10 Best Shows Like Bel Air That You Must Watch!

The most recent Peacock Original, Bel-Air, is the much-anticipated reworking of comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. With just three episodes at this moment, the show clearly has many traditional elements but a more dramatic and serious tone than comedic ones. The main plot concerns the 16-year-old Will, who moves away from the West Philadelphia neighborhood to the luxurious mansions of Bel-Air.

Changes in Will’s life get explored similarly to the original, but it also provides more detail to Will’s background. It is sure to please those who have seen the original, as well as those who are new to the show. Bel-Air is a good choice for lists of television spin-offs and shows that tackle themes such as coming of age and relocation.

The Wonder Years (2021-) Watch It on Disney+

The Wonder Years is a loved classic of sitcoms. The 2021 reboot is an appropriate follow-up for contemporary viewers since it re-creates the 1960s but with brand new characters. The main character is 12-year-old Dean Williams as he grows to be a part of a Black middle-class community situated in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Comedy shows can blend comedy with sociopolitical elements by giving more context to Black life during that time and the contemporary period. This is something Bel-Air is also setting up to accomplish.

Parenthood (2010-2015) – Stream On Hulu

The film is based on Ron Howard’s film, which has the same title. Parenthood shows the interwoven lives of the different family members as they transition into Parenthood, adolescence, and everyday life in a family.

In the original film, Bel-Air’s Will is able to find his father figures as Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil, and his Aunt Viv. The main character can experience various ideas of growing up under their tutelage. If the parental themes of Bel-Air appeal to viewers’ interest, they should go to Parenthood.

Cobra Kai (2019-) – Stream On Netflix

In The Karate Kid movies, Cobra Kai is about the conflict between two dojos in karate which develops into a bigger conflict for the honor. Since lifelong adversaries Johnny and Daniel face off in an ideological battle within Cobra Kai, their students in high school have to deal with their own high school tensions.

Doubling as a comedy about martial arts and a drama for teens, Cobra Kai succeeds in adding an original spin on the material it was based on. Even Bel-Air offers a twist similar to its original. Additionally, Will Smith serves as the executive producer of the two shows.

Family Reunion (2019-2022) The Family Reunion (2019-2022) – Stream on Netflix

The title says it all. Family Reunion finds a family of six who moves to Seattle in Georgia to live with their family. There will be chaos regardless of the efforts made by the family to get closer to each of their families. There are moments of fun and wholesome family bonding.

A family Reunion is a celebration of the joys and sorrows of belonging to a large family touchingly. If the emotional elements of Bel-Air become overwhelming to viewers, they could have a break by watching an uplifting show like Family Reunion.

Thank you, Dear White People (2017-2021) – Watch On Netflix.

The show is one of the most popular shows that is based on films. Dear White People explores the “post-racial” real-life experience of Black students at a predominantly white Ivy League college. At the same time, the characters confront the stereotypes of racism, students’ politics, and political activism, and the show shifts from a comedy about college students into a social drama.

How Dear White People handles its diverse moods and tones is admirable. Since Bel-Air attempts to include similar elements of satire and realistic drama into its story, Dear White People is a solid recommendation for those who love the latter.

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Young Sheldon (2017-) – Stream On HBO Max

Although it is centered around the background of the protagonist of The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon is far removed from its origins. The setting changes from a nerdy-looking apartment to an upscale Texas family home. As the protagonist grows obsessed with science and logic, He often fights with his family and friends over issues such as religion and the way of life.

Young Sheldon is a fun family addition in The Big Bang Theory lore that demonstrates how TV spin-offs could alter the whole style instead of mirroring the original series. In the trailer of Bel-Air, it was apparent that the show was trying to accomplish the same feat.

The Neighborhood (2018-) – – Stream On Paramount+

Dave is a typical “nice person” of the Midwest who is relocated to the rough LA neighborhood. While adjusting to his new surroundings, he tries to earn confidence from his skeptical neighbor Calvin. With Dave and Calvin’s interaction, The Neighborhood comically explores the different cultures of cities, racial tensions, and the general awkwardness people experience with their neighbors.

The entire experience of moving to a different city is also captured by Bel-Air, with a lot of nuances. Therefore, if you’re looking for an alternative to comedy to comprehend the “shifting into a new neighborhood” experience, The Neighborhood is an ideal place to begin.

Family Matters (1989-1998) (89-1998) Watch On HBO Max

The Winslow family was first seen on Perfect Strangers. However, since it, the family’s spin-off show Family Matters has probably overshadowed its predecessor with a popular nine-season run. While the sitcom focused on the Winslows’ everyday misadventures and plights, they had a “nerdy” friend Steve Urkel soon became the star of Family Matters and joined the main cast in the later seasons.

The general elements of the adolescent and family would make it a perfect choice for the fans of Bel-Air. Shows like this are aiding in normalizing Black representation in sitcoms with scripts.

Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009) (2005-2009) Stream On Hulu

The show Everybody Hates Chris chronicles the younger years of comedian Chris Rock as he struggles with his family and is targeted in school. The first source of inspiration for his comedy career is examined. The sitcom for high school students also speaks about racial and class prejudices during the 1980s using the lens of humor.

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The satirical observational humor and wit of the creator and the narrator Chris Rock don’t miss the mark, which makes Everybody Hates Chris a quintessential show to watch. Since Bel-Air is also influenced by the work of Will Smith, the sitcom’s investigation of Chris Rock’s life functions as the perfect companion piece.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reunion (2020) Watch on HBO Max

Before Bel-Air became a reality, the only thing fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans could access was a reunion in 2020. With the participation of members from that original group, this reunion showed characters returning to the set from their first TV show and reliving the memories that made their lives.

The actors laugh and become emotional when they talk about how the show shaped their lives and influenced the public during the 90s. Thus, while Bel-Air is a sign of the coming of the new generation, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion could be an unforgettable time capsule.

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