Are Whitney and Naomie From Southern Charm Still Together

The reality television show ‘Southern Charm, created by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith, is based upon characters from the life of a set of elites from Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to understanding Charleston’s history, Southern culture, as well as local political issues, the viewers gain an inside look at the work and personal lives of the characters. This includes the reality show’s stars’ daily routines and the drama they experience, particularly in their romantic lives and relationships, making the show popular with the viewers.

The viewers are especially fascinated by the relationships that develop during the course of the program. Season 8 brought the first romantic revelations of Naomie Olindo as well as Whitney Sudler-Smith. Fans are thrilled to see them in a relationship. But romance and love aren’t always easy in this tiny Southern town, and therefore it’s natural to be curious whether they’re still in love. In this case, we’ll tell you all we learned!

Whitney, along with Naomie’s Southern Charm Journey

Although Whitney was initially an actor, he is currently a member of the cast from season four. However, Naomie was introduced to the show during season 3 as Craig Conover’s girlfriend and has created a name for herself ever since. She has remained a consistent character on the show, sharing every aspect of her life, specifically in connection with her relationships, up to season seven.

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Naomie was about to end her life in Charleston to begin a new one with her new home in New York City, believing that her long-time lover, Metul Shah, was the man she was going to be with for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she discovered that he was cheating on her, and she went back to Charleston to join the cast for season 8.

The information about Whitney and Naomie has first announced later in the episode “Auldbrass Glitters is Not Gold.” Following the wedding reception of his mother Patricia Altschul’s pet Peaches as well as Lil Craig, a hungover Naomie revealed with Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll that she and Whitney had gotten together. The couple’s friends took it with a smile and demanded to know if she went any further.

Naomie said that Whitney was able to spend time with Whitney, and she also said that she was “spooning” could also be happening. She said, “He was like, “We should breed. He’s like, “Mom would like it.'” The news was later shared with other cast members, and Naomie’s ex-boyfriend Craig appeared to be unhappy about it. In a subsequent interview, he admitted that his statement was confusing to viewers.

Craig stated that Craig is “disappointed” in the sense that Whitney did not follow his “bro-code” by having a sexual relationship with his ex-girlfriend. However, Craig also said that Craig responded to “how ridiculous the situation appeared.” Craig continued by declaring that, regardless of his opinion on any code and laws, he does not have the right to decide on the actions Naomie does since he is not with her and has decided not to pursue her.

On another occasion, Whitney and Naomie exchanged laughter, following which he shared with Austen the things they had done together the night prior. Then, he revealed that they drove around the property after dark and had a drink together, followed by a serious discussion on Craig’s reaction when they learned of their story. Whitney added that she considers Naomie an incredibly loyal and trustworthy companion and a “naked support for crying on” that astonished her immediately.

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Do you think Whitney and Naomie Are still together?

Although it’s unclear how relationships between Whitney and Naomie are going, both seem happy with their current circumstances. In her appearance on an episode of the show “Watch What Happens Live,” the former admitted the fact that she was engaged to someone else but did not name anyone and stated that “I am in a relationship. I’m extremely satisfied.” She is always a fan of Whitney and is very close to her mother, Patricia. In addition, during their gathering, the couple attempted to compliment each other and strengthen their friendship.

In addition, Naomie and Whitney’s mothers were to be very supportive of their new start and encouraged the couple to move forward with their relationship. They were able to convince themselves that reality T.V. stars were perfect for one another. Fans also shared this belief and have consistently shown their support for the couple on social media.

Based on the appearance of things, things appear to be going smoothly with Naomie as well as Whitney. While they’ve kept their information private, their statements prove that they’re in a relationship and moving in the right direction. Therefore, we wish them all the best of luck and wish them an amazing future.

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