Are Harfoots Same as Hobbits | How Are They Related

The Prime Video’s ” The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ is an origin story for the characters written by J.R.R Tolkien in the “LOTR” universe. It is set in The Second Age, thousands of years before the events in the beloved Peter Jackson films. The show is a prequel to characters who were well-established throughout the films.

The show promises to shed an understanding of the journey of Sauron while also focusing on characters such as Galadriel and Elrond from their early years when they were still figuring out their position within the world. Another element from the Tolkien universe that is revealed in the series is the background story of Hobbits. How did that come to be part of ‘Rings Of Power, and what does Harfoots be a part of that story? Let’s learn more.

How are Harfoots and Hobbits Related?

In the form of Bilbo, Frodo, and his companions, Hobbits have always been in the middle of Tolkien’s works. It is only natural to include them in the “Rings Of Power’ too. The version shown in the show is quite different from the comfort-seeking second-morning-sitting Hobbits that we’re used to. The Harfoots are wilder than their fellow Hobbits and are nomadic in contrast to Hobbits who prefer to remain at one spot, The Shire.

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However but the similarities between their looks are quite striking. They have the same feet, similar heights, and ears, although the Harfoots are more prone to hair tangles. In addition to their looks, they share a lot of traits with Hobbits. Although they’re moving, they prefer to remain in the shadows, avoiding communication with other people as much as possible. In the initial part of this show, we observe how they blend in with their surroundings and hide to avoid two strangers. Hobbits can be a little like this too. They’re used to their lives, and anything different or new is not appreciated, certainly not something new and exciting.

In the Tolkien stories, we witness a reluctant Bilbo embarking on an adventure. This is considered against the spirit of Hobbits since adventure is about experiencing new and sometimes uncomfortable things and avoiding breakfasts and breaks for smoking. Yet, he is still enticed to join the dwarves on their journey. We meet a likable protagonist, Nori Brandyfoot. Whereas the rest of Harfoots tend to stick to their routine, Nori has a taste for adventure that makes her cross paths with The Stranger.

In her tale, the Stranger is the catalyst for her journey of adventure, as the Gandalf story did with Bilbo. Her name Brandyfoot is similar to that of Merry the Frodo’s friends and members of the Fellowship of the Ring. There are so many similarities between them that it appears the show has just replaced those Hobbits in favor of Harfoots, but it’s far more significant.

In its effort to discover this Second Age, ‘Rings of Power’ seeks to provide some background information about the Hobbits and their origins, which aren’t as well-known by Tolkien in contrast to the past of the elves and Dwarves. Tolkien wrote in “Concerning Hobbits”Concerning Hobbits,” he wrote: “The beginning of Hobbits lies far back in the Elder Days that are now lost and forgotten.” Based on what we know, before Hobbits became famous, Hobbits from the Shire became popular. There were three kinds of them roaming the planet: Harfoots, Fallohides, and Stoors. The most well-known Stoor is Smeagol, also known as Gollum.

The writer described the Harfoots in the book as “browner of skin, smaller and shorter” This is a characteristic that the series has emphasized when creating their appearance. Although Fallohides were friendly to elves and Stoors had a relationship with people, Harfoots were known to befriend Dwarves. Tolkien also stated that Harfoots were known as Hobbits by their cousins. This is the reason why the show’s creators decided to use Harfoots as the character of Hobbits on the TV show.

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Harfoots were the same ones to cross into Eriador and into Eriador in the region where the Shire is situated. Given the time differences between the series and the films, it’s unlikely that the show will be able to extend the story all the way to the beginning of the home that was the home of Bilbo and Frodo. However, it provides plenty of space for storytellers to use Harfoots as a canvas to depict the history of the Hobbits and is not restricted to the Shire’s beginnings.

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