Alice Ruggles Murder Mystery Revealed | Where is Trimaan Dhillon Now?

Lifetime’s documentary series ‘Sleeping with a Killer’ focuses on murders committed by spouses, ex-friends, and lovers. The series’ seventh episode focuses on the murder of Alice Ruggles (a 24-year-old Northumbria University student who was working at Sky at her death).

Alice’s murder, Maxine McGill’s panicked 999 calls after finding her dead body, shocked not only Gateshead in northern England but the whole country. You are here to learn more about Alice’s murder and the killer.

How Did Alice Ruggles Die?

Alice Ruggles was the eldest of four children to Sue Hills (and Clive Ruggles). With her siblings, she grew up in Tur Langton, Leicestershire, England. After receiving her degree from Northumbria University, she was accepted to the Newcastle hub for media giant Sky. Maxine McGill, who was a friend and colleague of Alice, found her dead body in her Rawling Road apartment, Gateshead, on October 12, 2016. Maxine McGill found Alice’s dead body with her throat cut and called the emergency number 911 to report it. She said that Alice was “covered in blood.”

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Dr Jennifer Bolton, a pathologist, found that Alice had her carotid, windpipe and voice box cut through her spine. Her hands also showed signs of cuts, which were believed to be defensive wounds. Dr. Bolton later stated in court that Alice’s injuries were “unsurvivable.” Alice sustained 24 injuries, which included defensive wounds.

Who Killed Alice Ruggles

Alice’s ex-boyfriend Trimaan “Harry” Dhillon, killed her. After a mutual friend introduced Trimaan to Alice, the two became acquainted. They became friends and began to develop a relationship in early 2016. Trimaan was in Afghanistan at the time. According to reports, Trimaan allegedly began isolating Alice from her friends, negatively affecting her self-confidence. He also demanded constant attention. According to Alice Ruggles Trust, he was critical of Alice’s appearance and took over her Facebook account. Alice was then contacted by a woman who told her that Trimaan had been her friend on a dating website and wanted to establish a relationship.

Alice split with Trimaan after learning about his relationships with other women. He was not ready to accept the news. According to reports, he began to stalk his ex-girlfriend after the breakup. Trimaan began to visit her house, flooding her text messages, voicemails, and emails. He repeatedly called Alice’s house and knocked at her windows. He tried to cause problems in another relationship with Alice. Alice finally contacted the police to report Trimaan’s actions. The authorities requested that he stay away from Alice.

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According to reports, Trimaan entered Alice’s home on October 12, 2016, and he seized a long, sharp carving knife. He then confined Alice in her bathroom despite Alice trying to lock her door. Trimaan had grabbed a large, sharp carving knife and slashed Alice’s throat at least six more times. He also cut through her spine with the knife. Trimaan took Alice’s phone, as well as her murder weapon, and fled. He was on his way to Edinburgh. Maxine dialed 999 to find Alice’s corpse and identified Trimaan as the murderer. She called Trimaan and described him as an “absolute psychopath.”

Northumbria police took Trimaan into custody, but he later stated that he hadn’t been to Alice’s house. He changed his story when he discovered Alice’s blood in his Help For Heroes wristband and on the steering wheel of his BMW.

Where is Trimaan Dhillon Now?

In court, Trimaan Dhillon denied killing Alice. After an argument, Trimaan Dhillon claimed that Alice attacked him with a carving blade. Richard Wright, the prosecutor, stated that Trimaan said that he had put Alice in a headlock in an attempt to stop her attack. However, she collapsed in the toilet. According to reports, he claimed that Alice hit him on the head and pushed the knife into his throat after losing her balance. Dr. Bolton stated that Trimaan’s story was inconsistent with her examination of the injuries.

Paul Sloan, a Newcastle Crown Court judge, sentenced Trimaan in April 2017 to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years. Judge Sloan called the murder an act of “utter barbarism” and sentenced Trimaan to life in prison with a minimum term of 22 years. Although the murderer was convicted, he appealed against his life sentence. However, this appeal was denied in 2018.

