15 Best Sex Education Love Making Scenes, Ranked

‘ Sex Education may appear to be an enjoyable teen show; however, you have to dig a bit further, and you’ll discover an entire show with a larger theme that deals with a wide range of the problems that arise in the adult and teen worlds.

The British show that is coming of age must be lauded for the way it promotes ideas of positive body thinking, feminism, sexuality, LGBTQ + relationships and every other thing in between. The raunchy yet relatable comedy will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, and if you’ve never seen it, make sure to take a look.

In light of the fact that sexuality is the show’s main subject, we’ve compiled an index of the Best Sex Education Love Making Scenes that you will want to reflect on.

Here’s a listing of the top lovemaking scenes from the show ‘Sex Education.’

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Best Sex Education Love Making Scenes

Hammering Down the Myths (Season 1 Episode 1)

The first scene of sex in the show is some of the more graphic moments in the duration that spans two seasons. It may cause you to feel uncomfortable, but it’s real and has a feeling of real-world realism. The scene in question is Adam and Aimee, both main characters of the show, who are having sexual relations at Adam’s house. As Aimee is excessively sexual in bed, Adam is caught faking an orgasm to end the sex. Aimee realizes that he made it up and starts asking questions about the incident. It turns out Adam was insecure about himself and was worried about the gossip about what size his penis was.

Sexuality is often misrepresented in many ways onscreen and in real life, but one thing almost every film or television show misses is the moment regarded as “climaxing with.” This scene, “Sex Education”, breaks down this unrealistic standard and demonstrates the absolute realness of how awkward sexual relations can sometimes be.

Sorry, Jonathan! (Season 3 Episode 3)

The scene caused quite some excitement on social media for people who follow the show, and it has a surprising climax. Episode 3 begins with Maeve’s eccentric neighbours from the trailer park, Cynthia and Jeffrey, deciding to spice up their dinner by making love. The trailer soon starts shaking, furniture is creaking, and the couple is too busy to notice their cat sitting close to them, watching their surroundings. The trailer rumbling releases a heavy appliance off a shelf that begins to move forward and eventually falls onto the cat Jonathan.

The sexually raunchy comedy in the scene also opens an entirely new chapter in the plot. In grief over Jonathan’s passing, Cynthia develops a ferocious sexual appetite. We witness Jeffrey in a t-shirt on his knees and wailing that he’s too tired to get more sexual encounters.

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A Lot More Than Just Physical Intimacy (Season 1 Episode 2)

The second episode introduces new characters, Kate and Sam, which don’t have importance in the long-term; however, they play a significant role in the context of the themes of Education that episode 2 deals with. In the first scene, Kate and Sam start having a sex session, and Kate demands Sam shut off the lights. However, with the lights turned off, things don’t go according to plan and what started as an intimate make-out session turns out to be quite awkward. Sam breaks his arm. Kate’s parents come in on the scene, and their relationship is ruined.

In the show’s final scene, Otis (Asa Butterfield) assists them in overcoming their issue by telling Kate, “If you don’t love yourself and you don’t like your life, how can you come to be able to trust that Sam does.” Another scene features Otis and Lily, who decide to get sexual relations in the hopes of not losing their virginity. Although it begins humorously, Otis’ past trauma is later brought back to haunt the character in the most devastating ways. The show focuses on the multi-faceted nature of sexuality and reveals that even the underlying factors in emotional traumas can affect one’s physical and sexual intrigues.

In the next episode, in that same scene, Maeve (Emma Mackey) is found to be sleeping with Jackson and then becomes pregnant. In the aftermath, she’s forced to undergo the painful process of getting an abortion but gets important support from an unknown person.

It’s a Two-Way Street (Season 1 Episode 4)

Season 1, episode 4 begins with an uncomfortable sex scene featuring an unidentified couple engaging in sexual relations. In the scene, one of the two girls tries to make sure she has fun. However, the other girl just sits in the corner and wonders what’s this “vigorous” about sex. Conscientizing that sexual sex is a two-way relationship and that they are both worried about their relationship, they ask Otis for help. Otis does all he can to assist the couple, but nothing seems to work out. It turns out that their lack of chemistry stemmed due to one of them not wanting to be in the relationship any longer.

Glenoxi Returns (Season 3 Episode 7)

Season 3, episode 7, features the well-deserved Lily-inspired sexual sequence. If anyone has seen any of the characters’ earlier sketches or paintings, you’ll know that even mortals aren’t able to satisfy her fantasies. The animated part is located on a planet far away and explores the explosive discovery of love among two females who are metahumans. The animated sci-fi erotic model of Lily (Glenoxi) will be fully realized, and the story’s epic nature is like Lily’s own turbulent adventures in seeking out sexual encounters.

The scene represents Lily’s fascination with women and how Ola (depicted in the role of the opposite character) has helped liberate her (Lily) from her fears. The animation sequence was made using the same art style the curious Moordale Secondary student employs in her comics. Also, the glasses that Glenoxi wears are replicas of the real glasses that we can see Ola sporting in the hilarious season 3 opening scene.

