Are Chazz and Branwen From Love After Lockup Still Together?

The show on WeTV’s ‘Love After Lockup shows couples who are on an arduous path to love as one is locked in prison while another is waiting on the outside. They maintain contact via letters, and both couples meet potential partners a time after being released. But, any relationship could be affected by the adjustment period needed for reintegration into society, as life after imprisonment can be challenging. So, their bond stands the test of their future together, even while one partner adjusts to the world outside.

Chazz Harbison and Branwen Jones were featured in Season 4 of this reality series. They experienced a volatile and uncomfortable relationship that was not easy to handle. They also faced a variety of difficulties throughout their time on the show. Since viewers are fascinated by their relationship, it’s normal to be curious whether they’re still together. If you’re looking to learn more, we’ve got all we learned!

Chazz Branwen and Chazz’s Love After Lockup Journey

Chazz and Branwin started talking two years ago, but it took them two years to have their first meeting. Branwin was taken into custody in connection with aggravated identity theft and was in jail for three years. But, as she said, she ended up in lockup due to bad timing from her side. However, she was lucky to have met Chazz on the internet, and Chazz was ready to risk his life for her. He was previously married four times and was keen to find out whether the fifth time could be the attraction.

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The couple planned to marry earlier than Branwin was released from jail to prove that they were truly committed to each their partner. They rushed to a nearby park once Branwin was released and got married. However, they were in different states since she was forced to spend the last four months in Portland, Oregon. Incredibly, Chazz and Branwin’s marriage was rocky at first since Branwin was keen to end their union, while Branwin was wary due to her anxiety.

Branwin was unable to adjust to the new environment she was in outside of the prison and the new person she was living with. However, her husband was in the loop and claimed that the money he put into buying her an engagement ring, expensive shoes, clothes, a mobile phone, and the hours waiting for her were worth it.

After a while, Branwin still panicked when the couple gathered at a hotel and returned home. She also mentioned that she had never been drunk when she was in a relationship prior. In addition, she has a 19-year-old daughter named Arienne, who is a dancer. Branwin liked to spend time with Arienne since she was determined to make up for her time lost in the course of time.

Despite the reality star’s plans to move to Kentucky with Chazz to start afresh free from the past issues, she admonishes not wanting to abandon her daughter or her friends as the time to move nearer. As time passed, the disagreements in the relationship between Chazz and Branwin got worse. Branwin was seen with her ex-boyfriend Aaron and fears about their future grew in Branwin and Chazz’s minds. Naturally, the fans are wondering whether Chazz Branwin and Chazz Branwin have split up, and we’re here to help answer that question!

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Do Chazz and Branwin Still together?

However, Chazz and Branwin are no longer together. Branwin has confirmed his side that they’ve split by changing his status of relationship via social media, in the direction of “separated.” While things were a little tense for Branwin and him Branwin during the series, they seemed to be keen on making it work in the beginning. Although, their differences grew more apparent as they attempted to make friends with one another. While Branwin was apprehensive about getting closer to Chazz, Chazz seemed eager to move things to the next level.

But, Chazz got the biggest shock when he learned that Branwin was allegedly returning to her job to escort. According to reports, she was working under the name Bailee Bane, and then posted the ad on her own. So, Chazz has reportedly filed for an annulment of his wife of a year since he is likely to have hit a boiling point with his relationship. In addition, Branwin might be back in prison after she was arrested as a thief in Oregon. It’s not clear what her sentence will be, but the separation from her husband may have affected her.

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On the other side, Chazz keeps updating his followers on his social media channels about his personal life and most recent gigs as he’s a professional guitarist. It is, however, likely that the two got separated at the end of their appearance on the show and have since separated. However, after hearing the latest news about Branwin, Chazz did make a public statement, saying she wished Branwin all the best and hoping for positive change within her own life. As both go on with the rest of their lives, I want them to be happy and peaceful for the upcoming days.

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