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According to sources, Trimaan is currently in HM Prison Durham. This category B men’s prison is located in the Elvet region of Durham in County Durham. Clive Ruggles and Sue Ruggles, Alice’s parents, expressed concern that Trimaan’s 22-year minimum sentence would be considered when determining his sentence. They hope Judge Sloan will consider their comments before deciding whether Trimaan will be released. Alice’s parents worry that Trimaan will be released without fulfilling his sentence if he is allowed India to finish it. But, no decision has been made.


The Italian Job is a 2003 Heist Film directed by F. Gary Gray. It stars Mark Wahlberg as Charlie Croker, who organizes a team of crooks to rob gold bars from a vault in Venice. Charlie and his team are betrayed by Steve ( Edward Norton), and they assemble years later to plot revenge against Steve with a daring heist scheme.

This film is both thrilling and challenging. However, it retains the classic elements of a heist movie but remains grounded in its storytelling and approach. Croker’s gang’s clever ideas and plans will leave viewers wondering if actual events inspired the film. Here are the answers to your questions about “The Italian Job”:

Is The Italian Job a True Story or a Fiction?

The story of ‘The Italian Job,’ however, is fictional. Troy Kennedy Martin wrote the 1969 British comedy caper. The film is a remake. Peter Collinson directs the film, and Michael Caine plays the lead role. The original version is fiction. It follows Charlie Croker, an inmate who has just been released and forms a gang to steal a cache of gold bullion. This movie is a reflection of British and Italian culture. It takes place primarily in Turin and London.

Donna and Wayne Powers wrote the 2003 American remake of this classic movie. The film mainly features an original story. James Dyer, the executive producer, stated the movie isn’t a direct remake. The behind-the-scenes documentary was included in the DVD release. It uses the same storytelling tools to tell a compelling story about the heist.

Seth Green, who played Lyle in the 2003 version, said that the remake was similar to the original. He stated that both films were essentially about creating and executing a perfect heist. From the original 1969 film, elements such as the plan to steal gold bullion or mini coopers running through the streets in Italy have been retained. Charlie Croker is still the main protagonist. However, the remake has a new cast of characters, giving it its unique style and appeal.

F. Gary Gray, the director of the 2003 film, spoke out about how the characters added to the story’s emotional content. The characters are the heart and soul of the movie. It’s rare to see this. It’s rare to get the chance to make a film that has the appeal and thrills of a commercial movie but is deeply rooted in its characters. Gray’s words are a reflection of his approach to creating the remake of the British classic.

The key difference between the original movie and the remake is the ending. The former ends with a cliffhanger, while the latter offers a satisfying end to the characters’ journey. The remake is set in Venice and Los Angeles, making them culturally distinct. Although real-life heists may have inspired some scenes in the remake, it is clear that the chase sequences are a tribute to the original movie.

The ‘The Italian Job’ of 1969 and its 2003 remake are fictional stories. Both stories use the same narrative structure and the same storytelling techniques. The movies do not depict actual events and are based on fictional characters. The characters and their emotional resonant story arcs give the movies a sense of reality.


Tom Cruise is perhaps best known for his role in the mission: Impossible’ movies. But a closer look at his career shows that he had many compelling roles before those films. For example, he plays a cab driver who meets a hitman and then becomes involved in a series of murders over the course of one night.

Michael Mann directed the Academy Award-nominated action movie. It also stars Jamie Foxx as well as Jada Pinkett Smith. The former received a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor award. It was praised for its gritty storytelling and compelling cast. Here are some facts about the origins of the movie and whether it is based on true life.

Is Collateral a True Story?

“Collateral” is not based upon a true story. The script was written by Stuart Beattie, an Australian director and writer. He was just 17 years old when the idea struck him. Beattie began talking to the driver of the taxi, and they had a lot to talk about, which made him stop and think. “I had one strange sicko thought, which was like, “Man, I could become some homicidal maniac sitting back there, and here we’re talking like best friends, and you have your back to me. It just grew from there,” he stated.

Because Beattie views taxi cabs as “unique islands” in modern society, it was a tempting idea to tell a story. He shared that this is the basis for cab transactions every single day. Beattie stated that the tighter space in a taxi would allow for more tension and would also place the villain and hero in close proximity. This is when you “start to get into the meaty stuff.”

