7 Podcasts Like Case 63 You Should Check out

Written and produced by Julio Rojas, Spotify’s ‘ Case 63″ is an English adaptation of the Chilean podcast ‘Caso63. It is set in 2022 The mystery thriller follows the sessions of therapy between doctor Eliza Beatrix Knight ( Julianne Moore) and her patient Peter Roiter ( Oscar Isaac) who claims to be travelled to 2062 and has come back in time to block Marie Baker from boarding Flight 262 on the 24th of November 2022.

A key reason for the success of the podcast is its portrayal of futuristic scenarios that appear to be to be grounded in the present. The listeners are able to take in the story as well as the characters since the future and the present are real to them and this immediately increases the stakes for them in their minds. If you enjoy listening to these podcasts and want to know more, we’ve put together several additional ones for you. Listen to the majority of these podcasts that are similar to ‘Case63’, via Spotify, Audible, or Apple Podcasts.

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1. Limetown (2015-2018)

‘ Limetown’ is a podcast which focuses on the story of 300 missing persons from a region in Tennessee known as Limetown. Lia Haddock is a reporter who is working for American Public Radio and pursues the incident that occurred around 10 years ago. She seeks to find the truth in areas that aren’t welcoming visitors. Each episode is in the shape of an investigative story, similar to the format that “Case 63” follows, in which every episode is a dialogue between Eliza Peter and Eliza. Peter.

Apart from that, though the premise of the two audio series diverges, they share some subtle ways Eliza, as well as Lia’s character arcs, bear similarities. The way they react when a variety of unpredictable twists unfold ahead of them are similar and both serve as mediums by which the viewer can navigate the world, making the tale very captivating.

2. Homecoming (2016-2017)

“Homecoming” on Spotify is a suspenseful psychological audiobook that follows activities at a centre that allows soldiers to transition into civilian life. When Heidi Bergman transitions and begins living her normal life, she is shocked to discover that there’s something else happening at the facility. “Homecoming” and “Case63 is a podcasts from Gimlet Media, and Oscar Isaac is a key character in both series of audio to steer the narrative. It’s interesting to see the way in which therapy and psychology are used in both stories in order to draw in viewers and reveal the other concepts that are unfamiliar to viewers looking for more.

3. The Zeno Paradox (2020-2021)

“The Zeno Paradox’ is a film-based sci-fi show that is based on an ongoing series of a journey through the time journey of Jackie Arden, who goes to find her sister who disappeared, and is believed to be deceased. The show is filled with the standard elements of a space-time thriller, including a villainous corporation, the search to find the truth, the battle for the family, and much more. The final aspect, in addition to other things, stands out and is reminiscent of Peter in ‘Case63..’

Although Peter’s motivation is to build an improved future for mankind and the planet, love is the primary motivation behind his actions. Additionally, the audience is afflicted with a lot of fear when each episode ends. The story is planned and flowed to keep viewers engaged, which makes the episodes a great binge.

4. Timestorm (2020-)

“Timestorm” is a journey through time adventure that follows The Ventura Twins tasked with preserving their Puerto Rican culture and history. This is a little light-hearted when compared to other podcasts that are on the list since the stakes aren’t nearly as high. The way the twins approach the diverse cultural and historical contexts is similar to the way Peter talks about the next in “Case 63. Although the tone and the impact of the events that are featured in the two podcasts differ and depict different aspects of the way that humanity and societies change. The way they portray the concept of the butterfly effect is interesting and affects what the viewers think of the narrative as it unfolds.

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5. The Dial-Up (2022The Dial-Up (2022)

“The Dial-Up” is a simple watch which explores the concepts of time travel and the concept of wormholes. The audio-based short tells the story of two young men talking over the phone. the first one is from 2022 while the other comes dating back to 1999. While the idea is well-known, however, the details of the story are more bizarre. Contrary to ‘Case 53 the podcast is extremely low stakes, however, regardless, it’s enjoyable. While the theories behind time travel in ‘The Dial Up are straightforward and intriguing In ‘Case63, the lack of explanation of the concept increases the excitement. In the end, both stories are very different but equally captivating for the viewers.

6. Sage and Savant (2016-2020)

“Sage and Savant” is a thrilling time travel thriller which focuses on Dr Petronella Sage’s and Erasmus Savant’s work. A mishap within their lab results in an investigation into time travel and they both decide to expand the scope of their studies. The show blends a variety of genres like comedy, action, sci-fi, and many more.

In comparing the shows “Sage and Savant” and “Case63,” it’s fascinating to see how both programs introduce concepts from science. The distinction is that, while the first does go into the theory to a substantial extent, the latter just scratches the surface to generate interest and intrigue in the viewers.

7. “The Daughter of the Dream Dealer” (2022-)

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter’ combines medical drama, time travel and even fantasy elements. The story follows the life of a girl who is dependent on a transplant, but because of it her father, known as”the Dream Dealer,” is forced to indulge in actions that take him down the dark side. While the overall concept of this podcast is very different from the one of ‘Case The 63’, the two series have similar themes when it comes to the topic that time travel is a part of.

Beyond that, ‘Case63 also contains some subtle aspects of medical issues in the way Peter discusses the pandemic and what he plans to take action to combat it. Both episodes make the stakes seem real, which makes people invest more deeply in the shows.

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