10 Best Adult Movies On HBO Max

Certain movies can inspire you to think. Other films will have you in the back of your seat with your nails gnashing. Certain films will cause you to stare away, while others will make you want to grab the cold glass in the event that things get hot on the screen.

There are films that suit every mood, as well. HBO Max has one of the largest selections of streaming platforms. Like Billy Wilder surmised, some really like hot! So, without further delay, we will tell you about the best adult-oriented films that are available through HBO Max.

Beware though. The majority of the films listed contain sex and nakedness, but they’re not p*rn.

1. The Basic Instinct (1992)

“Basic Instinct” is a Neo-noir thriller erotic film that features outstanding performances from Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. This Paul Verhoeven directorial revolves around Catherine Tramell, a successful crime writer who finds herself in the middle of danger when she’s accused of killing the rock famous.

If Nick Curran, the San Francisco police officer based in the city, gets the case and starts investigating Catherine, who is the main suspect, he is enticed by him. They end up getting involved in a sexual affair. But, the situation only gets worse for Nick since seemingly related deaths continue to happen in unison. The thriller drama contains many sexually explicit scenes you’ll encounter and is an absolute must-see.

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2. Hemingway and Gellhorn (2012)

Written and produced by Philip Kaufman, ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn is a romantic drama film that retells the famous love story that was born from conflict. The film follows the life of literary legend Ernest Hemingway during one of the most decadent years of the 20th century when the author meets and becomes infatuated with a reporter for the war, Martha Gellhorn. This Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen-starrer provides a glimpse into the life of Hemingway during World War II and gives viewers an opportunity to see the story of love between the genius of literature in a new way.

3. Lovelace (2013)

Produced by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman The film ‘Lovelace’ was written and directed by Jeffrey Friedman and Rob biographical drama that is based on Linda Susan Boreman, a young woman who relocates to Florida along with her family. Within a couple of years, she appears in the p*rnographic film “Deep Throat,” using the stage name of Linda Lovelace. Linda Lovelace’s Golden Age P*rn turned out to be life-changing for young adults after she became an advocate for freedom of sexuality and became a worldwide superstar. No matter how flawless her life appears at first glance, Linda is struggling privately. After many years of rising to fame, Linda finally shares what she knows with everyone.

4. Magic Mike (2012)

The rain is pouring down on the men in ‘Magic Mike’, and you’ll never know which one to glance at. The story revolves around Mike, a professional stripper who takes a newer performer named The Kid under his wing. He instructs The Kid on the art of partying, making money, and securing women. If you’re in need of some reason to see this film, go to Channing Tatum, who exudes sexiness everywhere she appears.

5. Romance & Cigarettes (2015)

The film stars James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon as well as Kate Winslet, ‘Romance & Cigarettes is a musical romantic comedy film written, directed by, co-produced, and written by John Turturro. A life-changing event for Nick, the ironworker in New York, is turned into a nightmare when he begins having an affair with someone older than the one he is with. When his wife eventually discovers the affair, Nick is thrown out of the home and required to make tough choices. The musical features some intense scenes of love that show Nick engaged in an illicit affair with a woman he is not.

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6. Gia (1998)

This film follows Gia Carangi, who travels across the country to New York City and nurtures hopes of becoming a model. After her arrival, she is introduced to Wilhelmina Cooper. She is a powerful agent who is knowledgeable about the world. She will take Gia under her care. With Cooper’s support and Cooper’s natural instincts, Gia begins to shoot for the stars. Cooper passes away when she is at the top of modeling, taking her life away. She spirals out of control, is hooked on drugs, and is about to lose everything she worked so hard to attain. What makes this movie so hot? It’s because Angelina Jolie plays Gia and has plenty of sexual encounters with a woman named Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell).

7. Fear (1996)

“Fear” is a psychological thriller in which the protagonist is 23 years old David McCall, who falls in the love of a young adult known as Nicole Walker. Nicole comes from a wealthy, influential family and is taken in by David’s charming character. But the patriarch of the family, Steven, was never at ease with Nicole’s relationship with David and remained skeptical of him, even though the whole family seems to love David a lot. As the story unfolds, Steven’s fears turn out to be true because David is a bit more in control and exposes his violent tendencies.

8. Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

The story is set in 18th-century France. Marquise de Merteuil is in 18th century France and asks her former lover Vicomte de Valmont to marry the future spouse of a former lover of hers. In exchange, they will be able to share a night. The film is thrilling and dramatic. The film is filled with the finest features one could ever hope for. Glenn Close and John Malkovich give excellent performances, and the movie will awaken you with some steamy scenes.

9. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989)

‘Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! The film is a dark, romantic comedy film that tells the story of obsession. The film is about Ricky, an erratic man who kidnaps an actress from a B-movie Marina after she is liberated from the mental facility. However, Marina does not remember the romance they shared while she was addicted to drugs some time long ago. However, Ricky will not let go of the opportunity to get her to become a fan of his. What happens if the forced romance doesn’t be successful? This Pedro Almodovar directorial features several semi-nude sexual scenes. It’s an enjoyable film for those who enjoy darker romantic comedies.

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10. Fatale (2020)

Produced and directed by Deon Taylor, “Fatale” is a suspense film that follows Derrick Tyler, a sports agent whose life is brought in the wake of a wild one-night affair with a mysterious lady who later turns out to be an investigator. While she tries to make him part of her latest investigation, Tyler cannot help but witness his life and relationship unravel. However, he realizes that his personal life is in danger, and he’s forced to risk everything to defend everything. The film has four sexually provocative, steamy scenes. Some of them are graphic in their nature.

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