10+ Amazing 90s Movies on Disney Plus

In the last few years, Disney+ has been adding new films into its extensive catalog, which means that some movies that were not viewed are now available to stream. Many of these films come from the ’90s, a renowned period for Disney since they released the most famous movies.

While these are widely known, The streaming service is the home of obscure gems from the past. There were remakes of old classics. Some are fewer budget films, while others aren’t from Disney but remain accessible through the service. It’s worth checking them out if you’ve not yet.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991)

A memoir that was based upon it is called A Girl and Five Brave Horses. This Disney film tells the full account of Sonora Webster Carver. Carver was famous for her riding in the water, and the movie was a tribute to that as it told an emotional tale that received a rousing response from reviewers.

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While it was released in the period of early 90s, Disney’s popularity and the majority of its successes come from the animation side of the equation. This film was able to fly under the radar and then disappoint at the box office. However, the reviews were very positive, and younger Gabrielle Anwar gives a great performance that will lead the way.

Camp Nowhere (1994)

Sometimes, a hidden gem isn’t necessarily an unpopular film that’s been greeted with wide critical acclaim. Camp Nowhere only holds a 17% mark on Rotten Tomatoes, yet there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had by everyone who decides to give this film an opportunity.

The comedy is about an ensemble of junior high school students who create their own camp for summer, with an ex-drama instructor running the camp. The result is the sort of fun you’d expect from a setting where the kids are in control. Add an entertaining performance from Christopher Lloyd; this is one of the best.

Newsies (1992)

If you hear that, you can see the role of a teenager Christian Bale in a musical There’s a good chance that you’ll want the show right away. On Disney+, you can because Newsies is now available and is actually a musical with a teenager Bale as the lead character.

The film is a look at a strike by a newspaper boy that took place in 1899. The film is full of delightful musical numbers and a glimpse at how great Bale will be in the future. The film is also the first directorial effort for Kenny Ortega, who would take over his own High School Musical trilogy and various other musicals to come.

Blank Check (1994)

A moderately successful box office run, Blank Check is just one of those films that is sure to be fun watching. Even though the reviews were not glowing for it, there are lots to love in this story about an innocent boy who gets an unopened check and invests a large amount of money while gangsters chase after him.

To begin, the film was co-written by Blake Snyder, who wrote several books that are regarded as the most popular for screenwriting courses. This alone is a reason worth watching, as you can clearly see how Snyder employed various techniques to create this film.

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Brink! (1998)

In the realm of Disney Channel Original Movies, some stand out over the others. For instance, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was so well-liked that it was able to spark the creation of a trilogy. This was not the case with Brink! However, fans wouldn’t have been able to resist more.

A fresh take on the novel written in 1865 called Hans Brinker, also known as The Silver Skates, the DCOM tells the story of a troubled teen who is a part of a group of skaters who compete to make money. It’s considered one of the greatest Disney Channel films in history and features some beautifully-crafted skating scenes, making it an enjoyable sports film too.

The Straight Story (1999)

You might not have seen The Straight Story, but it’s one of the most viewed films via Disney+ regardless of the genre or decade. The film tells the real tale that follows Alan Straight, who traveled across many states with the back of a lawnmower to reconcile with his deceased brother.

It was nominated for the highly sought-after Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and also saw Richard Farnsworth earn an Oscar nomination for his performance as the lead part. It’s not enough people spoke about the film or even went to the theater because it was only a little over 6 million.

Heavyweights (1995)

Everyone knows that The Mighty Ducks trilogy is one of the most memorable and loved series of children’s films. In contrast, not nearly as many people are aware of Heavyweights even though they’d likely be enthralled by it due to the actors.

The film stars Aaron Schwartz, Shaun Weiss, Kenan Thompson, and Kenan Thompson, all of whom were members of The Mighty Ducks. The film is about the kids who are taken to a fitness camp, where they have to combat an aggressive fitness expert who a hilariously outrageous Ben Stiller plays.

Jack (1996)

A film written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Robin Williams shouldn’t be an overlooked gem, but Jack did just that in light of the shaky reviews and apathetic ticket sales. The film is a tearjerker that tells the story of the title character, Jack, who grows four times faster than all the other kids.

It’s no surprise that Robin Williams is excellent at playing the part of a beautiful child who is now a grown-up, and while there’s a lot of fun for all to enjoy, this film will also make you cry sometimes. The actors like Jennifer Lopez, Diane Lane, and Fran Drescher complete the supporting cast with a high-quality ensemble.

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The Rocketeer (1991)

Before the MCU or even movies on Spider-Man and Spider-Man or X-Men, The Rocketeer acted as Disney’s first foray into the universe of superheroes. It was based on a comic with the same title. The story is about an airman who discovers the jetpack he needs to stop criminals.

Incorporating real-life elements such as Nazi adversaries and Howard Hughes helped make The Rocketeer an enormous success from a purely critical point of view. However, it did not meet expectations in terms of commercial success and was later discarded.

Cinderella (1997)

There have been numerous versions of Cinderella on both the large and smaller screens that can be difficult to keep up. The rendition from 1997 is actually a remake of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical and was the most watched musical since its inception.

It’s still a hidden gems section, but it was unavailable to rent or stream for a long time until it was finally available on Disney+. The show stars Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goldberg and other notable actors. This is notable due to the outstanding songs and excellent acting, in addition to Brandy sparkling as the original Black screen performance of the title character.

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