Bad Sisters Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

‘Bad Sisters’ series continues with”Bad Sisters,” which continues the Garvey family’s journey to rid themselves of their violent brother-in-law John Paul Williams. In the 4th episode of the black comedy series called “Baby Becka viewers will witness the tension between John Paul and Becka.

In the meantime, John Paul becomes more violent in his abuse, and Ursula is a mess when she discovers her affair. The sisters eventually join forces to plan a new plan to take on John Paul. If you’re interested in what transpired in the Garvey sisters’ lives, here’s all you should learn about at the end of the episode ‘Bad Sisters’ 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled “Baby Becka begins in the present with Becka along with Matthew continuing their relationship. Thomas and Matthew are preparing to meet Grace’s fourth and last sister. But, Matthew is unaware that Becka is Grace’s sister and, consequently, is a participant in the investigation into an insurance claim. Matthew becomes shocked to find out the truth after Becka’s home is visited by Matthew. In the end, Matthew can question Becka and end the relationship without Thomas realizing that he is connected to Becka.

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Then, Matthew reveals to Thomas that they and Becka had a relationship, and he was by the mystery of Becka’s relationship with Grace. Thomas tries to convince Matthew to stay in contact with Becka and collect information on the Garveys. But, Matthew firmly refuses and thinks about every word Becka says about her previous. Through flashbacks, Becka seeks John Paul’s assistance in developing the business strategy for the massage business. In addition, she convinces him that she will finance her lease for the studio and to invest in her venture. John Paul agrees, and Becka begins the process of financing this studio.

While this is happening, Ursula goes into a spiral following her encounter in the presence of John Paul. Meanwhile, Eva and Bibi contemplate their next step following their attempt to poison John Paul’s food is unsuccessful. Eva can convince Bibi to rest and not devise a plan to kill their brother-in-law. But, when John Paul insults Grae at an office party, The sisters become concerned for Grace’s wellbeing. And, John Paul isn’t willing to pay Becka when he said he would, resulting in her being in debt and losing her first payment under the lease contract.

Ursula tells Becka about her relationship. She reveals she knows that John Paul has proof of the affair. Becka is angry with John Paul and tries to confront John Paul. The conflict between the two sisters and John Paul comes to the surface, and they discuss the issue. Eva faces John Paul at his house and attempts to erase the photo of Ursula, which he saved on his mobile. When she is confronted, Eva realizes that she has fallen to the ground and returns after she has destroyed John Paul’s phone. At the end of the day, Becka learns of the sisters’ plans to murder John Paul. Becka decides she wants to be part of the group; however, Eva hesitates to devise an alternative strategy. But, Becka convinces her sisters to fight against John Paul for Grace’s sake.

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Ending: Is Matthew Betraying Becka?

In the last moments of the episode, The sisters unite and are ready to take on any consequences for their decisions to hurt John Paul. Becka can convince her friends that the situation has boiled down to survival, and they should avoid letting John Paul destroy their lives. This is why it’s clear that the sister plans to murder John Paul again. In the present day, Becka arrives at the Claflin Insurance Service office hoping to talk to Matthew. Becka and Matthew debate about their circumstances and how it causes an interesting conflict for Matthew about Grace’s insurance claim following John Paul’s demise. They argue but realize it was an accident and share the most passionate kiss.

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But Matthew is resigned to the relationship being over with Becka. In the end, Becka quits and is convinced that Matthew feels for her when Matthew breaks up with her from kissing her after he has kissed her again. But, when Becka is gone, she witnesses Matthew talking to Thomas and is instantly devastated. The scene suggests that Matthew is just trying to date Becka to discover the real story of John Paul’s death.

Because the Claflin family business will likely be in trouble if they need to cover the cost of John Paul’s death, Matthew will probably keep dating Becka for his family’s benefit. The episode’s conclusion contrasts Becka and Matthew’s circumstances; however, both fight for the survival of their families. However, Matthew is going to betray Becka.

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