Is Angel Garcia Missing or Found? Is He Dead or Alive?

In October of 2011, the young Angel Garcia vanished without a trace as he walked with his friends in Hartford, Connecticut. His search went all over the state; however, with no evidence and no witnesses, authorities could not make any progress.

Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘Disappeared: Lost Angel’ focuses on the days that led to Angel’s disappearance and how his family and police are getting him back safely. If you’re interested to know more, here’s everything we know about.

What Happened to Angel Garcia?

Angel Garcia lived with his mother, Laura Suazo, in Hartford. When the incident occurred, the 19-year-old was in a relationship with Omayra Serrano, who also lived in the same residence with her infant son. Angel was introduced to Omayra through Facebook, and their friendship quickly turned into a serious one. The teenager’s parents split at age 10, and he got close to his sister and mother in the years that followed.

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On October 21, 2011, Laura went to work. She then remembered Angel was asleep at the time. An investigation revealed that Angel was with an acquaintance, Joel, at around 10:30 am to go for a ride riding his bike. They had planned to go to the fields close to Joel’s uncle’s residence. Sometime in the later afternoon, the two got separated, and Angel or his bike was never returned to him. His mother and girlfriend started concerned when they couldn’t contact Angel via phone at night. On October 22 on October 22, Angel was reported missing.

Is Angel Garcia Dead or Alive?

The police discovered the fact that Angel and Joel had been riding bikes for about two hours before they split up. Based on Joel, Angel planned to traverse the Connecticut River and was interested in taking along the East Hartford trail. The time was when Joel was running another business to complete, which is why it was not his intention to go with Angel. The TV show reported that Joel went out on his own around 1 pm on October 21 and was never seen again. That evening, Laura and Omayra heard an alarm outside their home that was like Angel. They raced to investigate. However, there was no one walking by.

According to the program, Angel had not been contactable via phone for some time. This was unusual for Angel. Data from the cell phone indicated Angel’s mobile phone last called at 3:28 am on October 21, near the railroad tracks located situated in West Hartford, Connecticut. A thorough search of the area did not yield any clues. The authorities haven’t found any evidence to suggest that Angel or his bicycle was there. A sonar system scoured the river, but the result was also disappointing.

The police could then look at various tips, including one from another Angel’s friend named Josh. Josh shared a story about an incident that happened the night before the disappearance. As they rode on bikes, a vehicle was seen chasing them. When Angel was able to get away, the two guys were stopped by Josh and inquired regarding “his friend.” While authorities were able to identify their identity but it didn’t result in any kind of concrete. In the following months, tips were poured in; however, none of them came through.

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The incident occurred in January of 2012 when a clerk from New Britton called the police and told them Angel had entered her store. The investigation found that the person in question was quite similar to Angel, who left family members without answers. Despite the years, family members continue trying to discover Angel’s fate. In October 2020, Laura and other family members planted a tree in an area park to remember what was happening nine years before. When they planted the tree, Laura said, “This is hope. The tree’s planting signifies that you have hope. Never give up. There’s always the chance that he’s still alive.”

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