List Of Best Amy Adams Movies On Netflix

If you asked whom the top Hollywood actress of the moment, Amy Adams’s name will likely pop into the conversation. In all honesty, I am surprised that she doesn’t have an Oscar award to her name at present. While she’s been in a variety of films, there’s the smallest selection of Amy Adams movies on Netflix you can view. But, they all are enjoyable.

Did you know the fact that Amy Adams didn’t set out to be an actress but was a keen dancer? Yes, she’s classically trained and always wanted to become a ballerina. She was first approached by a theatre director through chance when she was serving as a waitress. The rest, as we all know, is the story of her life. We all are grateful for these fortunate accidents because we might not have seen her stunning performances without them.

Amy Adams is the type of actress who can be easily incorporated into every role she gets. Her films such as American Hustle(2013) and Enchanted HTML2 (2007), and American Hustle (2013)(2007) give unforgettable experiences. In the spirit of being an extremely versatile actress, look at our list of the top Diane Keaton movies on Netflix to see a glimpse of her amazing acting skills and acting. Without further dithering, we’ll jump right into the films.

4 Of Our Favourite Amy Adams Movies On Netflix | Stream Her Best Performances Now!

It is essential to have at least a Netflix subscription. I’m sure that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Let’s look at the selection of Amy Adams movies we have available to determine whether they’re worthy of your attention or not.

1# The Woman In The Window (2021)

The Woman In The Windows was set to be released much before 2021 but was delayed due to the pandemic. It’s an adaptation of a novel of the same name and is a psychological thriller. Amy Adams portrays the role of Anna, an aspiring psychologist suffering from agoraphobia, which is the fear of being around people.

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She is a bit isolated from the world and is confined to her home until she makes friends with Jane, her neighbor just across the road. Anna discovers Jane’s murder Jane from her own husband and contacts the police to report them. The world is chaotic when she realizes the murder didn’t really happen and was simply her imagination. What if it was the result of her imagination?

The film is an amazing performance by Amy Adams. The Woman In The Windows has an outstanding cast of actors that will keep you in suspense. It’ll make you think about the reality of what’s happening and what’s not. Additionally, Amy Adams’ portrayal of mental health shines a light on topics that aren’t commonly addressed.

Starring: Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, and Wyatt Russel.

Director: Joe Wright

IMDb Rating: 5.7

Rating: R

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

2# Hillbilly Elegy (2019)

There’s no escape from family drama. We aren’t able to, nor do the characters of some films. Hillbilly Elegyfollows the story of Yale graduate student J.D., who is nearing the end of his search for the job he’s always wanted. A family emergency suddenly makes him leave his job and return home to his mother, Bev.

Amy Adams, who plays the character of Bev, is a single mother who has been battling addiction throughout her life. J.D now has to manage his new life and assist his mother through her illness. He must sort things with his loved ones today to have any chance of having a secure life shortly.

Based on a personal account that was written by J.D. Vance, The movie will surely cause you to cry. Hillbilly Elegy will not be just be sad, but the acting and the storyline are amazing too. I’m not joking when I say that Hillbilly Elgyis among the most enjoyable Amy Adams movies on Netflix that you can stream today.

Starring: Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Gabriel Basso, and Freida Pinto.

Director: Ron Howard

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Rating: R

Genre: Drama

3# Arrival (2016)

Imagine an alien being invading Earth, and we desire to communicate with them. What do we do? What language do we speak? It’s a good question. Arrivaltries to discover that, and many more. A group of military personnel and language experts are sent to examine the inside of the mysteriously spotted spacecraft on Earth.

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Louse Banks, played by Amy Adams, is a professional in the field of language and believes she will be the first to communicate with the aliens. She’s fighting against time as the world’s powers prepare to fight the “invaders.’ Arrivals are well-directed, and there’s plenty of mystery surrounding the happenings. It may be uninteresting, however, the plot will keep you entertained for certain.

Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Director: Denis Villeneuve

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Rating: U/A

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

4# Catch Me If You Can (2002)

What were you doing as a teen? You played video games, socialized with your peers, and possibly required parental approval to go on sleepovers. Right? Frank Abagnale indeed conned people out of millions of dollars even before turning 21. Are you feeling guilty?

Based on a real-life story, Catch Me If You Couldfollow Frank played the role of Leonardo Dicaprio. Frank is a master impersonator who has been caught committing cheque fraud and is also a Chameleon. The top investigator from the FBI, Carl Hanratty, is trying to catch the criminal. While he is at it, Frank disguises himself as an ophthalmologist and is in love with the young hospital employee Brenda, played in the film by Amy Adams.

His love affair with Brenda can lead to his downfall. After several traumatic incidents, he’s separated from Brenda and is arrested. It is among Amy Adams’s first performances, showing the versatility of an actress she can be. “Catch Me If You Are essential viewing for Dicaprio fans and Adams fans.

Starring: Leonardo Caprio, Amy Adams, Tom Hanks, and Christopher Walken

Director: Steven Spielberg

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Rating: U/A

Genre: Drama/Crime

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Final Words

Certain actors can make the entire watching movie enjoyable. They can carry the movie with their own weight regardless of the other elements present. Amy Adams is one of the actors who can do that, and we are in love with her. This list of the best Amy Adams movies on Netflix is an excellent place to start your journey down the deep end of her films. Tell us which one you prefer and why in our comments!

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