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The second episode of Hulu’s dystopian show The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 opens the door toward Gilead following the loss of Commander Fred Waterford. After the death of Fred, Commander Warren Putnam becomes one of the most powerful officials in the nation. To please Putnam, his aunt Lydia is assigned Esther Keyes as his new Handmaid.

Janine Lindo, Esther’s tutor, is also with her when Lydia takes Esther and her fellow Handmaids to Putnam’s home. It isn’t long before Esther decides to die instead of being the Handmaid to the Commander. However, she doesn’t want to be alone in her death. In addition, she poisons Janine. Also, are they dead? Did we get to see the final episodes of Mckenna Grace or Madeline Brewer in the show? Let us know the answer! Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Do you know if Esther and Janine Are Dead?

As Aunt Lydia assigns Esther to Commander Putnam’s residence, The new Handmaid is aware that it’s just a sentence to endure. Esther begins thinking that Janine has been close to her to train her to be Handmaid, so she is assigned to Putnam’s residence, particularly because her daughter Angela is also in the same location. In the belief that Janine has been manipulating her into making the new slave of Putnam so that he can see Angela by her side, Esther imprisons her boss by consuming chocolate balls. Esther also eats the same thing since she prefers to die rather than become Putnam’s Handmaid.

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After eating the chocolate laced with poison, Esther and Janine start to be able to vomit blood. However, they aren’t likely to pass away until they die. Because Lydia and the Handmaids are aware of them, they’re expected to be saved. Lydia is likely to arrange medical interventions needed to save her two Handmaids, and she may also call Putnam for advice. Given that Putnam is in love with Esther, she may do his very best to help Esther regardless of the outcome. The adoring dialogue between Naomi Putnam, Commander Putnam’s wife, and Janine during episode 2 of Season 5 suggests that she could attempt to save Janine. The latter has brightened Naomi’s world by having a baby girl named Angela.

In light of these possibilities, Esther and Janine could escape death for the moment. If not, would the incident suggest that Mckenna Grace and Madeline Brewer had already left the show? Let’s see.

What happened when Mckenna Grace or Madeline Brewer Left The Handmaid’s Tale?

At this point, there’s no indication that Mckenna Grace or Madeline Brewer, just like Hulu, have declared their departure from ‘The Handmaid’s tale, which suggests that they aren’t leaving the show yet. In an interview broadcast in May 2022, Brewer teased that she believed Janine was “a cat that has nine life spans” to die so early. “As usual, Janine is a cat with nine lives. If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know she’s already used up many lives. So I’m going to declare that this season will be no exception,” Brewer told EW. The actress said we’ll “see another side that is Janine the next season which we’ve never seen previously.”

Based on Brewer’s comments in the context of Brewer’s words, it’s evident that there’s more to come from Janine’s storyline during this fifth season. We haven’t witnessed the new aspect of Janine as the actress stated, but in season 5, we’ll see her recovery from the possible near-death incident and the subsequent change in her manner that Brewer said. 

In terms of Mckenna Grace’s dedication to the program is in, question We can expect that she will be featured in the next episodes of the fifth season.

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In an interview broadcast in June 2021, following the end of season 4, creator Bruce Miller revealed that Esther and Janine would be his windows to the storylines of season 5 that will be set in Gilead. In light of this, Esther most likely will be able to recover and live. With these possibilities and the factors, there is no need to fret over Grace and Brewer going away from the dystopian world at this point.

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