Best Running Movies On Netflix

A good running movie will inspire you to get off the couch and go for it. There are many Running Movies On Netflix to inspire you to log the miles.

These titles are great for streaming new movies.

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Running Movies On Netflix

Barkley Marathons

This film, which is based on a notorious prison escape, is captivating, entertaining, and fascinating. Barkley Marathon is an ultramarathon with only 10 finishers over the past 25 years. While you’re on your treadmill, you will learn about one of America’s most difficult races.

Forrest Gump

You’re missing out if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump. This is the story of a man who had a low IQ and made it through his life running. He ran away from bullies on the gridiron through the forests of Vietnam and many other places.

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Desert Runners

Do you think that you are familiar with the challenges of running? You’ll be rethinking your answers after watching this documentary. Desert Runners is a documentary that follows a group of non-professional runners who attempt to run through four of the most hostile places in the world. The movie website states that race organizers strategically chose these four deserts as they are (respectively) the driest and windiest, hottest, and coldest areas on Earth.

4 Minute Mile

The 4 Minute Mile is about a talented high school track runner struggling to overcome poverty, family turmoil, and a gang of drug dealers. Drew’s talent is discovered by an ex-track coach who decides to train him in order to make him more than he thought possible.

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Steve Prefontaine was constantly told throughout his life that he wasn’t strong enough or fast enough. These comments were a challenge for Prefontaine to be more than anyone else.


Wesley Korir, a runner, was able to free himself from the poverty-stricken nation of Kenya. He won many American marathons and gambled everything to help his countrymen. He runs not just for himself but to make a difference in the world.

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Usain Bolt is the Fastest Man Alive

Usain Bolt is a familiar name. Six-time gold medalist, world record holder, and the first man in history to run the 100m and 200m in consecutive Olympics. Do you know him well? Here’s a look inside the life, training, and achievements of the fastest man alive.

Children of Heaven

Ali is the only child of an Iranian family that struggles to make ends work. Ali’s sister loses her shoes because of their poor circumstances. He enters a 4k race to correct his mistake. The third prize is a pair of sneakers. This heartwarming story about a brother who will do anything for his family is a must-see.

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