List Of Best Barbie Movies on Hulu

If you have a Barbie enthusiast in your household, You may be thinking about the many Barbie movies available on Amazon Prime and will enjoy this list. You can stream any of the Barbie films today!

I can remember having fun with Barbie dolls when I was a young girl. I’m not certain whether I watched any films. If I watched them, then they were on DVD or VHS (at the very best). Nowadays, kids can enjoy the option of watching movies on demand, also known as streaming movies.

Where can I watch Barbie films?

There are plenty of Barbie films that you can stream. There are:

It’s not a surprise it’s no surprise that Amazon Prime would offer a wide selection of products also.

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Does Amazon Prime include Barbie films?

There are currently four Barbie movies through Amazon Prime, along with an excellent documentary on dolls which includes Barbie.

These films are free when you sign up for an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Have you got an Amazon Prime membership? Great! The list is already there. Barbie films via Amazon Prime.

This time of the year particularly, we love the benefits of our Amazon Prime membership. It’s perfect for Christmas shopping, without making only one trip to the shop. Do not fret if you currently possess the Amazon Prime membership. 

Barbie Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Here are the gratis Barbie Movies on Amazon Prime Video.

All the movies listed are available to be streamed on Prime Video, but that can change anytime without prior notice.

Barbie: Dreamtopia

With the help of her elder sibling, Barbie, Chelsea visits the world in Dreamtopia, where she learns important life lessons.


Barbie Vlogs: Season 1

A teenager Barbie presents viewers with her experiences living in Malibu, Calif., in short clips that feature her tackling funny challenges, sharing her motivations and time spent with her friends and sisters.

Barbie Vlogs: Season 2

The teen Barbie presents viewers with her experiences living in Malibu, Calif., through short clips showcasing her taking on funny tasks and sharing her ideas and time with her sister and her friends.

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How old is Barbie in Barbie vlogs?

As per Diggit magazine according to Diggit Magazine, Barbie’s “audience includes mostly females 6-11 years old.” She herself is only 17 years old. However, this does not necessarily mean Barbie “dumbs down” her speech to be understood by her viewers. In the final moments of each video, Barbie makes a peace sign and then says “pace”, which stands for “positive attitude makes everything better.”

How old is Barbie now 2020?

Barbie was introduced in 1959 during her debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York. It would be age 61 by the year 2020.

What is the date of Barbie’s birthday?

Barbie was introduced on March 9, 1959.


Living Dolls: a Documentary

The filmmaker Maureen Judge offers a lighthearted review of the bizarre and fascinating realm of collectors of dolls.

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