Anne-Elisabeth Hagen Found or Missing | Is She Dead or Alive?

The Lorenskog Disappearance is a story of a mysterious disappearance that sends the entire country in shock. The woman is named Anna-Elisabeth Hagen, who is in her late 60s, has been taken from her home and is left, and there is no clue about the place she went or what was happening to her. While the police try to determine the cause of her disappearance, they will have to confront their own prejudices and prejudices.

The story is told from the perspectives of journalists, police officers, and lawyers who are involved in the investigation. The program presents all the information to viewers but leaves them with a question that remains unanswered. What did happen to Anne-Elisabeth’s Hagen? Since the show premiered some time ago, If you’re looking to determine if there’s any progress made in the case, here’s the information you should know.

Who Was Anne-Elisabeth Hagen?

Also known as “Lisbeth” to her family and friends, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was the spouse of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen. She was described as a warm and happy person who was loved by all. Anne-Elisabeth was adored by Tom when they were both very young. They wed in the year 1979. They were just past their teens and had three children. As Hagen’s fortune began to increase, his wife was also engaged in his company. She was an executive member of the holding company. The couple resided in Fjellhamar, a small village located 12 miles west of Oslo.

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On the evening of October 30, 2018, Anne-Elisabeth and Tom Hagen had been out to the theatre with a group of friends. On the next morning, on October 31, he departed to work at 9 am and got to his office within 15 minutes. He tried to call the wife but did not respond, which concerned him. He returned home at 12:30 pm and felt something wasn’t right. There were signs of fighting, and a note was given to him. A ransom amounting to 9 million euros was requested from him to be paid with the cryptocurrency Monero, and he was warned not to contact the police. But Tom didn’t waste much time getting in touch with the police. Given the fact that the open aspect of the probe could cause harm to Anne-Elisabeth’s family, The cops chose to keep the investigation secret.

Based on the call logs, it was concluded that shortly after Tom went home, Anna-Elisabeth received a phone call from an electrician who was scheduled to perform some work for the Hagens. The electrician called her around 9:48 am, but she didn’t answer. The period of 9:15 from 9:48 am could be the exact time Anne-Elisabeth disappeared. The police conducted an in-depth analysis of the crime scene, but to remain in touch with the investigation confidential, they could not block off the area or ask questions from neighbors or for information from anyone who may have seen some kind of evidence. The process continued for approximately ten weeks when officers were severely hindered. Ultimately, they decided it was most appropriate to report the incident to the media.

Is Anne-Elisabeth Hagen Dead or Alive?

The primary goal of the police, when they began their search for Anne-Elisabeth, was to bring her back to life. They didn’t just keep the investigation secret as they pleaded with the media not to report anything regarding the case. However, they also attempted to reach out to the kidnappers using their cryptocurrency platforms. The CCTV footage from the house and the office of Tom Hagen indicated that the kidnappers may have been monitoring the couple and had planned to continue with the crime for several months before actually taking Anne-Elisabeth. The limited communications with the kidnapper’s police tried to obtain evidence of their existence; however, they never got any. They were led to believe that Anne-Elisabeth may be dead.

“As the case first was being investigated, our primary hypothesis was that someone with a financial agenda kidnaped Anne-Elisabeth Hagden. In June 2019, we began to believe that she could have been murdered. We believe that there was no abduction, and there was no genuine discussion. Also, there was a well-planned and clear attempt to deceive the officers,” Ost Police District declared in an announcement. Given that the kidnappers did not appear serious about paying the ransom, the police began investigating the case from different perspectives. They concluded that the murder of Anne-Elisabeth was planned and that the whole incident seemed to be “an attempt to disguise the murder as a kidnapping.”

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After that, the police began investigating Tom Hagen, and on April 28, 2020, the police took him into custody. Under the charges of murder or being an accomplice to murder. However, they claimed they were under investigation and had “several unanswered questions.” Tom Hagen was arrested on suspicion of murder. Tom Hagen was not found acceptable by the court, and the judge released him from custody 11 days after. Since then, the police have been investigating all the details surrounding their marriage and the involvement of other parties, but no concrete evidence has been discovered that can provide a precise picture of what was happening with Anne-Elisabeth. Currently, she’s still missing, and no one is aware of her status in life or death.

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