Are Adri and Matt From Who Likes My Follower Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Who likes my Follower?’ is a dating reality series that follows three people as they seek the perfect partner among a group of seven potential partners. Their favorite influencer helps them on their quest for love. Influencers can offer advice, help with eliminations and even help plan dates. It is up to their followers to find true love and to mix with potential partners.

Adri and Matt were first introduced to the show as possible partners for Apolo. They surprised everyone when they came out as a couple, revealing that they were interested in polyamory. Apolo was initially shocked by the news but soon overcame his fears and was eager to try something different. Fans are curious to find out if Adri and Matt are still together, even though the season is over. We have the answers you are looking for!

Matt and Adri’s Who likes my Follower Journey

While vetting potential partners, Apolo seemed to be very interested in Adri and Matt. Apolo was impressed by Matt’s charming personality and energy. Adri seemed to have a deeper connection than Matt, leading fans to speculate that they may end up together. Both Adri and Matt made Apolo’s top seven list, which was not surprising. The situation changed abruptly towards the end when Apolo had a quiet conversation with Adri.

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Initial connections between them seemed to be on many levels. They also shared many things in common. Apolo was shocked when Matt entered the scene and kissed Adri. Apolo was shocked by the sudden intruder and was too stunned to speak. Matt revealed that he and Adri have been together for a while and were happy to explore more and want to try polyamory.

Apolo initially seemed indecisive and unsure about polyamory. He was unable to leave a challenge, but he was willing to take on a new challenge, and he began to explore the idea of a connection with Adri, Matt, and other people. Apolo gained much knowledge about polyamory and connected with Adri and Matt deeper.

His connection with Adri was stronger than his with Matt and eventually threatened the delicately balanced dynamic that all three of them were trying to achieve. Apolo ranked Adri and Matt as the top couple. However, even though they tried to seduce him with a song, Apolo said that he wasn’t ready for polyamory. However, their bond with Jose Carlos was far more important, so Adri and Matt had to leave the show at the end of the season.

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Are Adri and Matt still together?

Adri and Matt are indeed together, and from what it appears, their bond is stronger than ever. They currently reside in Barcelona. Adri is a model, and Matt is a chemist. He has also tried his hand at modeling. It’s not surprising that they are still madly in love, considering the closeness they displayed on the show and their determination to stay together despite Apolo clearly preferring Adri.

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