Are Veronica and Tim From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

The TLC show ’90 Day Fiance’ is one of the most adored reality series due to its distinctive and engaging concept. The show follows various couples anticipating their wedding. The couples on the show share the same sane characteristic. However, one of the couples is not a citizen of the United States, and they are given just 90 days to marry before the expiration date of their K-1 visa. The show was a huge hit due to its dramatic style. It has also produced multiple spinoffs with loosely based concepts on the first TLC show.

The spinoff is called ’90 Day Fiance Preparing for the 90 Days,’ a show about couples who are getting ready to meet their partner in their first lives. The couples usually connect via the internet, and the show captures their life-long journey. The third season of this spinoff introduces the audience to Veronica Rodriguez and Timothy “Tim” Malcolm. Their journeys on the show were not what you would imagine. However, have the two endured the years or even split from one another? Here’s the information we have on the two!

Veronica and Tim’s Journey Together

Veronica and Tim were in a bar way before they appeared on TV. Their meeting was anything but normal. The meeting began with a bet Veronica had placed with her friends, who were with her at the bar. She had told them that she’d go up and kiss the hot man in the bar. In her case, it was the only one who was North Carolina native Tim. After a passionate kiss, she gave Tim her number before returning to her buddies. Tom himself had just finished an affair that lasted for 10 years and had decided to give Veronica an opportunity.

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As a couple, Tim became a dad character to the daughter of Veronica Chloe Sanchez, who was only two and half years old when Veronica and Tim first met. Tim, too, owned a child from a former long-term relationship as the ex-girlfriend had adopted his son. Despite their split, their adopted son of Tim chose to keep his father’s name. After nine years of dating, Veronica and Tim got engaged. However, did they get married, or did they break up before they tied the knot? Be prepared to investigate the possibilities.

Are Veronica and Tim Still Together?

There’s no way Veronica and Tim are not married. According to reports, the couple split just seven months after they got engaged. Due to their co-parenting relationship and living together, they had put off their inevitable separation for quite a while and had been trying to continue. However, they shared what they described as a “beautiful moment” on New Year’s Eve as they danced.

After this, it was a few years later that Tim was featured on ’90 Days The Fiance Before the 90 Days alongside Jeniffer Tarazona of Colombia. While on the show, it was revealed that Tim was still in close contact with Veronica and still had a co-parenting relationship with Chloe. The fact that Veronica was also from Colombia was a red flag for Jeniffer. The problem is that Veronica did not seem to pursue romantic feelings toward his ex’s new love. She offered the engagement ring Tim gave her to allow him to propose to Jeniffer.

Although Tim’s romance with Jeniffer was thrown into flames, The appearance of Tim and Veronica on ’90 Days Fiance Pillow Talk’ earned many followers. Contrary to what people believe, Veronica and Tim’s relationship isn’t something romantic. They are still in touch and have a great relationship with their friendship and have been one of the most popular characters on “90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk.’ Many viewers are captivated by their relationship.

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Veronica and Tim are close to each other and are co-parents of Chloe Sanchez at the time of writing Veronica as of writing. Even though Tim has separated from Veronica, Tim is an integral presence in their life of Chloe and is proud of her achievements. When Chloe was 15 in November 2021, Tim posted his beautiful photo to celebrate the milestone with his followers via social networks. Additionally, Veronica is set to join “90 days: The Single Life’ season 3 in the hope of meeting a partner. We hope that Veronica, Tim, and Chloe have all the best in their lives and that their bonds remain the same.

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