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Sex Education, Indeed (Season 1 Episode 6)

After breaking up with Adam, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) eventually finds herself with a gentleman who is nice to the woman and treats her with respect. If they are having a sex session, Aimee tries again to play it safe and say everything she believes he’d like to get from her. However, this proved to be a huge turn-off to her boyfriend of a while, Steve and surprised her; she is interested in what she has.

Aimee is a woman who has been accustomed to pretending in her bed to do what she expects and appears completely ignorant of what she likes. Otis “prescribes the girl a sexy grin”, and she discovers what it is she wants from her sexual relations. She even helps her lover through the entire process. The scene reflects the unruly expectations that people might have due to sexually explicit porn. ‘ Sex Education is very graphic in the representation of sexuality. Nevertheless, it’s educational.

A Surprising Twist (Season 1 Episode 8)

After the season one finale, Lily finds another sex partner and tries to shed her virginity again. But, to her dismay, the woman in her life “betrays” the woman this time. In the second episode, it’s discovered that she has an illness growing in her way of having sexual relations. The episode also is a surprise and reveals Adam is bisexual. Adam is bisexual.

During the detention period, Adam (Connor Swindells) and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) are involved in a dispute and before they realize that, they begin to kiss and even have sexual relations. Except for Lily’s love for cosplay while having sexual relations, there’s nothing unusual or graphic in the sex scenes in the episode. However, they could be the basis for a brand new season.

A New Beginning, Same Old Dilemmas (Season 2 Episode 1)

A Chlamydia outbreak The emergence of the appearance of a “masturbation talent” and a bunch of teenage fun–that’s the kind of drama that you would expect from a show such as ‘ Sex Education. The eight-part show returns for another season, and, from the very premiere, the show promises to be just as entertaining as the debut season.

Otis, the main character in the show who gave sexual advice to all his classmates earlier on, was battling several problems with his sexuality. But, in the second season, even though he’s a bit like a slow bloomer, the character is finally able “get the ball rolling.”

However, to his astonishment, there aren’t all rainbows and sunshine for Otis. Based on the storyline of the premiere show that is available through Netflix, Otis develops a “secret talent”, but it looks more like a curse to Otis from the look of it. He “gets difficult” regardless of how the winds are blowing.

At Moordale high, there is a possibility that a Chlamydia outbreak causes destruction. Though he’s not too sure to talk about the issue this time, Otis decides to help make a difference. As for the Milburn family, things turn very complicated when Otis begins to seriously woo Ola, and his mother is in a relationship with his father of Ola’s.

In the initial part of the show, Otis has a fling with Ola in the bedroom. While they’re doing it, Miss Jean and Ola’s father are having a fling in their living area. There’s a reason that’s a bit odd: Otis cannot find an erection. It gets even more unpleasant when he leaves his bedroom to find Jakob and his mum sharing a kiss in the living room. In the aftermath that this has happened, Otis again feels betrayed by his mother.

As opposed to the majority of sex scenes from the show that is innovative and possibly a bit sexy, this one isn’t really different in some way. In a way, it is a normalization of sexual dysfunction. Simultaneously, offers a humorous and pleasant first episode of the second season.

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Otis’ Cheap Cologne (Season 3 Episode 1)

The majority of the fuel for season 3’s chaos is supplied through Otis and Ruby’s intense (and hilariously unmatched) relationship. After a raunchy hookup at Otis’s house party that was out of control, the liar connection between the two persists. In the first episode, we witness them gathered in the bathroom block of the past for the school’s first day following the summer.

The moment is brief and chaotic, which is the norm when it comes to the two as Ruby says that the scent of Otis’s cheap cologne has turned her on, and they’re interrupted by the sound of a voice in the stall next door. Later, someone is impersonating Otis and giving out shockingly poor sexual tips in the bathroom.

Of course, this isn’t Ruby and Otis the only time they’ve met in the least! After a few minutes, we get an image of them connecting at a Halloween celebration. If you’ve not seen an intense exchange in the tiniest stall of the mac and cheese tub (Otis) and an early 2000s Christina like (Ruby), We suggest you watch it!

Awkward Yet Necessary (Season 2 Episode 2)

The entire first season of “Sex Education” revolves around awkward sex exchanges and the petty sexy situations students face at Moordale high. Still, in its second instalment, it puts in an unexpected twist and showcases the sexual actions of two teachers at the school. The third episode starts with a sex scene that includes Miss Sands and Hendricks from the Moordale high school. A grumpy instructor Hendricks is a grumpy teacher.

Hendricks tries to be a great boyfriend for Miss Sands. For Hendricks, the two lack the kind of sexual connection that Sands would like, and due to this, Hendriks is determined to seek aid. Amid all the other students in his school, Hendriks is the one who approaches Otis to discuss his issues.

In the meantime, Otis is attempting to “please” Ola but has no idea how he will achieve this. Through its shocking depiction of unwelcome (yet essential) conversations and a few snarky scenes, this show highlights the struggle (especially for females) of figuring out what we enjoy in bed and why we are afraid to express the same thing a lot of times.

