5 Best Animated Movies On Apple TV

Here’s a list of the top animated movies available on Apple TV, a platform with several titles we’re certain you’ll be interested in.

Suppose you’re a fan of movies and TV series. In that case, You will be familiar with Apple TV +, which provides EUR 4.99 each month or EUR 49.99 for a year, an extremely interesting catalog, which we’ll review here to focus on animated films.

Quantitatively speaking, as far as animation is related, there aren’t any titles to choose from, but those that are available are truly impressive. After examining the catalog, here’s our top five list of animated films that are available on Apple TV.

Animated Movies On Apple TV

5.) Tom & Jerry – The Movie | Best Apple TV animated films

Many of us grew to love the different seasons of Tom & Jerry, a series that was created around 1940 by William Hanna e Joseph Barbera that has been able to entertain thousands of kids and adults. The theme always repeated is that of the cat Tom trying to catch and capture the mouse Jerry, while Jerry can always escape from making fun of Tom by putting up funny curtains that have made generations of viewers smile. Unfortunately, the 1992 film, directed by Phil Roman, does not keep pace with the series. However, it’s still capable of entertaining you with several gags that have been successful. To this end, I’d recommend it to those who love the series.

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4.) Sausage Party – Secret Life of a Sausage | Top Apple TV animated movies

Exaggerated, sarcastic, and most importantly, atypical, Sausage Party may not be an Oscar-winning film. However, it is filled with clever concepts. The story is centered around items from the supermarket that are eager to be purchased by customers. At the very least, everything remains the same until a few customers realize the end they’re facing and the terrifying stories that place shelves at risk. Absolutely, I don’t recommend it to children due to the obvious references to content that aren’t suitable for this age group; however, if you’re not in that group, you should give the animated film a go, particularly if you’re looking to spend a one-hour and a half of enjoyment without thinking about too much.

3.) Hotel Transylvania 2 | Best Apple TV animated movies

Genndy Tartakovsky produced the animated 2015 film. Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to the film of the same name, which used CGI again. In this film, the characters from the classic horror films are the main characters in a story that is built around entertainment and can entertain. This is even though there are some creaks compared to the opening chapter and some sections that aren’t convincing enough. However, all things considered, I am still convinced that I would recommend it, particularly on these dull autumn evenings when a movie that is this kind of film can bring joy to your life with its humorous humor.

2.) Hotel Transylvania | Best Apple TV animated films

Like most films, in this instance, the first chapter is superior to subsequent ones, despite that the directors are the exact same. Hotel Transylvania came out in 2012, and as the sequel, the film was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. For the first part, critics were not happy with the film, but in terms, of the general public is concerned, it’s popular (as shown by the release of two sequels and one more in the pipeline). In this film, classic characters from the horror genre are prominent as they are presented in a fun manner, with intriguing ideas, all backed by a solid structure and a rhythm that never exhibits any fluctuations.

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1.) Spiderman – A New Universe | Top Apple TV animated movies

This list is undoubtedly dominated by Spider-Man A New Universe, which is an excellent animated film and the most impressive Spiderman ever. It is due to the amazing and innovative technical execution, an era that is as solid as it can be, without dips or empty scenes, and many special tributes to comics. The film, which was released in 2018 and produced by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, marks the film debut of Miles Morales. He, in this instance, will be facing Kingpin, assisted by spidermen as well as women drawn from Marvel comics and other alternate universes.

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