10 Best Asian Zombie Movies On Netflix

The Korean film industry is experiencing a zombie revival, now a popular cinematic muse of the 21st century, with internationally well-known films such as Train To Busan. The intensity and frequency of these deadly diseases don’t seem to be reducing. The increasing movie industry has delighted the public with more zombie films and television series every year.

These shows and zombie films, ranging from Netflix’s recent release All of Us Are Dead to The Wailing, include psychological thrillers, class allegories, and historical drama. The entire collection was joined by a common motif: zombies that will satisfy your desire for a zombie apocalypse.

1. ‘Train to Busan’ (2016)

The South Korean zombie film is more of an action movie rather than a horror movie that has firmly established the status of cinema in the eyes of global movie-goers. As a zombie outbreak spreads, the film is about an unnamed dad (Gong Yoo) urgently trying to keep his daughter safe aboard the overrun train. In the course of revealing that certain characters had been involved in the spread of the virus, hints of guilt are also portrayed in the film.

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Train To Busan’s captivating class commentary highlights the benefits of collective action over the individual’s survival. Because of its unique characters, captivating performances, and fast-paced action, it became a huge success with moviegoers across the globe.

2. ‘Seoul Station (2016)

Seoul Station, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who also directed Train to Busan and released in the same year Seoul Station, is an animated feature zombie film that serves as a prequel for the live-action horror hit. The animated film, set on the same day as what happens in Train to Busan, imagines downtown Seoul being taken over by an army of zombies. Before the zombie outbreak Suk-Gyu (Ryu Seung-Ryong), an anxious father searching for his lost daughter Hye Sun (Shim Eun-Kyung), is at the center of the story.

Although Train to Busan is awed by its spectacles of violent violence as well as the social factors that led to the violence, Seoul Station examines the life of those living in the margins. Such margins are most likely to be overlooked in the event of a catastrophe. This is an interesting part of Train to Busan’s tale that should be seen by all fans and also is unique to the set-up.

3. ‘The Wailing’ (2016)

The Wailing is a story of supernatural events following an unknown man who is discovered in a tiny fishing village. An infection that is viral spreads across the town believed to be the result of an evil spirit living in the vicinity. It’s up to the local police officer Jong Goo (Do-wan Kwak) to unravel the mystery.

The masterful combination of genre and cultural aspects makes for an unforgettable mix. The film is not just among the top modern horror films. Still, it is also among the most contemporary horror films that feature amazing performances, a heart-breaking slaughter, and a deeply moral story.

4. ‘#Alive’ (2020)

#Alive is a story about Oh Joon-Wo (Ah-In Yoo), an elusive gamer who has to remain in a secluded spot in his apartment and fight against a horde of zombies who have invaded his home within a densely populated property under threat by a massive zombie attack caused by an unknown virus. As time passes and the situation worsens towards the end of the day, the neighbor is contacted by Oh Joon-Wo, and they plan their escape.

Cho Il-hyung’s first feature film flourishes in moments of psychological contemplation and deftly navigates the difficulties of a zombie-horror-romance in the age of smartphones with blood, guts, and selfies sticks. Due to a strong young cast and an interesting premise, it is certainly intriguing.

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5. ‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019)

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale, directed by Lee Min-Jae, is among the top zombie comedy (zoom-com) to ever come from South Korea, and it brings a degree of humor in the process. The Odd Family follows the Park family when their lives get turned upside down when the zombie eats their old patriarch. The family learns that the zombie’s creation was a result of an illegal drug business experiment and that the Park family attempts to make a profit from the experiment.

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale is a true reflection of the title The Park being an unusual comical, funny, and surprisingly close family. The concept of creating a profit from their misfortune is a brilliant idea. If you combine action, drama, and romance, viewers will get a unique and entertaining experience.

6. ‘Rampant’ (2018)

Rampant is Lee Chung (Hun Bin), who is the Prince of Joseon and who the influential Qing clan kidnaps in order to name him the new Crown Prince. As Lee Chung spars with Joseon Minister of War Kim Ja-Joon, a terrifying nocturnal invasion of zombies is threatening to destroy the entire region.

Rampant is another concept that aims to inject new life into an established genre but has fallen into obscureness. Mixing these creatures with an Asian epic action style and changing a few rules leads to a film full of adrenaline, amazing images, and standard characters woven into a captivating story.

7. ‘Kingdom’ (2019 – )

The first Netflix original Korean show; ran for 2 seasons and was inspired by the webcomic serial The Kingdom of the Gods. In Kingdom, the King of Joseon, Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) is in the process of seeking out a mysterious illness that is devouring his nation in this historical horror film. In defending his country from the terrible plague, Lee Chang gets caught up in the middle of a power battle that threatens to topple the crown prince.

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The show subtly and deeply explores the issue of social and class conflicts. The action sequences are expertly staged and will satisfy even the most demanding T.V. viewer. When you’re done with the show, make sure to catch Kingdom: Ashin of the North, an episode special of the show that examines the origins of the disease.

8. ‘Zombie Detectives’ (2020)

The Korean drama features Kang Minho (Choi Jin-hyuk), who awakes with amnesia, only to discover that the transformation has turned him into the form of a zombie. He is taught to move and speak just like everybody else in order to blend in. He then takes on the role of an investigator as he tries to unravel his past.

Despite being comic-book-like and occasionally eccentric, Zombie Detective manages to be entertaining while also offering an abundance of emotion, melancholy, and seriousness. The use of humor was judiciously employed to lighten the mood of different scenes. Zombie Detective is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to get away from the flesh-eating zombies that eat your flesh.

9. ‘All of Us Are Dead’ (2022 – )

The story is based on the cult Webtoon Now At Our School and follows a bunch of high schoolers who find themselves stranded at school because of a zombie virus outbreak. The students do everything they can to avoid becoming zombies and escape their school.

What sets All of Us Are Dead from other Zombie shows is its focus on a small group of teenage children and their ability to make difficult choices in dangerous situations that keep you on high alert. The show has a cast of intriguing characters, a terrifying group of zombies, as well as an environment that challenges the protagonists after obstacles.

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10. ‘Happiness’ (2021 – )

This uplifting Korean horror show has a futuristic setting. It is about a group of individuals living in an apartment that zombies plague in an official quarantine. This was the result of an untreated drug that led to an outbreak of the Rita Virus, also known as “mad person illness,” as it is commonly referred to.

The show is balanced and fresh, with regular surprises and intriguing twists in the story. Additionally, rather than focusing on scary moments, the show is focused on developing relationships with the community through an ideal blend of comedy and drama.

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