Agatha Christie Movies On Prime

Whodunnit? This is one of the most intriguing and fascinating questions ever asked on screen or paper.

We will soon be able to see another of her stories on the screen with Amazon/BBC’s The Pale Horse. Sarah Phelps, who has been adapting Agatha Christie’s works for many decades, will host the new series. It will premiere in March.

We’ve chosen the most recognizable Christie TV, and film shows to celebrate the prestige mini.

Murder, She Said

Year: 1961

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Margaret Rutherford is one of the elite group of actors who have played Agatha Christie’s elderly sleuth, Miss Marple. This black-and-white movie is about a famous detective who witnesses the murder of a train traveler. However, she is ignored and ignored by her fellow passengers as she attempts to solve this crime.

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Year: 1965

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This Bollywood psychedelic version of And Then There Were None from the 1960s has a great soundtrack. It also features Christie’s unique vision of Christie. They are left on an island, and they begin to be dismembered one by one.

Endless Night

Year: 1972

This is a rare film in Christie’s catalog that features supernatural elements. The film follows a young couple who build their dream home on cursed land.


Year: 1973

Based on Christie’s play The Unexpected Guest, this film was made. The film follows a man who is involved in a crime following a traffic accident. It is full of twists and turns and has a lively but noir-tinged atmosphere.

Murder at the Orient Express

Year: 1974

This is the Christie movie with the star cast! It’s still an amazing experience to watch Poirot try to solve the mystery of the billionaire passenger on the snow-trapped train.

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The Mirror Cracked

Year: 1980

Did you know Angela Lansbury was Miss Marple, too? This film is set in 1950s Hollywood. It shows Angela Lansbury trying to find a killer on the Golden Age Hollywood movie screen.

Evil Under the Sun

Year: 1982

Peter Ustinov was cast in the second role of Poirot in a film. Evil Under the Sun is an exploration of fame, celebrity, and friendship, and the Escape from Hollywood’s grimy glamour and dying ideas.

Miss Marple

Year: 1984-1992

These specials were aired on British TV for eight years. You are sure to enjoy this series if you love good crime and stunning scenery.


Year: 1989-2013

This is the most famous Hercule Poirot. David Suchet played the main role for over 20 years. This cozy murder mystery is a perfect example of cozy. Hercule travels around the globe solving mysteries and catching criminals.

Agatha Christie’s Marple

Year: 2004-2013

The most recent Miss Marple movie is It features a series of British-made-for-TV movies, as well as a number of intriguing mysteries and stars from the U.K. like Mark Gatiss or Sean Pertwee.

Little Murders of Agatha Christie

Year: 2009 – Present

Two French detectives tackle Christie’s classic stories with humor and finesse. Now you can see the new version!

Crooked House

Year: 2017

Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson star in Agatha Christie’s movies. The story follows a private investigator who is drawn into the intrigue of a wealthy family after his patriarch is murdered. It contains one of Christie’s most shocking twists.

Then there was none.

Year: 2015

Sarah Phelps’ three-part miniseries, “The Three-Episode Miniseries,” is one of the terrifying Christie adaptations. It is filled with horror. All of them are delectably horrifying and can be watched endlessly.

Ordeal of Innocence

Year: 2018

Rachel Argyll’s corpse is found bludgeoned to death. Her adopted son is swiftly convicted and sentenced. Jack is then sentenced to death in prison. The Argyll family is thrown into chaos when they realize that the real killer may still be out there.

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The ABC Murders

Year: 2018

Sarah Phelps continues her extraordinary run of terrifyingly poisoned televisual masterpieces made from Christie novels. John Malkovich stars in this John Phelps-starring adaptation.

The Pale Horse

Year: 2020

Phelps has added a folk-horror edition of Christie’s novel to the Christie canon. Amazon is set to release The Pale Horse in March.

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