Are Mike And Priscilla From Love Island Still Together?

Produced by Brent Baker, Mark Busk-Cowley, Tom Gould, and Joe Scarrat, ‘Love Island can be described as a British romance reality show that brings several young couples to a gorgeous villa. Every participant hopes to find a love match for them and make themselves one of the leading couples throughout the year. Any couple who is not found following a coupling event is eliminated, and fresh participants are added to keep things interesting when the drama unfolds. Couples must convince people to be convinced of their love, as they will choose who will win the cash prize of PS50,000.

But, it’s not just the couple who won who have the attention of the public, and many cast members have a huge fan base following their stint on the show, which began in early 2020. Think of Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu, one of the most loved couples from the 6th season of the show, who viewers followed with fervor even after they quit the reality show. Many of their fans can’t imagine if the couple could have survived in real life, so we’re here to find out!

Mike And Priscilla’s Love Island Journey

Michael “Mike” Boateng first appeared on ‘Love Island season 6’ in the very first episode. Based on the first experiences, Mike coupled up with Leanne Amazing. The following day, Jess Gale, a new participant, chose to take Mike to herself and left Leanne alone. After the following coupling, Mike and Leanne were back together and were strong until the 18th day and Day 18, 18th day, when Mike was paired with Sophie Piper during the coupling, leading to Leanne’s expulsion.

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Priscilla Anyabu was the first to make her appearance on July 23 when she and a few other girls made their way to the boys that resided at Casa Amor. After a string of contests and flirty encounters, it was the right time for the past islanders to either stay with their current partners or form a new partnership with one of their new participants. Since Sophie was eliminated on Day 22, Mike had a girlfriend and picked Priscilla as his new partner. In the following months, they became one of the best couples of the season and earned a huge following outside of their villa.

While they faced numerous challenges and ups, Mike and Priscilla were the most formidable team. They could score a few wins, such as winning their baby-themed challenge. At the season’s close, Mike even requested Priscilla to be his girlfriend, which she happily accepted. Their love for each other led Mike and Priscilla to be among the top five couples during the season. However, in the finale, the couple is removed off the island, marking the conclusion of their journey to win. However, the couple appeared to be very content and grateful to have met during the competition. What if their love story stood the test of time? Let’s get right into it and find out.

Are Mike And Priscilla Still Together?

At the time of writing, Mike and Priscilla are no longer together. Fans were first informed of the possibility of a split between the two in June of 2021 when they deleted some images of them on their social media accounts. Additionally, the reality show stars quit following each other through social media. This was a significant sign that they might be heading towards separation. According to Mike Mike, the breakup occurred within 15 months of being close as they helped each other throughout their lives following the devastation of the villa and the epidemic that gripped the world just after their appearance on the reality show.

While they were a couple, Mike and Priscilla used their respective platforms to increase awareness of issues close to their hearts and show their commitment to support the Black Lives Matter movement. They even shared the privilege of presenting the MOBO awards during the month of December 2020. Together, Mike and Priscilla often collaborated with one another in both their personal and professional capacities. They had a wonderful relationship that left the fans of both.

Evidently, there were many reasons for the split among the reality show stars. Mike admitted that he felt a sense of pressure to portray “black love” on the reality show following his first affair and Leanne Amazing. His relationship with Priscilla placed them both in the same position, even though they would often comment that they were not. Mike admitted that living with Priscilla in such a confined space caused them both too long to have some space.

The couple separated for a short time in December of 2020 but were reunited. After their split, Mike did come in contact with his former “Love Island’ companion Leanne; however, nothing transpired between them. Mike also stated that he’d made Priscilla aware of Leanne’s presence in his life so as not to cause any problems. Based on Mike’s comments, it is unlikely that he’d think of Leanne as a potential romantic match shortly.

But regardless of their best attempts, Mike and Priscilla realized in February 2021 that it could be best to end their relationship. Contrary to what people might think, Mike and Priscilla’s decision to break up was taken after a mature discussion. They did wish to build a relationship that worked but didn’t wish to insist on something that didn’t exist. Despite all their efforts, they realized they could be happier being friends and remaining on good terms. In fact, they are still visible in a few of the photos they post on each others’ Instagram, particularly those that revolve around their role on ‘Love Island.’For their professional life, Mike is a model located within London, UK, and is associated with Oxygen Model Management.

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Mike was also among the stars of the 12th episode of ‘Ex on The Beach, and the second season featured celebrities. The show was dubbed ‘Celebrity Ex on the Beach. The season saw Michael’s former girlfriend, Lisa Steele, appear on the show. In the meantime, Priscilla works as a model and presenter, but she hasn’t abandoned her reality television venture to follow. In fact, she was a part of Battersea, UK, native was part of the 37th season of the show ‘ The Challenge, which is also known as The Challenge: Spies Lies, Spies, and Allies, which she got as far as the 10th episode. We hope that Mike and Priscilla have the best in their lives and will have a great future ahead.

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