europe, there is even greater demand. Each year, we have to ration the release because it sells out before it is bottled. Although the number of cases has increased slightly over the years, it is still a limited edition, and we plan to keep it that way. It is now a collectible item that only a few can afford.

What Does Pact No? How does Pact No. 8 fit into the History of Blood Oaths?

Pact No. Pact No. 1 was the first release. John did not finish it in a barrel. Instead, John had three exceptional Kentucky bourbons that he mixed together to create a deliciously balanced final product.

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Pact No. The second was the point where things got more creative. This Pact was aged in port barrels which imparted fruity and herbal flavors to the Bourbon.

Pact No. The partnership with Swanson Vineyards, Napa Valley, was 3. The Cabernet Sauvignon barrels were used to age the blend. The Bourbon was given a subtle, fruity Cabernet wine flavor with an earthy French oak note.

Pact No. 4. had a toasted oak look. John began to be creative. He used barrels from Lux Row’s sibling brand, Rebel 10-Year-Single Barrel. They were then sent to a cooperage, where they disassembled and scraped away the char. The result was strong caramel and dark chocolate.

Pact No. 5 was a blend of three extra-aged bourbons, just like Pact No. One was a mixture of three extra-aged Bourbons. This time, however, one of the bourbons had been aged for six months in Caribbean Rum casks. It was able to bring out all kinds of flavors, from dark fruits to molasses to prune and plum.

Pact No. Pact No. 6 had a lingering spicy finish. It was made from three Ryed Bourbons, aged 14-8 and 7 years, respectively. The Bourbons were then aged in Cognac barrels. It was a combination of dark berries, spices, and caramel. It was extremely proof, and it was surprisingly smooth with a lasting finish of oak and caramel.

Pact No. Pact No. 7 is an exceptional blend with an aroma of oak and caramel, as well as subtle honey hints. The palate is rich and smooth with honey and peaches, while the warm finish is reminiscent of caramel.

The three rare ryed Bourbons of France, two of which were well-bred, and one finished in a Sauternes wine barrel that was imported from France, were expertly blended to create a complex blend of sweetness and spices.

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Pact No. Eight is a unique blend of three extra-aged, rubbed bourbons. It includes a 14-year-old, an 11-year and an 8-year-old finished in Calvados barrels. The nose is reminiscent of apples with cinnamon and vanilla hints. It has subtle hints of chocolate and juicy pears.

How to get your hands on the Blood Oath Pact No. 8

Blood Oath Pact No. 8 will be sold in select retail outlets, but dates may vary depending on shipping and distribution.

Blood Oath Pact No. 8 is a surefire way to obtain it. Visit the Lux Row Distillers Gift Shop to get 8. To confirm that it is in stock, we recommend calling ahead.

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