Are Ronnie And Jen From Jersey Shore Still Together?

Created by SallyAnn Salsano, the MTV show ‘ Jersey Shore’ follows young people and women who hail from New Jersey and the surrounding area in various holiday residences. The television program has introduced viewers to numerous entertaining personalities throughout its duration. Many cast members have earned devoted popularity with their performances on the show. Heartbreak, love, betrayal, and drama are vital to the show with so many people together. Thus, fans have always been involved in the progress of relationships in the show.

The most popular couple on The MTV show is Ronnie Ortiz Magro along with Jen Harley, whose romantic story is anything other than thrilling. They have experienced many heartbreaks and controversies that keep the viewers in the drama between the two. With such a lengthy and turbulent past between them, people wonder whether Ronnie and Jen are still in love If they aren’t, what exactly are they doing today? Let’s see our knowledge of the two!

Ronnie And Jen’s Jersey Shore Journey

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s and Jen Harley’s relationship came to light in July 2017 following Ronnie suffered a hand injury while on an evening at a nightclub at Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time the identity of Ronnie’s girlfriend’s lover was unknown. Still, it was stated that Ronnie was trying to shield his partner by securing her against the glass bottle thrown in their direction while they were having fun in the VIP area of TAO nightclub. The bottle was shattered after the contact with Ronnie’s hand, inflicting the reality star a variety of injuries.

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In December of 2017, Ronnie and Jen proudly revealed they were expecting a girl and were excited to be parents together. The baby, Ariana Sky Magro, was born in April 2018, and the couple was thrilled to be able to take care of their baby girl. But, by the end of April of that calendar year, their relationship separated for a time, even though they were evidently still in the same home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The breakup occurred because Ronnie and Jen had a big fight on social media. Ronnie commented on Jen’s character. Jen’s girlfriend responded. The couple was also engaged in a small physical fight in a live stream on Instagram.

Ronnie and Jen’s relationship could be described as volatile since the two quickly got involved in what could be described as an on-off-again relationship. Following the big fight in April, Jen was arrested in June of 2018 for beating Ronnie when he was visiting to her home in Las Vegas. But, they returned to each other and appeared to have posted adorable photos with their daughter Ariana.

The following incident happened following Ronnie and Jen’s major dispute at the New Year’s Eve celebration held at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas in the very early morning of January 1 January 2019. Ronnie seemed to decide to submit a complaint on January 3 about the incident in which Jen had reportedly thrown an ashtray made of glass at him as they were fighting. In April, however, Ronnie and Jen were evidently back together and celebrated Ariana’s birthday with great enthusiasm. In reality, the couple also planned a wedding with all the traditional elements and even a kiss, which made the people in the crowd confused.

As a follow-up to the report filed from Ronnie in January, Jen was arrested in May of 2019 at Las Vegas. In October, Ronnie, too, was tased and detained following an altercation physical between himself and Jen during a fight in Los Angeles, California. According to official reports, there was no harm to Ariana, but Ronnie was tased and controlled when he did not follow the directions. After such a long and difficult story, it is hard not to from being curious about the present state in Ronnie the couple’s romance, and we’re here to discuss the issue!

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Are Ronnie And Jen Still Together?

As of this writing, Ronnie and Jen are not together. But, they share the responsibility of parenting their beautiful daughter Ariana, whom both parents love. In the early part of the year 2020, Ronnie came across Saffire Matos, and the two began in a relationship after having been acquainted with each other for about four to five months. The couple got engaged in June 2021. However, after a year, Ronnie called off the wedding and decided to concentrate on his health. The reality actor has struggled with his mental health and addiction for a long time. He went to rehab before February of 2019 to combat anxiety and addiction to alcohol. Then, in April 2021, Ronnie was arrested in April 2021 for domestic violence, even though the incident was unrelated to Jen.

His daughter Araian who was with Ronnie at the period was taken away and transported to a safe area. As of the moment of this writing, Jen appears to be having a blast together with her daughter Ariana and son Mason. Mason, as well as her daughter Ariana. Jen was granted her license as a relator in the year 2020 and had been making remarkable advancements in the field through her involvement with the Realty ONE group. On July 20, 2022, Jen posted pictures from her trip in Ponza, Italy, which implied that she was involved in a relationship. We wish them the very best in their lives and pray we can ensure that Ronnie, Jen, and their family members have an amazing future.

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