Body Positivity (Season 2 Episode 3)

Episode 3 opens by showing one of this season’s more unique sexual sequences. Olivia, who is also a student at Moordale high school, is from a strict Indian family. However, she can get her boyfriend into her bedroom, despite lying to her mom about his nationality and insisting that he’s there only to learn classical dance with her.

The two blast noisy songs in the background and have sexual relations. But for some reason, when Olivia gets to her maximum sex, she covers his face on the pillow. The worried boyfriend first comes to Otis, her mother, and explains his issue. But, she is not understanding the situation and says that Olivia has an alleged “ghost obsession.”

The boy is frightened and expresses his displeasure over Olivia’s sexual fetishes. That’s when Olivia can reach out to Otis and informs her that she covers his face because she’s anxious about her “orgasm appearance.” Although she’s an expert in the field, Otis’ mother fails to aid the young couple, but once again, Otis saves the day. The scene shows how a lack of communication and details can result in unwelcome results in the sex world, highlighting the importance of body confidence.

No. Yes! (Season 3 Episode 2)

Ruby and Otis appear again as part of this selection, and rightly too! They’re everywhere at the beginning of season 3, and Otis is willing to endure the brunt of embarrassment (including dressing by Ruby) to keep their relationship in good standing. The opening scene sets the stage for their relationship beautifully by revealing to viewers who is wearing the pants (even when they’re not).

To quote Otis, “The sex is amazing,” but the scene reveals all the other uninteresting interactions abridged by the romance. Ruby prepares to leave when they’re done, but she doesn’t do it before telling Otis that he has to wear something red to school the next day because it’s “Purple Day” and all. The emotional conflict on Otis’s face is comical gold, and the scene humorously reminds us that the best sexually explicit scenes can have uncomfortable ends.

Inclusive and Intersectional Sex Education (Season 2 Episode 6)

Regarding its depiction of LGBTQ and relationships, “Sex Education” shows it with a sensibility and wit that you won’t find in other television shows. The sixth season’s episode starts with a scene of Anwar and his lover. When the two have a romantic fling, Anwar suggests they should go further and get sexual sex. His boyfriend asks him to confirm if he’s been familiar with “douching” before gay sexual sex.

Incredulous at his lack of sexual experiences, Anwar lies and tells him yes. However, he finds a reason to leave the scene and walks away. Throughout the entire episode, Anwar is unable to find the answers. He even asks one of his sexy classmates to learn more about douching, but nothing aids. Anwar tells his friend that he’s embarrassed by his lack of knowledge, and, to his delight, his friend appears cool and “educates” his friend.

The most appealing thing about ‘Sex Education’ is that when it deals with sexuality, diversity and the person’s identity, it is full-on and doesn’t adopt an uninformed approach. As snarky as the sex scenes may appear, they are an example for the TV industry. The sex scene also serves as an opportunity to remind everyone that everyone has their own story and is not always understood as a distinct group.

Otis does his best to comprehend the sexual struggles of his classmates; however, often, the same is not enough to offer them the support they require. What makes him an influential persona is that he is a person who understands the issues, doesn’t judge, and is always trying to help.

A Climactic Beginning (Season 3 Episode 1)

Season 3’s opening scene is one of the most thorough portrayals of the show’s vivid sexual diversity. The usual review of the summer that has passed the season opens with scenes featuring almost every character from the show engaging in their preferred method of pleasure. The season 2 opening sequence features Otis suffering from a newly discovered pleasure, and season 3’s opening sequence features Moordale’s students Moordale in their hormonally fueled and free of supervision.

The scenes from Otis and Ruby’s frenzied romance soon turn into an array of well-known faces of their classmates who are equally involved in their romances. Like season 2 of the show, the montage ends with the post-coital awkwardness sex Education portrays so beautifully. This time the montage concludes with Dex’s triumphant roar, shortly followed by his girlfriend, who suggests that maybe he’s not doing anything that her previous partners have done. If you’re interested, Dex does get his opportunity to show his remorse at the end of the show.

Everything Ends Well (Season 2 Episode 7)

In the final show, Otis becomes the infamous “sex kid” at his school following the chaos creates at his party. After drinking, he has a night out with Ruby and cannot remember any of the incidents. Ruby initially informs him that they had used contraception in sex, but she later admits that she’s slightly unsure about this. They embark on a sexy “adventure” in which they attempt to buy her the “morning pills” to prevent pregnancy.

While Ola and Lily are together, Ola and Lily get close. However, Lily appears unable to openly discuss her sexuality and doesn’t even acknowledge it in school. Later, in this same show, Lily is able to decide not to be embarrassed about her sexuality and requests Ola to join her at her home. There are no sexual relations since Lily is a victim of vaginismus. However, they find ways to express themselves and have a good time without physically touching each other.

Pop culture has it that the concept of “pleasuring yourself” (especially in the case of women) is either ignored, viewed as a threat, or portrayed as a way to replace the gender of the opposite. With this sex culture, “Sex Education” dispels the ambiguity surrounding the subject and accepts it as a fact.

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