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Berserk’s story is about Guts. He was born from his mother’s hanged body. He is a skilled swordsman who was raised and trained by mercenaries from a young age. He is forced to flee after he kills his father, who was also his guide in self-defense.

Griffith, who is the leader of The Band of Hawks, a mercenary outlaw group, later notices Gut’s fame. Griffith soon makes Guts his main fighter. The Band of Hawks is employed as guards by the King to defend the Midland Kingdom against an Empire for a century.

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Guts learn that Griffith is ambitious enough to desire a kingdom of his very own. He uses a mysterious pendant as a secret power, and Guts becomes more aware of this. Griffith meets Midland Kingdom nobles and the King’s daughter Charlotte. Guts also develop feelings toward Casca, a fellow commander.

Guts are forced to leave the band after the Midland war has been won. Griffith is left devastated and descends into a hole of despair. Griffith is made a crippled mute by the Band of Hawks after Griffith is taken into custody.

Guts continue to train to be a better swordsman. But when he discovers what happened to the band, an entity he calls “the Skull Knight,” he returns to save Griffith and reunite with Casca.

Griffith uses his pendant to transport him back to his former condition. He then trades his human form for the archdemon status of the God Hand, gaining inhumane power. He must sacrifice and betray his bandmates through an ordeal called The Eclipse. Only Guts, Casca, and the rest of his band survived.

Guts lost one eye and his left forearm. Casca becomes so traumatized that her mind goes back to childhood. Both have been condemned to death and are destined for demon hunts until their deaths. Guts leave Casca to a friend and, with a new sword called Dragonslayer and a prosthetic leg with a cannon, vows revenge on Griffith.

The Black Swordsman Guts sets out on a quest to escape his horrible fate. He will encounter unusual allies along the way and be in great danger as they pursue their seemingly endless quest for exact revenge.

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Top Cast

One of the reasons the series is so successful is because of Berserk’s cast. Voice artists that portray the characters in anime are amazing at bringing the characters to life. The following are some of the most prominent cast members:

Hiroaki Iwanaga is a Guts.

Takahiro Sakurai as Griffith.

Kouichi Yamadera as Zodd.

Unsho Ishizuka is the Narrator

Yuji Ueda is a Wolt.

Natsumi Fujiwara as Charlotte.

Tetsu Inada as Isidro.

Silat by Akio Ohtsuka


Berserk is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series that Kentaro Miura created in 1989. Berserk was adapted into two anime versions, one in 1997 and the other in 2016. These anime-inspired four movies:

  • Berserk: The Golden Age Arc is a movie trilogy that was released in 2012;
  • Berserk and the Band of the Hawk were released as a spin-off in 2016.

Where and How to Watch Berserk Series Legally?

We’ll give you some information about the Berserk anime series and then we’ll show you where to watch it.

You can view the original 1997 anime adaptation on Crunchyroll.

Funimation has the 2016 anime remake available.

Crunchyroll has the Berserk anime sequels.

Amazon has the original manga volumes available for purchase.

You can purchase the Blu-ray boxes of the Berserk on Amazon or Rightstuf.

It’s also available on Netflix. However, it is currently only available on Netflix France and Netflix Brazil. To unblock geo-restrictions, you must be located in the country where it is available.

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Is Berserk worth watching?

Yes. It is. The story of Berserk has some of the most compelling storytelling we have ever seen in anime. It’s gritty and dark but also full of violence. However, it’s very emotional and thought-provoking.

Where is the best place to watch Berserk?

Crunchyroll and Funimation are the best places to watch Berserk.


We hope that this article helped you answer any questions about Berserk or where to view it. If you are interested in the story, we recommend that you watch the original anime, the remake from 2016, and the sequels to Berserk. You can also purchase the manga volumes in the original format or the Blu-ray boxes.

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