Are Harfoots Same as Hobbits | How Are They Related?

Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is a prequel story to the stories J.R.R Tolkien created for the ‘LOTR universe. The show is set in the Second Age, thousands of years before the events in Peter Jackson’s beloved films. It aims to provide backstories for characters not otherwise established in the film.

It will shed light on Sauron’s history and show characters such as Galadriel or Elrond in their early years when they were still exploring the world. The backstory of Hobbits is another thing Tolkien’s universe finds a twist in this show. How did that become part of “Rings of Power,” and how does Harfoots fit in that story? Let’s see what happens.

What are the similarities between Hobbits and Harfoots?

Hobbits, in the form of Bilbo and Frodo with their friends, have always been central to Tolkien’s stories. It makes perfect sense that they should also be included in the “Rings of Power”. The version we see on the show is very different to the second-morning-eating Hobbits who are comfort-seeking. The Harfoots are wilder than their counterparts and much more mobile than Hobbits, who prefer to remain in one place, The Shire.

Despite their differences, there are striking similarities between them. Although they have the same feet, height and ears, Harfoots have longer hair. They share many similarities with Hobbits, not only in their appearance. They prefer to be invisible and keep as little contact as possible with the outside world, even though they are constantly moving. In the first episode, we see them blend in with their surroundings and hide to avoid two tourists. The Hobbits are similar. They are too familiar with their lives and don’t like anything unfamiliar.

Tolkien’s tales show a reluctant Bilbo embarking on an adventure. This is against the nature of Hobbits because adventure involves going out and encountering new and sometimes uncomfortable things. He is still enticed to join the dwarves as they travel. Nori Brandyfoot is a similar protagonist. The Harfoots tend to be more comfortable staying in their own lane. Nori is a keen adventurer who crosses paths with The Stranger.

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Her story is about The Stranger, who becomes the catalyst for her adventure, just like Gandalf did with Bilbo. Brandyfoot is her last name. Merry was one of Frodo’s companions. She is also a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. It seems like the show has replaced the Hobbits by Harfoots because of the many similarities, but the truth is that it has more meaning than that.

“Rings of Power” attempts to provide more background information about the Hobbits in its exploration of the Second Age. This is different from the history of the elves or the dwarves. In “Concerning Hobbits”, Tolkien stated that the beginning of Hobbits was in the Elder Days. We know that three types of Hobbits roamed the Earth before the Shire’s fame: Harfoots and Fallohides. Smeagol (aka Gollum) is the most well-known Stoor.

The author describes Harfoots as having “browner skin, smaller and more compact than other people”. This is what the series has focused on while creating its appearance. Harfoots were known for their association with Dwarves, whereas Fallohides were friendly to elves, and Stoors were open to men.

Tolkien wrote that Harfoots were often called Hobbits by their relatives, which may explain why the showrunners selected them to be Hobbits. They were also the ones that crossed into Eriador, where the Shire is. The time difference between the films and the show makes it unlikely that the show can take the story beyond the origins of Bilbo’s homeland and Frodo. It does allow storytellers to use Harfoots to paint the history of the Hobbits. This is not possible with the Shire.

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