American Gigolo Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

A re-creation of the character designed by Paul Schrader for the eponymous 1980 film The Showtime crime show “American Gigolo” is a story of Julian Kaye. He has been locked up for fifteen years over his murder. Janet Holmes. Julian becomes a free man if an infamous serial killer named Kevin Finnegan confesses to killing Janet.

The show’s premiere episode, ‘ Pilot,’ revolves around Julian’s reunion with former love Michelle Stratton and friend Lorenzo. The episode is a bit tense and ends with Julian conversing with Detective Sunday over the murder. If you’re curious to learn more about Julian’s search to discover the true murderer, We’d love to be the first to share the results! SPOILERS AHEAD.

American Gigolo Episode 1 Recap

The film opens with Detective Sunday interviewing Julian about the death of Janet Holmes. While Julian has denied murdering Janet, he is later found guilty of the same crime. After 15 years, a Sunday visit let Julian learn the serial murderer Kevin Finnegan had confessed to the same crime, which paved the way to his release from prison.

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He is reunited with his best friend Lorenzo, who has donated funds and even books to his prisoner for years to help his friend. Michelle is struggling with her son Colin’s relations with his teacher, who is 32 years old. In flashbacks, the powerful woman Olga “bought” Julian from his mother to turn him into an old.

A young Julian was engaged in a sexual affair with a female neighbor and later became a famous male escort. He also came across Michelle, the partner of a technology businessman named Richard Stratton, and both began to have an affair. At present, Julian tells Lorenzo that it is doubtful that he killed Janet himself and not a serial murderer. Lorenzo assures him that he’s not killed anyone. In the meantime, he has to figure out his future, and Julian decides to stay with Lorenzo. Colin is seen eloping to his school teacher, causing fury in Richard. The billionaire demands his men to track down Colin as well as his love and is frightened, Michelle.

Julian is reunited with Michelle at their house of Michelle. She is anxious about the visit. While she’s happy to be able to meet and hug her former love, Janet is concerned about the possibility that Richard will be able to see the two in the future and “do something again.” Detective Sunday visits Kevin Finnegan, who is in his final resting place, to discover the culprit behind Janet Holmes’ murder.

American Gigolo Episode 1 Ending: Who Hired Kevin Finnegan? Who or What is Kean?

Kevin Finnegan’s revelation that he killed Janet Holmes leads Detective Sunday to find out the individual/individuals involved in the same. In her efforts to get Kevin to divulge the identity of his funding source to murder Janet, the only thing she learns from Kevin Finnegan’s serial killer is “Kean.”

When she can share her thoughts with Julian to determine if it resonates with him, the first gigolo can identify the possibility that the word could be “Queen” instead of “Kean.” “Queen” is another name for Olga, one of Julian’s “godmothers” in the trade of sexual sex. As Julian believes, Olga might have hired Kevin to murder Janet and then frame Julian in the same way, bringing us back to how Leon was framed by Julian Kay for the murder of Judy in the original film in the series.

For someone who’s been with Julian since he was an adolescent, Olga knows the male escort inside and out. Olga might have believed that it is easy to frame Julian because he cannot defend himself when faced with challenges. Like Leon, Olga might have believed that Julian is “frameable,” and she could have done it to satisfy a prominent client looking to witness Janet dead. If this isn’t the situation, “Kean” can be an entirely separate person and has no relation to Olga, as Julian believes. His suspicions about Olga may be false and could keep him away from the truth about Janet’s death.

Richard Michelle’s husband Richard may be involved with the killing of Janet. When Julian is with Michelle, She asks her to keep away from Richard since he is likely to “do something again” to Michelle and Richard. The idea that the billionaire had already done something suggests that he may be a client of Kevin to murder Janet to nab Julian and end his affair with her. Although Richard has no explicit relationship with the term “Kean,” it can even be the name of one of his associates who may have hired the killer to help the billionaire.

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Does Julian Become a Gigolo Again?

When Julian begins to suspect that Olga is responsible for her role in killing Janet, He then expresses his desire to be an infamous gigolo to Lorenzo. Julian has realized the need to be part of Olga’s inner circle to learn more about her. When he goes to see Olga, to his delight and surprise, he finds Isabelle, his “godmother,” in a wheelchair. He knows that Isabelle is now”the new “Queen,” replacing Olga. But, in light of Olga’s warning against Julian, Isabelle seems just as strong as her mom. Because she has always dreamed of becoming the “Queen” like Olga, it’s even feasible that the “Kean” is Isabelle and not Olga.

Julian is expected to continue his plans to turn gigolo again if this is the case. He’s expected to find all that is connected to Olga and Isabelle’s past to determine if they contributed to his conviction for wrongfulness. The only way to be back in Isabelle’s favor is to be Isabelle’s “hot property,” Julian might have to sew some elegant outfits for Isabelle’s customers.

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