Arqit is partnering with Nine23 to offer secure cloud services through G-Cloud 13 to UK Government

Arqit Quantum Inc. (Nasdaq ARQQ, NASDAQ: ArqQQW) (“Arqit”), an industry-leading provider of quantum-safe encryption, has signed a deal with Nine23 Ltd (“Nine23”), which is a cybersecurity solution supplier for UK regulatory and compliant industries and will deploy Arqit’s QuantumCloud(TM) that is the software for symmetric key agreements and is running that is based on the Nine23’s UK Sovereign Secure Private Cloud infrastructure – Platform FLEX – to provide the highest degree of security to its clients.

Nine23’s exclusive Platform, FLEX, is a cloud that offers a multi-private environment that provides a direct connection to network gateways to every UK government network, including PSN, PNN, RLI, HSCN and others. The tested, accredited platform allows data residency as well as solution integration that is used to obtain Official-Sensitive and higher classifications. Arqit and Nine23 will collaborate to help government and defense customers who want to increase the protection of their infrastructures against cyberattacks and eliminate the security risks associated with the older encryption methods Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and eliminate the security risks that are posed by Quantum computers.

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Arqit is partnering with Nine23 to offer secure cloud services through G-Cloud 13 to UK Government

This partnership will provide an entirely managed UK Sovereign deployment of QuantumCloud(TM) for defense and government customers across data networks and infrastructure without the requirement to make major changes to the hardware software, support, or hardware.

Services will become accessible via the new G-Cloud 13 framework through the Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud 13 provides hosting and software, as well as support services for UK public sector departments and other public sector organizations, as well as Enterprise customers who support Critical National Infrastructure. It is scheduled to launch on 9th November.

Commenting on the matter, David Williams, Arqit President, CEO and Founder, stated “We are thrilled to collaborate with Nine23 to provide our service for restricted UK Government projects. We believe that cloud services for sovereign governments are highly scalable as well. Nine23 has done an excellent job establishing the service using existing frameworks for security-cleared contracts by which Arqit can gain quick market access to government business.”

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Stuart McKean, Nine23 CEO, said: “We are thrilled to have chosen Arqit to partner with Nine23. Arqit is known to be one of the top genuine UK firms on the market, offering us the technology that will help us speed up more secure, easier encryption through the Platform FLEX. QuantumCloud(TM) Services are the next thing of today, and we are looking ahead to providing a genuine UK technology collaboration.”

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