Are Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo TV Show?

Showtime’s crime drama “American Gigolo” is a follow-up to Julian Kaye, a gigolo who is wrongly found guilty of his murder conviction for Janet Holmes, one of his clients. After a serial killer confesses to killing Janet, Julian gets released from prison. He is determined to discover the truth behind his false conviction and reconnect with his former love Michelle Stratton.

It’s a “reimagining” of Paul Schrader’s famous 1980 film of the same name. The series examines Julian and Michelle’s tangled lives as they face numerous challenges. Because Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton play Julian and Michelle on the screen, viewers will likely wonder if the two actors will also appear in the Showtime series. We’ll tell you everything we know about the show!

Is Richard Gere in Showtime’s American Gigolo?

So far, there is no confirmation from Richard Gere nor the showrunner of the show Nikki Toscano revealed whether Gere will be a part of the show ‘American Gigolo’ on Showtime.’ Jon Bernthal portrays Julian Kaye, a reimagined Gere’s character from the 1980 film in the series. The film is focused on the sex appeal of Gere’s character and his attraction to the complex world of sexual trade. The show strays from that and focuses on Bernthal’s take on Julian, who has passed his best as a gigolo seeking to uncover the real reason for his misfortunes.

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As the show tries to establish its own distinctness from the film via the original concept of a murder mystery, it’s not certain if Toscano and her crew will pay tribute to Schrader’s film by an appearance by Gere appearance. Bernthal playing Gere’s role provides a distinctive version of Julian compared with his portrayal of the character. This is evidence that the show isn’t trying to imitate the film. With these considerations, it will be fascinating to see if the show can be linked to Schrader’s film with an appearance by Gere.

Gere, Who was named by People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1999, was perfect for playing Schrader’s Julian. The sexy appeal he displayed in the film made him the sexy symbol. In the sense that Bernthal regards himself, the actor isn’t convinced that he has the same appeal. “I do not believe that I possess any kind of natural sex appeal,” Bernthal said to GQ. However, the same belief drove him to play the character. “I just really fundamentally believe you’ve gotta pursue the things you’re scared of,” he said.

Is Lauren Hutton in Showtime’s American Gigolo?

As Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton hasn’t revealed if she will make an appearance on this Showtime series. Nikki Toscano has also chosen to stay silent on the possibility of her appearance. Gretchen Mol, who is famous for her role as Gillian Darmody in ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ is the character played by Hutton Michelle Stratton in the show. Much like Bernthal’s interpretation of Julian differs from Gere’s, Mol was also reportedly trying to differentiate Michelle from the portrayal of Hutton to give a fresh perspective to the character.

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“You must know some fundamental facts about your character and their background, but you’re still in the game, and whatever direction the wind blows, you follow it. I need to feel confident in not knowing,” Mol told New York Daily News. Since Mol provides an entirely distinct Michelle, we’ll be waiting to learn if she will be interacting with the character Hutton might play in the show.

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