Beattie wrote the original draft of the film in 1991. It was titled “The Last Domino” and looked very different from the final version. The story was originally set in New York. However, Michael Mann changed the location to Los Angeles. Beattie didn’t mind the change. He was fine with it as long as it was in a busy city. It was also the point that this story could be set anywhere, not just in one place, much like Tom Cruise’s mysterious hitman Vincent.

Vincent’s “everyman” look was a key part of his personality. He is the type of person who blends into his surroundings. Vincent is an anonymous character, so even if there are witnesses to his story, no one can paint a picture of him. Beattie had an idea of the characters by the time he finished the final draft. Even though they don’t reveal much about their characters, because the story is only one night long, the writer/director created detailed background information for the characters that they could share with actors in order to better understand their roles.

All of this required extensive research into the jobs their characters would have to do. Max and Beattie spent a lot of time with taxi drivers for Foxx’s character. He said, “We drove around with cabbies. We just did shifts and got to know Max’s world.” Vincent relied on interviews as well as the available material regarding the work ethic of contract killers. He had, however, reduced Vincent’s thoughts to a scene that didn’t make it into the film.

“They cut a scene from the film script that was about collateral. I liked it because it got Vincent’s mindset. He was saying, “I’ve killed 40 people and 3 collaterals.” What is collateral? It is innocent bystander-type persons. People who are in the wrong place at the wrong times. Max asked, “Does that bother you?” It is as if it bothers you because nobody likes to work for nothing. Once you get into that mindset, writing is easy and fun. In a way, you are in someone else’s head. “So that’s really what the research does to me, I get inside people’s heads,” Beattie said.

The characters of “Collateral” are limited in time and space. Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise play that role brilliantly. We can safely say that the film is not based on an actual event. However, the research Beattie did, and the work done by the cast, crew and crew make it a great movie.


Starz’s Power‘ universe consists of four television shows: ‘Power,’ three spin-offs, and a total of four TV series. ‘Power Book II is Ghost,” Power Book III is Raising Kanan, and ‘Power Book IV is Force.’ The prequel ‘Power Book III is Raising Kanan’ revolves around Kanan Stark, one of the most infamous villains in the ‘Power’ Universe. American actress Patina Mills portrays Kanan’s mother, Raquel Thomas, as the deuteragonist in the prequel. Raq, a brilliant, ambitious and ruthless woman, establishes her control over the drug trade in South Jamaica. You might be curious about her whereabouts during the ” Power ” events since she is one of the most important characters in the prequel. SPOILERS BELOW.

Where is Raq in the Timeline of Power

Raq does not appear in “Power”, but her son does mention her. Curtis Jackson plays Kanan Stark in season 2. He tells James Ghost and Thomas Tommy Egan about his visit to his mother. This may suggest that his mother is still alive at the time of the series. He is released from prison sometime later. It is known that Shawn, his son, was the first person he saw after being released. Furious to learning that Ghost is still alive, Kanan sets out on a hunt for Pink Sneakers. This assassin was the one he had tasked earlier in order to kill Ghost. Then he reaches for Dre, his lieutenant, and starts planning his next move. He soon goes to Ghost, and the reunion is complete.

In season 5, Kanan is shot and killed. A news report says that he doesn’t know anyone who is his next of kin. This sequence of events makes it possible to speculate about Raq’s whereabouts during “Power.” Kanan tells the Ghost and Tommy that he went to visit his mother. However, it is possible that Kanan is lying to conceal the fact that he was looking for the man he hired to murder Ghost. It must be a lie, but it must contain some elements of truth. Ghost and Tommy are likely to have an intimate relationship with Kanan because of the way they know her whereabouts. Ghost and Tommy also know that he may have meant to say he visited his mother when he said he did.

Courtney A. Kemp, the creator of “Power”, reportedly said in an interview that they began seriously considering the possibility of spin-offs around the fourth season. This could explain discrepancies between characters. This could mean that Raq dies in the second season of Season 2, or she is dead throughout the entire series.

Another possibility exists. Raq speculates that she might leave the life of a drug kingpin in a few episodes of “Raising Kanan”. She can accomplish this by the end of the series. She must have an exit plan. This could explain the news report and any potential reappearance of her character in a sequel show.8

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