Are Kelly & John Still Together from Bling Empire?

Netflix’s “Bling Empire” is a popular reality show that follows the lives of some of Los Angeles’ most wealthy residents. All of the cast members are either East Asian or South East Asian. Viewers learn more about the lives and professions of some of Hollywood’s most prominent names through the series.

Fans have three seasons of Netflix’s show, and they all have their favorite cast members whose lives they are curious about. Kelly Mi Li is one such celebrity whose love life has always intrigued viewers. Many have been curious about her and John’s relationship, as shown on the TV show. Is John still in her life? Or have they split up? Here’s everything we know about them.

Kelly, John’s Bling Empire Journey

Kelly Mi Li, who had recently separated from Andrew Gray, was not in a relationship at the beginning of season 3. Kane Lim, Kelly’s friend, created an online dating profile and shared the news with Kelly to bring back the romance. Kelly was initially shocked by Kane’s actions, but she decided to give it a shot. Kelly was impressed by their profile of John, and he agreed to meet him.

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John chose a Ramen restaurant for their first date. Kelly loved it. They spoke comfortably, and then it was time to pay the bill. Kelly expected John would reach out to the server and pay the bill when the bill was placed on the table. Kelly expected John to pay the bill, but he didn’t pay much attention or reach out to grab it. Kelly decided to pay the bill by herself when John offered to pay.

Kelly and Kane were able to reunite them after an impromptu visit to Mexico. John tried to reach her while she was relaxing on Cabo San Lucas’s beaches in Mexico. However, he learned that she was currently on vacation. John reached out to Kane to set up a meeting with Kelly. Kelly was touched by John’s romantic gesture and went on a second date with him. However, the relationship between them seemed strained. Kelly wasn’t impressed by John’s career prospects. Are they still together, or is the magic between them over? Let’s get started!

Are Kelly and John still together?

Kelly and John, as of the writing, are not together. In the third episode of Netflix’s Netflix series, Kelly told her psychoanalyst that John had reached out to Kelly a few times after their Mexico trip. Kelly didn’t believe there was any chemistry between the two of them. Kelly decided to meet John again and shared her reservations with him. According to the reality TV star, she believed it would be better if they didn’t pursue a romantic relationship.

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Kelly explained that she needed more time to heal. Kelly claimed she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship at that time. John offered his support to Kelly and said that he would be there as a friend for any Kelly needs. He said that Kelly would know where to find him if she ever changed her mind. Kelly is content with spending time with her family and friends and has not made any romantic moves. We wish Kelly, John and their families all the best and wish them a happy future.

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