Are Luis and Cally From Love Island Still Together?

The series was developed in the hands of Brent Baker, Mark Busk-Cowley, Tom Gould, and Joe Scarrat, ‘Love Island is a British dating show that functions as a reimagined version of the popular reality TV show that ran from 2005. The show’s latest version brings young people and women to a remote and beautiful house in Mallorca, Spain. To stay in the house, contestants must be paired with one of their castmates. Anyone who does not have a partner during the event of coupling is removed from the contest.

In the course of each season, new actors are added to the show to keep the show interesting and thrilling. This leads to the finale of the season, in which the audience selects one couple as the winner of the prize of PS50,000. The most talked-about models from the show have to be Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech, whose story has led to them gaining many followers over time. The couple was a part of the first version that premiered in 2015. Their viewers are interested in their current situation as couples. Do the two reality television stars manage to keep their relationship, or are they splitting in two? Let’s look into the same!

Luis and Cally’s Love Island Journey

Luis Morrison, a 20-year-old footballer from London, UK, entered the villa on the first day of season 1 of the TV show “Love Island. In the initial couple, he was selected to be chosen by Zoe Basia Brown as a partner based on her initial impressions. The sixth day was when islanders were asked to reconcile, and this caused Luis to join forces alongside Danielle Pyne. The Day 11 date included Luis together with Lauren Richardson. Luis was also a lover during his appearance in the series Bethany Rogers when the latter was able to decide on Luis to take a date with.

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However, when Cally Jane Beech, 23, a Former Miss Great Britain turned dental nurse from Hull, UK, entered the show on the 21st day, there was an instant connection between her and Luis. The main reason for this was due to the reality that before their appearance in the series, Luis and Cally had previously been married but had decided to break up due to their distance from London and Hull. Their experience on the reality series provided the perfect occasion for the couple to reconnect, and they took the chance with both hands.

Luis was the first time Cally met, and the two remained together even after they had come back together. Despite the many difficulties that came their way, Luis and Cally faced their issues head-on and earned an appearance at the top of the pile in the final episode. They ended up with a fourth-place finish and an enormous fan base that was enthralled by their performances throughout their season in the program. But how did their fairytale love story survive in real life? This is the place to learn more about similar!

Are Luis and Cally Still Together?

It’s not true, Luis and Cally are no longer together. Following their appearance on TV, the pair experienced what could best call an intermittent relationship. The couple welcomed their beautiful child Vienna Morrison Beech in May of 2017. But, they were reportedly separated within 10 weeks from the birth of their daughter due to the issue Cally claimed was Luis being unfaithful. But, by the end of December, the couple was again together and was ready to leave their past behind their relationship. They revealed the news of their reconciliation with the world and expressed their enthusiasm for the coming year.

In September 2018, however, Luis and Cally split once more, with Cally taking Vienna together to Hull. The split this time appeared to be permanent, as some claimed that it would be the first instance that Cally was the one to initiate a breakup instead of Luis. The two were believed to have decided to remain together to be a parent figures for Vienna. The relationship began to deteriorate in the month of October 2018, and the couple began to fight over who their father was. Cally began to attack Luis about his conduct via social media.

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In her first interview, the former Miss Great Britain stated that she could handle everything independently, and Luis was not a supportive parent. She then claimed that Luis cheated on her when they were in a relationship, leading to their breakup. However, Luis maintained that he regrets the fight on social media and that he took his responsibility to his child seriously. Luis added that being a single father was entitled to leave and continue living his life. This led to a fight between the two men that was not been resolved.

Whatever their historical past, they appear to be content with their lives apart and cherish their daughter Vienna deeply. Vienna is frequently featured on their social media accounts, and their mother, Cally, and her husband maintain their own Instagram page for the account. At the time, as a writer, Cally works as a musician, singer, and creator of content. She has a huge fan base on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, where she shares various types of.

In the meantime, Luis, a former footballer, appears to be an Entrepreneur and is associated to Blueprint Sports, Celebrity Cars, and ACTIVE. Luis welcomed his baby son Romeo with then-girlfriend Chloe Elizabeth in October 2021. In June 2022, however, Luis and Chloe broke apart after Chloe claimed that her lover did not have enough to do as a parent. She was also out drinking. They appear to be sharing parenting duties with their son but don’t seem to have been reunited. We would like to wish Luis, Cally, Vienna and their family members all the best in their lives. We wish to see them succeed in their personal and professional lives.

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